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Sodomite Charles Mozdir On The Lam For Sodomizing Two Boys Dies In Gun Battle With Police!

Joel Smith Shoots Dead His Wife & His Three Children Then Turns Gun On Himself

Another FedEx Employee Goes Postal! Distributist Gun Nut Ron Lee Haskell Killed Stephen Stay & Katie Stay & Their Four Children. Tied Them Up And Then Shot Them All Execution-Style .

Utah Cop Joshua Boren Drugs Wife, Rapes Her Five Times, Films It, Puts A Bullet To Her Head, Then Kills The Kids & Mother In Law - All With A Police Department Issued Firearm!

Distributists Dream Come True! Holly Fisher With Her Gun In One Hand & The Bible In the Other Pictured Along Side Muslim Woman With Her Gun In One Hand & The Koran In The Other!

Video Of Coeur d'Alene Cop Spencer Mortensen Murders Boy - No Charges Filed Against The Cop - Officer Spencer Mortensen Is Free To Shoot You Dead Next!

Only Patriotic Distributists Keep Fireworks In Their Bed Room As A Testament To The Right To Sleep With Fireworks & Celebrate Democracy On The 4th Of July! Mortar-Style Fireworks Ignited In Bedroom Killing Kathryn Flint & Her Dog

Another Idiot Pick-Up Driver Runs Over Kills A Mother Of Two: Andrea Boeve Is Dead Because Christopher Weber Was Busy Texting While Driving His Pick-Up

Cop Michael Ramirez Uses Illegal Choke Hold On 16 Year Old Kid

Just Another Reason To Hate Muslims! Muslim Mother Stabs Son's Teacher Fabienne Calmes To Death In The Classroom In Front Of Five Year Olds!!

Dr. Russell C. Reynolds Dies In Fireworks Explosion At Comanche High School.

Worship Your Guns @ Shooters Grill in Rifle, Colorado! Treating Guns Like A Sacrament!

Happy 4th! Police Officer Does Ultra Combo On A Lady WTF?

Perverted Cop Steven Zelich Admits Killing Laura Simonson & Jenny Gamez, During Bondage Sex Then Stuffing Their Bodies In Suitcases

Video Of Indiana Police Lieutenant Tom Davidson Pushing Cripple Nicholas Kincade Out Of His Wheelchair

12 Year Old William Shook Took His Own Life With A Gun At Boy Scout Camp