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Stockpiler Of Weapons Kills Ex-Wife & Brother-In-Law Then Rams Pickup Into House Injurying Father-In-Law & Family friend

One Eye Wannabe Rapper Shoots And Kills One Eye Rapper Doe B.

Greek Nationalist Party Golden Dawn (Χρυσή Αυγή) Open Fire With Kalashnikovs At German Ambassador Wolfgang Dolt's Residence In Athens

'You Got To Marry These Girls When They Are 15 Or 16' Video Of Heretic & Hunter Phil Robertson - Guest Speaker Sportsmen's Ministry

Crazy Homeless Man Shoots A Knife Wielding Homeless Man In The Head With A Flare Gun!

Wife Shots Husband Dead In Self Defense. Eighteen Years Later Uses Same Gun To Shoot Son - Paralyzing Him

Movie American Psycho Staring Christian Bale Influences Chinese Boy Into Shooting Chinese Girl In Head With Nail Gun!

Employee Shoots Hand At Grand Opening Of The Nation’s Largest Indoor Shooting Range

Merry Christmas!

Gun Nut & Prepper Pepper Goes Nuts Kills Family & Self! Cops & Society Blame It On The Christ Child & STRESS Of Christmas!

US Marshal Most Wanted : Distributist + Survivalist + Stockpiler Of Weapons Started His Own Apocalypse By Killing Wife & 2 Daughters

Man Just Spent $30 On A Box Of Bullets & Didn't Have The $30 Cover Charge - So He Shot His Way In!

Serial Killer Long-Haul Trucker Harry Mapps On The Loose For Killing Family: Mapps Looks Like Your Average Distributist!

Sweetest Mercy Killer With A Gun You'd Ever Want To Send You To Heaven! Kills Sweet Old Wifey & Sugary Sweet Sister & Sends Them Directly To Heaven!

Football Fanatics Thursday Knife Fight In The Parking Lot!

Father Sentenced To Life In Prison For Not Keeping The Sabbath Day Holy & Not Taking His Son To Mass

Boulder Crushes Two Waiting Out The Apocalypse In The Hills Of Utah

Hunter's Distributist Family Safe And Sound After Stranded For Two Days in Snowy Nevada Wilderness

Camouflage Suits Worn By The Army Of The Forerunner To The Antichrist In Order to Kill The Fatima Pope And Faithful?

Pissed Off Walmart Employee Shoots Shotgun At Coworker's Car Over Employee Of The Month Award!

Mercy Killing With A Bullet to The Head! Hubby Is Jailed For Six Years

Crazy Old Coot From Oklahoma Shoots Dead His Great Granddaughter Because He 'Was Tired Of Her Carrying On'

Eight Miles From Columbine, Near Aurora Movie Theater & On The Vigil Of Sandy Hook Massacre

Victims Need To Arm Themselves! Oops! Stockton School Mass Shooting Victim Now A Murder Suspect

16 Year Old Oklahoma Boy Shot And Killed By Friend In Hunting Accident? Where Was The Supervising Adult?

Gun Totting Clown Takes Revenge & Kills One At Tweeker Christmas Party

Fr. Z Gun Fanatic? Name One Desert Father That Owned A Firearm?

Uncovered In Australia - Distributist Incest Cult Based On Views Of Eric Gill, The Pedophile Founder Of Distributism

Unmarried Couple Teach Kids About Distributism In The Nevada Mountains Get Lost In Snow

Empty Gun Goes Off Killing 16 Year Old Girl - Gun Lovin' White Trash Jacob Travis McDaniel Is Arrested