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Reason Why The False Prophet MUHAMMAD Demanded Bending Over During Prayer.....Sujud...

Accident In The Parking Garage..Brakes FAIL....LOL!

RAMADAN DOOM! So It Was A MUSLIM After All.....French Police Identify Lyon Bomber As MOHAMED HICHEM M.

Following up post:
RAMADAN DOOM! MUSLIM 'Parcel Bomb' Explosion; 8 WOUNDED In Lyon...  May 24, 2019 
First to call it a MUSLIM Bomber....not that it really matters doesn't

JAPAN RAMADAN DOOM! Japanese MUSLIM Stabs CATHOLIC School Girls KILLING ONE And Wounding NINETEEN....Attacker Commits SUICIDE...

Japanese Muslim targeted Catholic School Girls - Killing one and wounding nineteen...attacker kills self, Knife-wielding man slashes schoolgirls at bus stop in Japan, killing two  TOKYO (Reuters) - A knife-wielding man slashed at a group of schoolgirls at a bus stop in Japan on Tuesday, killing one girl and an adult who may have been the father of one child, media reported. Sixteen other girls between the ages of 6 and 12 and a woman were wounded in the attack by a middle-aged man who died later of a self-inflicted wound, broadcaster NHK said, citing police. Police said an 11-year-old girl and a man, 39, were killed, but declined to give further details. The 39-year-old, a foreign ministry official, was believed to be the father of one of the girls, NHK said. The girls were students at Caritas Gakuen, a Catholic school in Kawasaki city, south of Tokyo, and were waiting to board their school bus when the suspect attacked, school officials said at a news conference.Source 

The Moment Of The Explosion Of A KMTC Hong Kong Container Ship

Detonating a string of explosives underground

Somali Pirates VERSUS MK 38 MOD 2

China: FIRE 58-Storey Skyscraper

Fire in Surat, Gujarat, India

RAMADAN DOOM! MUSLIM 'Parcel Bomb' Explosion; 8 WOUNDED In Lyon...

France Lyon: 'Parcel bomb' injures pedestrians A suspected parcel bomb has exploded in the centre of the eastern French city of Lyon, injuring 13 people. Those hurt in the explosion on Victor-Hugo Street, including a girl aged eight, appear to have suffered superficial injuries. Police are hunting a cyclist who was seen leaving the parcel outside a bakery on a street corner, reports say. Anti-terrorist prosecutors have taken over the investigation in the country's third-biggest city. French Interior Minister Christophe Castaner said he had ordered security to be boosted in public places and at major events. The device, which was reportedly full of screws, nuts and bolts, exploded around 17:30 (15:30 GMT) on the street in the historic city centre, between the Saone and Rhone rivers. Reports say a man aged between 30 and 35 arrived on a bicycle and left the bag. He is said to have been wearing a face mask and dark glasses. Source

Indonesia Post-Election Riots Leave Six Dead, Hundreds Injured

Post-election riots in Indonesia leave six dead, hundreds injured JAKARTA, Indonesia - Six people lost their lives while more than 200 suffered injuries after mobs clashed with security forces and set fire to a police dormitory and vehicles in the Indonesian capital following the release of official election results a day earlier, authorities said on Wednesday. "Six people have died so far. Two at Tarakan Hospital and then at Pelni, Budi Kemulyaan, Cipto Mangunkusumo and RSAL Mintoharjo hospitals," The Jakarta Post quoted Jakarta's Governor Anies Baswedan as saying. "In total, six people have died and 200 sustained injuries as of 9:00am," he added. Protests by supporters of losing presidential candidate Prabowo Subianto turned violent late on Tuesday and continued through the night. Baswedan said he had gone to Tarakan Hospital in Central Jakarta earlier in the morning to check on the injured protesters. Source

Mol, Belgium: 20 Injured - Power Line Electrocution

Antifa Protest Roberto Fiore's Forza Nuova Rally At Galvani Square Bologna Italy


Footage shows hundreds of migrants occupying French airport terminal Video showed hundreds of illegal immigrants storming a French airport and occupying an entire terminal Sunday, demanding to meet with the country’s prime minister.  Footage posted on Twitter shows roughly 500 migrants chanting in Terminal 2 of the Charles de Gaulle airport as about a dozen police officers in tactical gear look on.  “France does not belong to the French! Everyone has a right to be here!” one person can be heard yelling into a loudspeaker.  The protest was organized by the migrant support group La Chapelle Debout, which said their members call themselves “Black Vests.”  The group comes amid the country’s months-long “Yellow Vests movement” over tax reforms. French citizens are required to carry yellow vests in their vehicles for emergencies.  In an official statement, the group asked to meet with Prime Minister Edouard Philippe over the country’s asylum policy as well as the leaders of Air France. The…

B-2 Spririt Drops Massive Ordnance Penetrator (Bunker Buster)

Help Me I Need A Lamborghini... Arnold Schwarzenegger Attacked in South Africa

Shocking moment Arnold Schwarzenegger is DROP-KICKED from behind while posing for selfies with fans in South Africa  This is the shocking moment Arnold Schwarzenegger is drop-kicked from behind while posing for selfies with fans, including children in South Africa. Schwarzenegger can be seen talking to people in a gymnasium at the fourth annual Arnold Classic Africa event when out of nowhere he is attacked with a flying kick. Fortunately and perhaps unsurprisingly, despite his age, Schwarzenegger was unfazed, writing on Twitter afterwards: 'Thanks for your concerns, but there is nothing to worry about. 'I thought I was just jostled by the crowd, which happens a lot. I only realized I was kicked when I saw the video like all of you. I’m just glad the idiot didn’t interrupt my Snapchat.' Source

RAMADAN DOOM! Muslims Torturing and Killing Neighbor Dogs, To Celebrate Ramadan, Sheldon VT

Multiple dogs found killed, tortured  SHELDON, Vt. — Police have issued a warning to pet owners in Franklin County after multiple dogs have been found tortured and killed. Sheldon Animal Control Officer Nicole Michel said she has been called to six incidents since the beginning of May. “I really have no words for someone who could do something so heartless, so cruel,” she said. “Dogs are our family." According to Michel, some of the animals were found abandoned on the side of the road, suffocated with a plastic bag over their face. Another was found fatally shot and tied to a tree along a popular trail. She said there have been reports of someone in a silver sedan and gold SUV trying to lure dogs into their vehicle from neighborhoods around Franklin County. “We add dogs to our family, we use them for protection, we should be able to let them run around our property, their home. We can't do that anymore." Source


Killer is  Farina C., 30 committed suicide  Five medieval-obsessed enthusiasts dead in mystery German crossbow killings: Police probing murder-suicides reveal 'victims' all had a passion for Middle Ages weaponry and alchemy, two died holding hands and another pair were lesbian lovers Five mysterious deaths, including three by crossbow bolts, may have been a murder-suicide pact among Germans with a passion for medieval folklore and weaponry, police revealed today. Germany has been baffled by the macabre case since a trio of corpses was found Saturday in a hotel in the Bavarian town of Passau, followed by Monday's discovery of two dead women across the country in the town of Wittingen. Police investigating the initial triple death mystery said the two women were dressed in all black, one lying on a bed with the older bearded man who was covered in medieval alchemy tattoos. Two of them, named by police only as Torsten W., 53, and Kerstin E., 33, were found with bolts th…

I've Just Moved My Twitter Operation To Tehran, Islamic Republic of Iran....And Just Witnessed The SAUDI OIL TANKER SABOTAGE...

So long Caracas....
I've Moved My Twitter Operation To Tehran, Islamic Republic of Iran.... Saudi Arabia Says 2 Oil Tankers Damaged in Sabotage Attacks  BEIRUT, Lebanon — Saudi Arabia’s energy minister said on Monday that two Saudi oil tankers had been sabotaged and sustained “significant damage” off the coast of the United Arab Emirates on Sunday, raising new fears of escalating tensions in the region involving Iran, the two Gulf countries’ avowed enemy.  A Norwegian company reported that one of its tankers, the Andrea Victory, was also damaged in the same area on Sunday; images posted online appeared to show the ship with a ragged gash in its stern at the waterline. The United Arab Emirates said that a total of four vessels had been sabotaged near the Strait of Hormuz, the gateway to the Persian Gulf.  Neither Saudi Arabia nor the United Arab Emirates assigned blame, made public any evidence of damage to their ships, or described the nature of the sabotage.  In a statement, the…

I've Moved My Twitter Operation To Tehran, Islamic Republic of Iran....And Just Heard A Top Iranian Commander Say There Will Be No Talks With US Just Action...Action...Action....

The Latest: Iran commander: There will be no talks with US TEHRAN, Iran – The Latest on the crisis over the embattled nuclear deal between Iran and world powers (all times local): 
2:30 p.m. A top commander in Iran's elite Revolutionary Guard says Tehran won't talk with the U.S., a day after President Donald Trump said he'd like Iranian leaders to "call me." Friday's report by the semi-official Tasnim news agency quoted Gen. Yadollah Javani as saying that "there will be no negotiations with America." Javani also claimed the U.S. would not dare take military action against Iran. Trump told reporters on Thursday at the White House: "What I would like to see with Iran, I would like to see them call me." The U.S. has moved a bomber squadron and sent USS Abraham Lincoln aircraft carrier to the Persian Gulf in response to unspecified threats by Iran. And on Wednesday, Iran threatened to renew some nuclear enrichment that had been halted un…

I've Moved My Twitter Operation To Tehran, Islamic Republic of Iran....So I Can Watch Video Of Its Submarine Sinking A US Carrier

I Was Told To Turn Off The Lights When Leaving The Venezuelan Embassy In DC.....Embassy Goes Dark......

Venezuelan embassy goes dark as standoff intensifies on streets of Washington WASHINGTON - The sun had just dipped below the horizon Wednesday evening when the lights flicked off inside the Venezuelan embassy in Washington.
Waves of cheers rolled up and down the ordinarily quiet street in the elite Georgetown neighborhood at the center of an intensifying standoff between backers of Venezuelan opposition leader Juan Guaidó and left-wing activists who oppose U.S. intervention and support President Nicolás Maduro.
With no electricity, the activists who have been living inside the building adjusted to the latest challenge in their month-long occupation of the embassy. Organizers with Code Pink, a left-leaning organization known for its theatrical and provocative protests, said the utility bills had been paid in full by the building's owners: the Maduro-led Venezuelan government.
The group has been inside the embassy since April 10 at the invitation of Maduro government officials. …

I've Moved My Twitter Operation To Tehran, Islamic Republic of Iran....In Celebration Of 515...Party At Ground Zero...

So long Caracas....

I've Moved My Twitter Operation To Tehran, Islamic Republic of Iran....

Party at ground zero
A "B" movie starring you
And the world will turn to flowing
Pink vapor stew

Please do not fear 'cause Fishbone is here to say (say what?)
Just have a good time, the stop sign is far away
The toilet has flushed and green lights are a ghost
And drop drills will be extinct
Speed Racer cloud has come
They know not what they've done
Sin has just won
And the Earth is a crumb

Johnny, go get your gun, for the commies are in our hemisphere today
Ivan, go fly your MiG, for the Yankee imperialists have come to play
Johnny goes to Sally's house to kiss her goodbye
But Daddy says to spend the night
They make love 'till the early morning light
For tomorrow Johnny goes to fight
Johnny, Ivan, Ian, everybody come along for our nations need new heroes
Time to sing a new war song

Party at ground zero
A "B" movie starring you
And the world will turn to …

RAMADAN DOOM! Pictured Balochistan MUSLIM Militants Carried Out Attack At Pearl Continental Hotel In Gwadar, Pakistan Killing SEVERAL CHINESE INVESTORS........BLA Fidayee Kachkol Alias Commando + BLA Fidayee Munseb Baloch Alias Kareem + BLA Fidayee Asad Baloch Alias Mehrab + BLA Fidayee Hammal fateh Baloch Alias Habib

BLA Fidayee Kachkol Alias Commando
BLA Fidayee Munseb Baloch Alias Kareem
BLA Fidayee Asad Baloch Alias Mehrab
BLA Fidayee Hammal fateh Baloch Alias Habib

Gwader Attack: Balochistan Liberation Army(BLA) Claims Killed SEVERAL CHINESE INVESTORS At Five-Star Pearl Continental Hotel In Gwadar, Pakistan


Balochistan militants claim responsibility for Pakistan hotel attack  QUETTA, Pakistan (Reuters) - The Balochistan Liberation Army, a militant group fighting for greater autonomy for the Balochistan region in southwestern Pakistan, claimed responsibility for Saturday's attack on a hotel in Gwadar port, a spokesman said in an emailed statement.Source

RAMADAN DOOM! MUSLIM Terrorists Attack Five-Star Pearl Continental Hotel In Gwadar, Pakistan.....ONE DEAD

Terrorists Storm 5-Star Hotel In Pakistan's Gwadar, Gunshots Heard At least one person has been killed after three gunmen stormed a five-star hotel in the southwestern Pakistani city of Gwadar, the centrepiece of a multi-billion dollar Chinese infrastructure project, the military said Saturday.
The gunmen shot dead a security guard at the entrance to the hotel.
"Security forces have cordoned area. Guests safely evacuated. Terrorists encircled by security forces in staircase leading to top floor. Clearance Operation in progress," a military spokesman said.
Earlier, the provincial home minister Ziaullah Langu told AFP four gunmen had "opened fire" on the hotel.
"There are reports of a few people sustaining minor injuries," the minister said.
Mohammad Aslam, the on-duty officer in Gwadar, said ambulances and rescue officers were waiting at a road leading to the hotel, and that he could hear gunfire but that the operation was coming to an end.

WORLDS OF FUN: Reason For WAR With Iran...To Give These Black Teens An Outlet For Their Aggression... COMPULSORY CONSCRIPTION!

GRAPHIC ENDING To Prius LA Police Chase

Home Explosion Captured On CCTV, 4 Killed 26 Injured

RAMADAN DOOM! Jose Evis Quintana, The Father Of TRANSGENDER Colorado School Shooter Alec McKinney, CONVERTED TO ISLAM......

Illegal Immigrant?
Why would the media use such intolerant language?
Maybe to cover up for the fact the 'Mexican' CONVERTED to ISLAM.... The Mexican father of alleged Colorado school shooter Alec McKinney, 16, was jailed for domestic violence and deported TWICE, with his son posting how he missed him just days before the atrocity The father of one of the alleged STEM School Highlands Ranch shooters in Colorado is a serial felon and illegal immigrant from Mexico, can reveal. Jose Evis Quintana, the father of alleged 16-year-old killer Alec McKinney was once jailed for 15 months for domestic violence against Alec's mother and 'menacing with a weapon'. McKinney has been charged alongside his friend Devon Erickson of killing one student and injuring eight others at the school close Denver, Colorado. Records show Quintana, 33, who was also deported twice, had a string of arrests in the Colorado dating back from 2008 to 2017. Court papers show…

RAMADAN DOOM! MUSLIM Suicide Bomber Kills 5 AMERICANS At The Headquarters Of Counterpart International

MAY 9, 2019


The Counterpart family faced an attack on our cherished team members in Kabul, Afghanistan yesterday. We mourn the loss of the security guards from the Afghan police special forces who protected us. We will never forget their sacrifices. They will be forever etched in our memories and forever part of the Counterpart family.
We also witnessed the horrific violence inflicted on our team members during Ramadan, the most holy time in the Muslim calendar. We know this attack had nothing to do with Islam. It is instead borne of hatred and ignorance and darkness. Counterpart has always stood for inclusion and learning and light. We categorically reject this senseless violence.
We will not be cowed by cowardice. Our Counterpart team stands stronger today than ever before, bolstered by the unwavering support of our team members and our wider community who offered every assist. We can never repay that debt. Instead we will move forward in gratitude: stronge…

RAMADAN DOOM! Muslims Set Off Bomb At Sufi Muslim Shrine in Lahore, Pakistan Killing Nine

Explosion near Sufi Muslim shrine in Lahore, Pakistan kills at least 9 – police  A faction of the Pakistani Taliban has claimed responsibility for the bombing of the Sufi shrine of Data Darbar in Lahore, Pakistan, which killed at least nine people and wounded a further 24. Abdul Aziz Yousafzai, spokesman for the Hizbul Ahrar militant group, claimed that the attack had been timed to minimize civilian casualties and only targeted Pakistani authorities. Images from the scene show the blast had destroyed a police van near an entrance to the shrine. Hundreds of worshipers were inside and outside the shrine at the time of the attack.The dead included at least three policemen, a security guard, and a citizen, according to Deputy Inspector General Operation Lahore Ashfaq Ahmed Khan. Khan confirmed that elite commandos tasked with guarding the shrine were the intended targets of the bomb, though the exact nature of the explosion is not yet known.Rescue teams have responded to the explosion …

UPDATE: Transgender Alec McKinney Convinced ATHEIST Devon Erickson To Commit JIHAD At STEM School Highlands Ranch

Police refuse to name Juvenile Female.....
Muslim Female and Atheist Male?
UPDATE: Police release name Maya Elizabeth McKinney
One of the two students who opened fire on a school in Denver has been identified as 18-year-old Devon Erickson. An 18-year-old boy was killed and eight other students were injured when gunfire erupted at STEM School Highlands Ranch on Tuesday afternoon at 1.53pm local time. Police confirmed that the shooting was carried out by two people, one adult male and one juvenile. The Douglas County Sheriff's Office confirmed Erickson is the adult shooter. Officials are expected to release more information at a press conference at 6am Wednesday morning. Source

The sheriff described suspect two as a “young person… a small young person.” Thus, he said, at first authorities thought the suspect was a male. Court records list the suspect as Maya McKinney, but McKinney’s social media pages are under the name Alec McKinney. “We originally thought the juvenile was a mal…


It is RAMADAN...
Was this a Ramadan attack?
One suspect in custody
Two suspects on the loose?
No names yet Shots fired at STEM school in Highlands Ranch; 2 believed injured HIGHLANDS RANCH, Colo. — Shots have been fired at a STEM School in Douglas County. Two people are believed to be injured, according to the Douglas County Sheriff’s Office. The sheriff’s office is calling this an “unstable situation” at the school at Ridgeline and Plaza in Highlands Ranch. People are asked to avoid the area. The STEM School is on lockdown and all other Highlands Ranch Schools are on lockout, according to the sheriff’s office. Parents can pick up children at Northridge Elementary at 555 Southpark Road, the Sheriff said. South Metro Fire Rescue confirmed that they have numerous units on the scene to help and encourage drivers to leave streets open for emergency vehicles. Cherry Creek Schools are also on “secure perimeter” due to the situation at the school in Douglas County. Source
STEM School S…

How Many Days In MAY 2019 Before There Is A Need To Pray JESUS PSALTER? SEVEN! SCHOOL SHOOTING SEVERAL VICTIMS At STEM School Highlands Ranch Colorado....

How many days in MA|Y 2019 before there is a need to pray the JESUS PSALTER for all those coming NATURAL AND MAN-MADE DISASTERS AND MUSLIM TERROR ATTACKS IN USA THE WORLD
I now include the world, not just the US.

Call this a new post - call it a reminder - I will make a post weekly if necessary......

I asked on 2 May:

Answer: Seven Days Multiple victims in shooting at STEM School Highlands Ranch, authorities say HIGHLANDS RANCH, Colo. — Authorities believe at least two people were injured in a shooting at STEM School Highlands Ranch on Tuesday afternoon, according to the Douglas County Sheriff's Office.  A ranking law enforcement source told Denver7 that at least one victim was shot and that one suspect was down. Authorities were looking for two other suspects, the source said.  The sheri…