Saturday, April 11, 2015

Faces Of Crazy End Of Days Distributism: Gaver Family Band - Mathew 24 Now

The group who got into a deadly gunfight with police in a Cottonwood, Arizona Walmart parking lot on Saturday have been identified as the eight members of a Christian family street band from Idaho. The Gaver family had allegedly been camping out in the parking lot for a few days when they had a confrontation with police which resulted in the death of Enoch Gaver. Ten-year Cottonwood Police veteran Sgt Jeremy Daniels, 31, and suspect David Gaver were also shot in the attack and hospitalized. Meanwhile, the remaining members of the Gaver family have been jailed, including an 11-year-old and 15-year-old who were sent to a juvenile detention facility. The Arizona Department of Public Safety, who are investigating the shooting, said it was sparked Saturday when a few members of the Gaver family went into the Walmart to use the bathroom, and one of the store employees followed them into the restroom. At least one member of the Gaver family shoved the female employee, which led to the store calling 911. When police arrived on the scene to investigate the incident, they found the Gavers in the parking lot where they had been living out of a large SUV for the past few days. Daily Mail Read More>>>>

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