Monday, June 1, 2015

Hasidic Jew Jeffrey Scott Pitts Kills Two At Magnet Package Liquor Store in Conyers, Ga. Then Drives Home To Shoot Ma & Pa

Hasidic Jew Jeffrey Scott Pitts 

A Georgia man shot and killed two people inside a liquor store and then shot his parents before he was killed in a shootout with a deputy. The dispute began on Sunday afternoon when Jeffrey Scott Pitts, 36, had a run-in over an unpaid bill with a clerk at the Magnet Package store in Conyers, about 25 miles southeast of Atlanta. The clerk kept Pitts' ID and a few hours later, Pitts returned with an assault rifle, shooting and killing the clerk and a customer. Video from inside the store, released by police late on Sunday, shows Pitts calmly walk into the store and immediately start shooting at both people behind the counter and customers. A customer who was reportedly standing next to another customer who was shot, told a group of bystanders, 'He didn't even say anything.' The two men, whose names have not yet been released, both died from their injuries, police said. From the store, Pitts drove about five miles to his home on Ebenezer Road, where he shot both of his parents, according to police. Daily Mail Read More>>>>>

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