Tuesday, March 14, 2023

Iran will respond strongly to any plans to alter international borders, according to telegram channels associated with IRGC.

People throwing M80's at Regime Forces. Tehran, tonight! Iran Revolution!

Video taken hours earlier in Tehran

Twenty Fifth Winter Explosion: Disneyland Explosion

'Potential explosion' reported at Disneyland was show effects, authorities say

ANAHEIM, Calif. - A possible explosion reported at Disneyland Tuesday morning turned out to be testing for some effects used in the "World of Color" show, authorities confirmed. Around 6:30 a.m., people in the area reported seeing "sudden flashes of red and yellow." Video shared with FOX 11 show a black-shaped cloud formed the air over an illuminated rollercoaster. Crews with both the Anaheim Police Department and Fire Department responded to the report but did not locate any evidence of an explosion, authorities said. Officials later confirmed there was no explosion and rather this was from testing fire effects used during the "World of Color" nighttime spectacular show. No other information was immediately available. Source

Twenty Fourth Winter Explosion: Another UK House Explosion! Swansea House Obliterated By Gas Explosion......

Swansea gas explosion: Boy, 14, lucky to be alive, dad says 

The dad of a 14-year-old boy who was pulled from the rubble after a suspected gas explosion at a Swansea house has said he is lucky to be alive. Emergency services were called to the scene of the blast at about 11:20 GMT on Monday morning in Morriston. One man was killed and three were injured after the explosion which damaged several properties. Police said an investigation had been launched and the Health and Safety Executive had been informed. The body of the man who died was found during a search of the scene, South Wales Police said. Anthony Bennett's son Ethan was the child pulled from the rubble, along with his mother Claire, who remains in hospital with six broken ribs. He said: "[Ethan] just remembers the explosion going and him being thrown up against the ceiling. "Then next thing he knew he was coming round, he seemed to be outside or in the open air. "But apparently part of the roof was under him and half was on top of him and the guy who lived a couple of doors down, he ran across to check on Claire and then he ran up and dragged Ethan out and he carried Ethan off the roof to get him out. "They are so lucky to come out of it." Ethan and his mother were two of three people taken to hospital after the explosion, with a second adult - a postman - since being discharged. Source

107 Year Old Irish Farmer Reflects on Change, 1965

Man Born in 1853 Talks About Childhood in the 1860s- Enhanced Video & Audio [60 fps]

North Carolina man charged with kidnapping, raping Dallas teen found in shed

Missing Texas girl found locked in shed in Davidson County | Full update

2 men, 2 women killed inside Northwest Dallas apartment, 2 arrested, police say

Teen brutally attacked on NYC subway platform