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Coach Turned Child Rapist & Killer Craig Michael Wood Turns Out To Be A Child Porn Lovin' Distributist/Gun Nut!

Tattooed Lesbian Squaw Cherie Lash Rhoades Kills Four In Gun And Knife Attack!

Distributist Crossbow Attack On St. Valentine's Day!

Distributist/Gun Nut John Michael Dodrill Pulls Gun On A Girl Scout Selling Cookies!

NJ Governor Chris Christie's Bodyguard State Trooper William Carvounis Arrested For Stealing Gun Supplies!

Dirty Face Distributist Rodney Brossart Tracked Down By Predator Drone!

Al Qaeda Has American Gun Nuts Beat! Al Qaeda Trains Four Year Old To Shoot AK-47!

Backwoods Distributist Goes A Courting The President's Daughter With A Machete, Rifle & A Can Of Gasoline!