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More Evil Portents For Trump! Buenos Aires EARTHQUAKE Hits G20 Summit Just As Donald Trump SNUBS Putin & Saudi Crown Prince....

Earthquake hits near Argentina capital as world leaders attend G20 summit A 3.8 magnitude earthquake has struck south of Buenos Aires, where world leaders are gathered for the G20 summit. The quake hit an area located 33 kilometers south of the city, according to the European Mediterranean Seismological Center. It had a depth of 10 kilometers, according to the US Geological Survey (USGS). It occurred on the first day of the G20 summit, with world leaders gathered in Buenos Aires. They are slated to discuss a range of topics, with global trade expected to be at the forefront. Although the quake wasn't widely felt by those in Buenos Aires, news that it had struck an area near the G20 prompted quite a few jokes online - most of them to do with US President Donald Trump. Source
The Red Laser Dot....

The Plane....
President Trump's private plane clipped by aircraft at LaGuardia Airport We can only hope the offending pilot left a nice note on the windshield. The Trump Organizatio…

Evil Portent For Trump: Red Dot On Trump's Chest.....President Trump's Private Plane Clipped By Aircraft At LaGuardia Airport

First the Rad Laser Dot....

Now the Plane....
President Trump's private plane clipped by aircraft at LaGuardia Airport We can only hope the offending pilot left a nice note on the windshield. The Trump Organization confirmed Wednesday that the president’s private Boeing 757 was involved in an accident at LaGuardia airport after a corporate aircraft clipped its wing while trying to maneuver into a parking area. The incident occurred around 8:30 a.m. that morning, the Associated Press reports. No one was injured.The extent of the damage to Trump’s Boeing jet, which he used during his 2016 presidential campaign, was not immediately made clear. The president has been using Air Force One since taking office, and no one was aboard the Boeing at the time of the incident. Source

Crimean Crisis: Russia Deploys Military Vehicles, Including Anti-Ship BAL Missile Systems

The Kerch Strait Incident (Ukraine - Russia)

Ukrainian Protesters Vandalize Russian Consulate In Kharkiv

Russian Vessel RAMS Ukraine Boat

Ukrainians Protest Outside Russian Consulate In Kharkiv

International Community condemns Russia's Azov Sea Aggression Towards Ukraine

Full Emergency U.N. Meeting On Ukraine - Russia

US Border Police Lob Tear Gas Over Fence As Migrant Caravan Approaches

US CBP Repel Caravan With Tear Gas/Pepper Spray.

Migrants Literally Storm U.S. Border | MSNBC


Missouri Distributism In Action: Missouri Man Sent Flying While Chainsawing Falling Tree

Milwaukee: Bodycam Captures Rooftop Shooting Of Jerry Smith Jr

Russia's Voronezh Region: Truck Bursts Into Flames After Collision On M4 Don Highway ...

VIDEO: Chinese Consulate Karachi Under Attack; Pakistan, November 2018

St. Paul House Explodes

MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO) — A huge explosion jolted a St. Paul neighborhood Friday morning, sending 80-year-old John Lundahl to the hospital, and blowing out windows and walls of nearby homes. A nearby security camera captured the explosion rip the house apart, spewing an enormous fireball. The home was leveled, and others have been evacuated.It happened at about 8:30 a.m. at the intersection of Payne Avenue and Edgerton Street. Fire officials believe some kind of a natural gas leak caused the home to explode. Firefighters found Lundahl near the back of the home. His family says he’s being treated for burns, scrapes and bruises at Regions Hospital. Source

FN P90

Ireland: Brawl At 'Fight Night' Kickboxing Event

MUSLIM Female Suicide Bomber Blows Herself Up In Chechnya

Hunting Dogs Fall To Their Death....

Politicians Throwing Punches During Sri Lankan Parliament

Family fall from ferris wheel carriage after it spins upside down

More Than 200,000 Nationalists Marched To Celebrate Poland's Independence

IDF Strikes in Gaza Strip

A Mississippi inmate head butted an officer on his way to court

Sodomite ATHEIST Robert Hyslop, 49, Charged With Kidnapping Two Evangelical College Students And Made Them Perform Sex Acts On Each Other At Gunpoint

Evangelicals are not known for purity of heart, Chasity or forcing two Evangelicals into having sex was probably not difficult...
How many stories of CATHOLIC saints are there who would rather die then give into impurity? Toothless convicted felon high on meth 'kidnapped two Christian college students and made them perform sex acts on each other at gunpoint'  A convicted felon has been charged with abducting two Christian college students and forcing them to perform sex acts on each other at gunpoint after they violated curfew and were locked out of their southwest Missouri campus. Robert Hyslop, 49, of Branson, Missouri, was booked into the Taney County Jail without bond on charges of kidnapping, sexual abuse and sodomy. If convicted, he could face life in prison. College of the Ozarks, a Christian liberal-arts college in the small town of Point Lookout, has a 1am. curfew. Gates to the front entrance, known as the Gates of Opportunity, remain locked until 5…

Sgt. Ron Helus Funeral Procession

Marsz Niepodległości 2018 właśnie ruszył po odśpiewaniu hymnu

Marsz Dla Ciebie Polsko / Marsz Niepodległości 2018 [NA ŻYWO]

Marsz Niepodległości 2018 - LIVE

Polish Independence March 2018 National Anthem / Marsz Niepodległości 2018 Hymn Narodowy

Witnesses recall moment of Borderline Bar & Grill shooting

15-year-old on 4-wheeler leads police on chase

Toronto: Surveillance video of shooting on Jamestown Crescent

11 Year Old Girl Shot And Killed In Vegas Shooting

Inside of the Borderline Bar and Grill as shots were fired


ISIS Inspired Muslim Convert Ian David Long Dressed In Black Murdered 12 At Borderline Bar.....

Media quick to claim that Long had PTSD.

However the very first reports of the description of the dead gunman from authorities is that he had a full beard and looked like a middle eastern man:

No current photos of Long's dead body.

OK so he was not a Middle Eastern man - but that does not mean that Long is not a Convert to Islam.

Long's action are taken from the ISIS Muslim terror play book.

Long acted like a Muslim Terrorist.

Long is most likely an ISIS inspired Muslim Convert.

Granted he stilled lived with his mother and had tattoos, and we all know Muslims never ever have tattoos or drink or engage in Sodomy etc....

Long had a mean streak since returning from Afghanistan.  Despite the disturbing April incident, his neighbor told NBC News that Long was a Dodgers baseball fan and had girlfriends over the years. However, neighbors also noticed that Long was troubled.  Richard Berge, 77, told The Los Angeles Times that Long had PTSD and sometimes kicked in the ho…

Two Car Bombs Go Off On US Election Night Killing Kane Kosolowsky......In Sherwood Park, Canada....

Following up Car Bomb Election Night Post:
Antifa Planning Election Day Attack? Election Day Car Bombs Set To Go Off At Polling Locations Across The Country? NY Man Planned Election Day Bombing In DC: FBI  November 05, 2018 
I was wrong....
Car Bombs did go off on Election Night...But it took place in Canada: EXCLUSIVE: Man, 21, dead after blast led police to car packed with explosives in Sherwood Park An explosion led police to a car packed with explosives and a man with severe injuries in Sherwood Park Tuesday night, Global News has learned. The 21-year-old man died of his injuries, RCMP confirmed in a Wednesday afternoon news conference. Security sources told Global News the explosive material was believed to be Tannerite, a brand of binary explosive targets used for firearms practice. Sources said a ‘”significant… very large” amount of Tannerite was found in the car. Sources described this as a “homemade” vehicle-borne improvised explosive device.Sources told Global News police w…