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FedEx Employee Goes Postal: Rambo Like Gun Nut Shoots Co-Workers - Kills Self

Distributist Crazed Teenagers Shoot Amish Family's Beloved Pet Donkey Eeyore 18 Times

What Distributist Mark Shea Preaches - The Distributist Cliven Bundy Puts Into Practice! So Why Is Mark Shea Sooo Embarrassed By The Actions Of A Fellow Distributist?

Gun Toting Distributist Rancher Cliven Bundy Turns Out To Be A Hater! Something About Negros!

Two Colorado Distributists/Hunters Arrested In Accidental Death Of A Motorcyclist Who Ran Into The Rope And Chain They Were Using To Retrieve A Dead Elk

Praise Ye Him For His Mighty Acts

For Thy Sake I Struck The Kings Of The Chanaanites: And Thou Hast Struck My Head With A Reed

The Right Hand Of The Lord Hath Wrought Strength. The Right Hand Of The Lord Hath Exulted Me: I Shall Not Die, But Live: And Shall Declare The Works Of The Lord

Video Of Kansas City Deranged Distributist/Nationalist Arrested For Killing Three Jews

Kansas City Distributist/Nationalist Turned Sniper On A Killing Rampage Kills Three Jews Yelling "Heil Hitler"

Deranged Distributist Turns Sniper On Kansas City Highway!

Officer Fatally Shoots Fellow Marine At Camp Lejeune With M4 Assault Rifle

Over Twenty Stabbed In Knife Attack At Franklin Regional High School in Murrysville, Pennsylvania

Zack Blanchard 16, Liam Lawler, 15, Shelby Riley, 16, & Daniel Richards-Burchfield, 15. 'Armed With Nine Guns Including Two AK47s' Are Caught After Going On The Run When Boy's Father Was Found Shot Dead!

Distributist Political Candidate & Pot Head Gwendolyn Chapman "If There Was To Be A Nuclear War, This Plant Would Absorb Radiation And Repel It"