Monday, June 16, 2014

Explosive Distributism In Action At Orem Summerfest Parade : Four Children Seriously Hurt At Civil War Re-enactment Gone Wrong!

Four children were seriously hurt and ended up in hospital after an explosion occurred during a parade in Utah on Saturday. The children were attending the Orem Summerfest Parade when a Civil War reenactment group fired a cannon. As sparks from the cannon landed on a pouch containing additional explosive charges, they were then ignited, causing a fiery blast. Witnesses who saw the explosion occur said two of the children were engulfed immediately in flames, setting their clothes alight. Those watching on the side of the road rushed to the sides of the injured kids to help and comfort them. Bystanders ripped off the children's clothes that were alight before dousing them in water and wrapped them in blankets. The children were treated at the scene of the parade before being transported to hospital, where they are said to be in stable condition. The four children involved, one girl and three boys, all between the ages of 10 and 12, all suffered first and second degree burns on their waists and arms. Daily Mail Read More>>>>>>>

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