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VIDEOS: Thirty Arab Oil Workers In Kazakhstan Get A Beating For Uploaded An Inappropriate Picture Of A Female Co-Worker

AntiFa Domestic Terrorists Attack Journalist Andy Ngo

Riot In Portland - Oregon

ROAD RAGE: Fire Extinguisher VERSUS Car Seat

Video Released Of Deadly Wrong-Way Crash On President George Bush Turnpike In Richardson: Katherine S. Long, 22, from Frisco Plows Into Joseph M. Wallace, 53, from Rockwall - Both Die

Sugarcreek Officer Captain Brian Dalton Shoots And Kills Elijah Collins III Who Attacked The Officer With Screwdriver

Indian Air Force (IAF) Pilot Forced To Dump Fuel, Causing Explosion, After Flying Through Flock Of Birds.....

Fort Worth Police Released Additional Bodycam Footage Of The Fatal Shooting Of JaQuavion Slaton

Merkel DOOM...Shaking For Second Time......

Éric Belec Launches His Motorhome Through The Air And Smashes Into Ferry After Hurtling Up Quebec Terminal Ramp

Air Force Cautions Troops To Beware Of Sexless ‘Involuntary Celibates’ INCELS.....

NATIONALIST Gun Nut Shot And Killed Two Of His Managers Before Turning The Gun On Himself At The Ford Store Morgan Hill

IRAQ: Marines Clear A House That Was Used As A Weapons And Fuel Cache..

2 Eurofighter Jets Crash Into Each Other Over Germany

5 SHOT DEAD At Casa Grande Mobile Estates

MUSLIM TERRORISTS Set Off Explosives At Combined Military Hospital CMH Rawalpindi, Pakistan

VIDEOS: Philadelphia Energy Solutions Refinery EXPLOSION....

Planes Trains And Automobiles DOOM! NINE DEAD In Hawaii Skydiving Tragedy + SEVEN Motorcyclists DEAD In Randolph NH After DODGE Truck Plows Into Their Procession....UP NEXT TRAIN DOOM!

Bogotá: Cops vs Skaters

Dong Dong District Machete Attack.....

Exclusive: Video Released by IRAN Shows Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps Shooting Down US DRONE Navy MQ-4C Triton....

29-Year-Old Cedrick (Lamar) Johnson of Uptown Gets Pepper Sprayed By Chicago PD...For Beating A Man With A HAMMER.....

Pentagon Video Showing Smoke Trail Left After US DRONE Navy MQ-4C Triton Was Shot Down By Iran's Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps

SAUDI DOOM! Yemen's Houthis Say Fired Cruise Missile At Saudi Power Station


Planes Trains And Automobiles DOOM! TRAIN Carrying GRENADES, BOMBS Derails In Nevada...TWO DEAD IN WISCONSIN TRUCK EXPLOSION

Pentagon Releases New Photos As Proof Iran Was Behind Tanker Attacks

DOOM DOOM DOOM! Pope Benedict On The Verge Of DEATH? 35 + Years Of Chastisements Begin When The TWO POPES DIE!

NATIONALIST GUN NUT Brian Issack Clyde, 22, Opened Fire On Dallas Federal Courthouse Wearing Black Mask And Tactical Gear