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Crazed Distributist Bobby Rankin Off His Meds Kills His Mom With A Red Hot Poker & Guts Her With A Buck Knife!

Darion Marcus Aguilar 'A Gentle, Sweet Kid Who Has Never Been Interested In Guns' Kills Two Columbia Mall Employees & Self

Hog Hunter/Singer Songwriter & Poet Laureate Of Texas Steven Fromholz Accidentally Kills Self With Own Gun!

Texas Distributist & Small Business Man Raymond Wood Is Arrested Along With Wife & Kids On Weapons & Drug Charges

Sawed Off Shotgun Used In Roswell Middle School Shooting. Where Does A 12 Year Old Get A 20-Gauge, Sawed-Off Shotgun

Avid Hunter & Gun Nut Curtis Reeves Kills Man Over Texting During The Screening Of Mark Wahlberg Film, Lone Survivor

Distributist Gun Nut Driving Dark Colored Pickup Shoots Man Dead In Road Rage Incident!

“I Executed The Threat”

Gun Nut Turns Out To Be Nuts! Phony Navy SEAL A.J. Dicken Faces Gun Charges For Setting Up A Military-Style Training School

‘What’s That Between Your Legs?’ Bomb Making Distributist/Gun Nut Andrew Scott Boguslawski Charges Added Possessing Chemical Weapons!

Are There Any Jew Distributists? If Not, Why?

New Mass Goer Mark Shea On Distributism

Bomb Making Distributist & Gun Nut Arrested With Fifty Bombs In Car & Blue Prints To Navy Seals Training Facility

New Mass Going Distributist/Hunter Kills Girlfriend & Self!

Drug Dealin' Wanna Be Family Man Uses Hunting Knife To Kill The One He Loved

Drunken Dad Shot Dead By Son Goes Directly To Hell

Kentucky Distributist Pistol Whips Wife - She Takes Bloody Selfie

New Year's Eve Knife Fight - The NYC Port Authority Bus Terminal

Happy New Year! 2014