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DOGS OF WAR! Video: Pakistani Forces Beating Indian Pilot Wing-Commander Abhi Nandan

DOGS OF WAR! Indian Pilot Savagely Beaten...

Moment Indian pilot is savagely beaten by locals after Pakistan shoots down jet  This is the moment an Indian pilot who's jet was shot down appears to be brutally attacked by villagers in Kashmir. Members of the Pakistani military can be seen trying to stop the locals from attacking the man, wearing a flight suit, who is now being held as a prisoner and has been paraded in public. The brief clip shows the cameraman approach a group of people huddled around the stricken pilot in what appears to be a small creek. The pilot, whose arms are being held above his head, is struck in the face twice before being kicked in the back of the head, with someone behind him appearing to attempt to knee him. The footage has not been independently verified, however, the man looks very similar to captured pilot Commander Abhinandan - with a bloody face - publicised in Pakistan earlier today. India has confirmed the loss of one MiG21 fighter and said its pilot was missing in action. Source

DOGS OF WAR! India, Pakistan iI Worst Escalation In Decades Over Downed Jets...

Pakistan Prime Minister Calls for Dialogue With India After Jets Shot Down  (Bloomberg) -- Pakistan Prime Minister Imran Khan called for talks with India after fighter jets from both nations were shot down on Wednesday in the most serious military confrontation between them in decades. "Better sense should prevail," Khan said in an address to the nation. "We should sit down and talk." India’s Prime Minister Narendra Modi has yet to comment on the latest escalation. In a address to the nation. "We should sit down and talk." India’s Prime Minister Narendra Modi has yet to comment on the latest escalation. In a media briefing in New Delhi, foreign ministry spokesman Raveesh Kumar said a pilot was "missing in action." By Wednesday evening, the ministry acknowledged the pilot was in Pakistan’s custody and demanded "his immediate and safe return." Source 

DOGS OF WAR: Pakistan Alludes To Its NUCLEAR Weapons......

The Shaheen-III missile has a maximum range of up to 1,700 miles, according to members of the Pakistani military. Pakistan alludes to its NUCLEAR weapons as it warns India its top military chiefs – who authorise use of nukes – are meeting to discuss response to bombing raid Pakistan's top military chiefs are due to meet to discuss a response to a bombing raid by India - and have alluded to the country's own nuclear capabilities. India said its warplanes killed 'a very large number' of fighters when they struck a militant training camp inside Pakistan on Tuesday. Pakistan has threatened its own 'surprise' after India claimed jets had bombed 'a very large' number of militants in its arch rival's territory. Officials in New Delhi said overnight airstrikes had pounded a 'terror camp' belonging to Jaish-e-Mohammad (JeM) in the Balakot region of Pakistan The raids took place after the jihadist group claimed responsibility for a suicide bombi…

DOGS OF WAR! India BOMBS Pakistan!

India strikes inside Pakistan after deadly Kashmir attack BALAKOT, Pakistan (AP) — A pre-dawn airstrike inside Pakistan that India said targeted a terrorist training camp and killed a “very large number” of militants ratcheted up tensions on Tuesday between the two nuclear-armed rivals at odds over the disputed territory of Kashmir. Islamabad said there were no casualties in the strike near the town of Balakot, close to the border with Pakistan’s sector of Kashmir, where residents said loud explosions woke them up, rattling their homes. “It was the middle of the night, we were very scared,” one resident, 20-year old Mohammad Abbas to The Associated Press. “We didn’t think for a moment that it was from planes but the explosions were very powerful.” Pakistan’s military cordoned off the area and kept reporters about a kilometer (half a mile) from the bombing site. Source

DOGS OF WAR! Nuclear-Armed India and Pakistan Face Off in Renewed Escalation...

The Shaheen-III missile has a maximum range of up to 1,700 miles, according to members of the Pakistani military.
Nuclear-Armed India and Pakistan Face Off in Renewed Escalation  (Bloomberg) -- It’s the biggest escalation between South Asia’s nuclear-armed rivals in decades and with a bitterly contested national election in India just weeks away, Prime Minister Narendra Modi was quick to exploit his military’s air strikes on a terrorist camp inside Pakistan Tuesday. Speaking to a huge, cheering crowd at an election rally in the state of Rajasthan, Modi twice stated that India was “in safe hands” and declared it a “glorious day,” without explicitly mentioning the attack. India’s fighter jets destroyed a major terrorist camp in Pakistan early Tuesday “in the face of imminent danger,” Foreign Secretary Vijay Gokhale said in New Delhi. More than 300 people were killed in the air strikes on militant group Jaish-e-Mohammed, according to an Indian official speaking on condition of anonymity…

Russian TV Lists Nuclear Targets In US.......

MOSCOW (Reuters) - Russian state television has listed U.S. military facilities that Moscow would target in the event of a nuclear strike, and said that a hypersonic missile Russia is developing would be able to hit them in less than five minutes. The targets included the Pentagon and the presidential retreat in Camp David, Maryland. The report, unusual even by the sometimes bellicose standards of Russian state TV, was broadcast on Sunday evening, days after President Vladimir Putin said Moscow was militarily ready for a “Cuban Missile”-style crisis if the United States wanted one. Source

Perfume Warehouse EXPLODES Onto A Crowded Street...MUSLIMS Run For Their Lives.....

INDIA DOOM! Bootleg Liquor Kills 150+

Doncaster, UK: John Taylor The Wrong Way Lorry Driver On M18

Driver ‘endangered countless lives’ by driving lorry wrong way down M18 motorway near Doncaster  A driver who ‘endangered countless lives through his reckless and dangerous actions’ by driving the wrong way of the M18 motorway in Doncaster has been jailed. John Taylor, of Riverside Traveller Park, Kirkhouse Green, was jailed for 28 months fo dangerous driving, breaching a suspended sentence and assaulting police officer after pleading guilty at Sheffield Crown Court on Tuesday. Taylor was driving a 7.5 ton lorry on Fishlake Nab when he failed to stop for offices. He then reversed into the police car several times before driving off in the direction of the M18. The 30-year-old drove into oncoming traffic and performed several U-turns on the Sheffield-bound carriageway. Investigating officer Det Con William McClean said: “He endangered countless lives that day through his reckless and dangerous actions. Source

Iranians Took Over And Crash Landed A US MQ-9 Reaper.....

INDIA DOOM! Hundreds Of Cars & Bikes Set Ablaze At India Airshow In Bengaluru South, India,

Venezuela: Maduro's Border Police surrenders to the Colombians; February 2019

Venezuela Troops Smash Through Barrier and Desert to Colombia.

DOGS OF WAR! Pakistan To Target Hyderabad With NUKE........

1,066 mi Distance from Hyderabad to Pakistan
The Shaheen-III missile has a maximum range of up to 1,700 miles, according to members of the Pakistani military. 

DOGS OF WAR! Indian Army To Civilians Near LOC: GET READY TO EVACUATE!

DOGS OF WAR! Indian Government Has Put Civil Departments, Health And Food Departments, On Notice And Ordered To Distribute Essentials Among Locals.

DOGS OF WAR! Pakistan Mobilizes Soldiers On Eastern Border LOC

Daddy Shocked While Holding Child

Palestine, TX: Black Man Duct Taped Clerk & Set Him On Fire During Robbery

Heavily Armed U.S. Mercenaries Arrested In Haiti, February 2019


Feds: Coast Guard lieutenant compiled hit list of lawmakers  WASHINGTON (AP) — A Coast Guard lieutenant who was arrested last week is a “domestic terrorist” who drafted an email discussing biological attacks and had what appeared to be a hit list that included prominent Democrats and media figures, prosecutors said in court papers. Christopher Paul Hasson is due to appear Thursday in federal court in Maryland after his arrest on gun and drug offenses, but prosecutors say those charges are the “proverbial tip of the iceberg.” “The defendant is a domestic terrorist, bent on committing acts dangerous to human life that are intended to affect governmental conduct,” prosecutors wrote in court papers . Source

Rocket Barrage

Two Russian Idiots Light Themselves On Fire.....

"You're Gonna Die Up There" Indian Air Force Planes Collided Mid-Air Killing One Pilot

The shocking moment two jets from India's Air Force display team collide causing a horrific crash and killing one pilot A pilot has died and two others injured when two Hawk military display jets collided in mid-air while practising in India on Tuesday. Two Indian Air Force jets crashed during a rehearsal session for an upcoming air show. The Hawk jets were seen spinning out of control before the nose of one plane clipped the tail of the other as they moved in the same direction while upside down. The accident happened at around 11.50am over an airbase in north Bengaluru in southern India, ahead the Aero India show that opens in the city tomorrow. Source

The first USAF C17 Unloads Its Cargo In Cucuta On The Venezuelan Border; Colombia, February 2019

Toronto Road Rage!

Retired Navy SEAL ATHEIST Mike Ritland Abuses The Holy Name Of Jesus During CBS’s Lara Logan Interview.......DOOM......For Mike & Lara....In....3....2....1

If you feel the need to make reparation for Retired Navy SEAL ATHEIST Mike Ritland Abusing the Holy Name Of Jesus then please Pray the JESUS PSALTER found here
Or you can wait and watch what happens to Mike and Lara ........

Because I bet Mr. Mike won't be making any reparation soon.....

Oh and if you care to watch the whole video do sohere (I stopped at the 4:05 mark)

How UNDER COVER COPS USE FAKE Out Of State Contractors Info On Vehicles: Undercover Cops Get Busted - Onus News Service

Yellow Vests Attack Police: "We're Being Set Upon"


SUV Sent Flying Into Police Car After Hit Rock Slide......

Deadly I-70 crash near Oak Grove, MO

UK NATIONALISM: Former Members Of Banned Terror Group NATIONAL ACTON (NA) Meet At Training Camp


YPG Fighter's RPG Fail On The Frontline Against ISIS

How Brazil Ends A Police Chase.....

DOGS OF WAR DOOM! How Will India 'Punish' Pakistan For The Pulwama MUSLIM Terrorist Attack?

Pulwama attack: India will 'completely isolate' Pakistan India has said it will ensure the "complete isolation" of Pakistan after a suicide bomber killed 46 paramilitary police in Indian-administered Kashmir. It claims to have "incontrovertible evidence" of its neighbour's involvement but has not provided it. Pakistan denies any role in the attack by militant group Jaish-e-Mohammad, which is based on its soil. Thursday's bombing of the convoy was the deadliest attack on Indian forces in the region for decades. Federal Minister Arun Jaitley said India would take "all possible diplomatic steps" to cut Pakistan off from the international community. But a Pakistani minister has asked India to reveal their evidence, and offered to help them investigate the attack. There has been an insurgency in Indian-administered Kashmir since the late 1980s but violence has risen in recent years. Source

India’s Catholic Church mourns soldiers of Kash…

Hillsborough County FL: Motorcycle Crash Sent A Driver Off An Overpass Falling 100 Feet To The Ground......

Car bomb in Kashmir kills at least 18 Indian Reserve Police officers

Car bomb explodes near Syrian town on border with Turkey

Aftermath: Pulwama Terror Attack

Sins Of Gluttony #80: Russia May Fine Citizens For Being Overweight...

I'm sure the coming world-wide famine will take care of a few waistlines..... Russia May Fine Citizens For Being Overweight Russia may fine ‘large waistlines’ in a bid to reduce obesity, copying Japan which instituted the practice a decade ago, according to Moscow’s health and consumer rights watchdog.
Japan made it illegal in 2008 for citizens between 40 and 74 years old to exceed the state-prescribed limit of 85 centimeters for male waistlines and 90 centimeters for female waistlines. Russia is on a drive to reduce obesity and improve nutrition as part of President Vladimir Putin’s national goals signed after his inauguration in May 2018, which included calls to ensure sustainable natural population growth, reported The Moscow Times.
Russian citizens famously attempt to eat very well and spend a lot of time usually in the kitchen preparing fresh vegetables. However, obesity is still a problem, especially in the outlying regions. Source

Demented Rad Trads Placing Hope In Yellow Vests Nationalism To Restore All Things In Christ! V

Demented Rad Trads Placing Hope In Yellow Vests Nationalism To Restore All Things In Christ! IV

Demented Rad Trads Placing Hope In Yellow Vests Nationalism To Restore All Things In Christ! III