Sunday, May 24, 2015

Racists Blacks Hurl Racist Slurs At White Police Officer - Racists Blacks Also Call On God & Jesus To Help Them But Jesus Fails To Answer Their Racists 'Prayers'

Waco Biker Gangs Cossacks & Bandidos Claim: "We're Not Gang Members! If You Call Us Members Of A Gang - We'll Fucking Kill You & Your Family And Burn Down The Town Where You Live!'

Hey tattooed dirtbag biker morons - if you dress the part of a bad ass and act the part of a bad ass and want the public to perceive you as a bad ass...'re gonna die like a bad ass.....
"They're not gang members," he says. "I'm not a gang member. And to be labeled as a gang member, or some of these kids that are right now locked up with a million-dollar bond on them, it's terrifying and it's extremely unfortunate." Confused dirtbag biker...

"Most of the clubs that were present there had nothing to do with the shootings," she said. "They didn't do anything but go to a meeting." Another confused dirtbag biker...

"In fact, our meetings, after the pledge of allegiance and a prayer, many times the chairman will say, 'If you have any issues with anyone, for any reason, take it up elsewhere,' "And another dirtbag moron
Here from NPR:
Authorities in Waco, Texas, continue to investigate the deaths of nine motorcycle gang members in one of the worst biker brawls in recent times. More than 170 people were arrested and charged with organized crime; each is being held under a $1 million bond. 
Now there's a backlash from biker groups, who claim many of the riders were simply at the wrong place at the wrong time, and had nothing to do with Sunday's bloody fight. 
A biker leaves a biker bar in Murrells Inlet, S.C., in May 2012 after competing in a slow ride competition inside the bar. It was one of the events held during the annual Harley-Davidson Motorcycle Spring Rally in and around Myrtle Beach. 
Waco police continue to justify the large number of arrests; they say five criminal motorcycle gangs went to war with one another at the Twin Peaks Bar & Grill last weekend. 
Ron Blackett emphatically disagrees. He's a 48-year-old business security specialist in Austin, former U.S. Army and Coast Guard, who rides a 2011 Harley Davidson Road King. Blackett says he knows many of the riders now sitting in county jail in Waco. 
"They're not gang members," he says. "I'm not a gang member. And to be labeled as a gang member, or some of these kids that are right now locked up with a million-dollar bond on them, it's terrifying and it's extremely unfortunate." 
Blackett, whose club name is Bone, acts as vice president of the central Texas region of the Confederation of Clubs and Independents, known as CoC&I, a biker organization that meets regularly to educate its members on motorcycle legislation — and to drink beer. Last Sunday, the group was hosting a meeting at Twin Peaks when the violence broke out. Read More>>>>>
What a bunch of fucking tattooed crybabies.....

Friday, May 22, 2015

Unknown Gun Nut Terrifies Northern Colorado I 25 - Sniper Shootings! One Dead!

Ann Barnhardt
Gun Nut
(Not Actual Shooter)

WINDSOR, Colo. (CBS4) – Now investigating two mysterious incidents, Larimer County Sheriff Justin Smith told CBS4 it’s extremely rare to have two apparently random shootings along roadways anywhere in Colorado, let alone in some of the safest communities in Northern Colorado.A driver found the body of 48-year-old John Jacoby along a road in Windsor Monday. He was shot twice. The shooting came just weeks after a woman was shot in the neck while driving near Fort Collins. Smith told CBS4’s Lauren DiSpirito that he’s empathetic of the fear that’s set in among the community following Jacoby’s murder — as he was riding his bike just like he did any other day. “It’s extremely frustrating for us to get a pure ‘who dun it?’ And I guess that’s what I’d clearly say — this is a ‘who dun it?’ for everybody,” Smith said. Read More>>>>>>

Monday, May 18, 2015

Mug Shot Of Tattooed Bad Asses Cossacks & Bandidos - Arrested For Gunfight - Killing Nine Tattooed Scumbags

Total IQ 20

Face it these guys should be behind bars. Every last one of them is a criminal. Some say one shouldn't judge those with tats. Yea..right..whatever...

The nearly 200 members of rival biker gangs who engaged in a deadly shootout in Waco, Texas on Sunday are being pictured for the first time in mugshots taken by a local jail struggling to keep up with the workload. Nine were killed and dozens injured in the fight that broke out between at least five biker gangs at a restaurant in Waco at noon on Sunday. After a SWAT team broke up the fight, 170 of these gang members were arrested. On Monday, each suspect was charged with engaging in organized crime in connection to a capital murder case, and a judge ordered most held on $1million bond. Sheriff Parnell McNamara said each of the suspects is being booked at McLennan County Jail, but that some might be moved to other facilities due to the sheer amount of arrests. Daily Mail Read More>>>>>

Killed By A Selfie! Stephanie Stone Anderson Falls Off Cliff To Her Death While Taking A Selfie!

A 48-year-old mother of three tragically died Saturday after falling from a cliff on a family hike. Stephanie Stone Anderson of Waxhaw, North Carolina was hiking in Crowders Mountain State Park with her husband and one of their daughters when the fatal accident happened. Authorities say the mother was trying to take a picture with her family when she fell off an overlook and 150 feet to her death. 'They were actually taking a family portrait at the time of the accident,' Gastonia Fire Department spokesman Chris Stowe told the Gaston Gazette. 'It's just tragic.' The incident happened just before 1:30pm, when Anderson and her family reached King's Pinnacle - the tallest point in the park at 1,705 feet. Daily Mail Read More>>>>>

Please Don't Judge! 192 Tattooed Scumbag Bikers - Cossacks & Bandidos - Arrested For Gunfight - Killing Nine Tattooed Scumbags

Nine bikers have been killed and 18 hospitalized in a shoot-out between rival gangs at a recruitment event in a suburban Texas restaurant. What started as a physical fight in the bathroom spilled out into the bar and rapidly escalated to involve chains, clubs, knives and gunfire across Twin Peaks Bar and Grill in a quiet strip of Waco on Sunday afternoon. Employees and diners, including young children, scrambled and many took shelter in the freezer as hundreds of gang members ran rampage around the booths, according to KXXV. The fight spilled into the parking lot where a SWAT team shot dead at least one biker and surrounded the rest. When the shooting ended bodies were scattered across the tarmac and cars were riddled with bullet holes. Though the groups were being held by deputies at gunpoint, police were still warning hours later that armed individuals connected to five gangs were flocking from all over the state to continue confrontation, leading local restaurants to close early. Parts of downtown were on lockdown Sunday night, and officials could be seen stopping and questioning motorcycle riders. Waco police Sgt W Patrick Swanton told a press conference the recruitment event was hosted by the so-called restaurant - but despite police fears of a conflict, management refused to let officers in to monitor the situation. And on Monday morning Waco Police Department said that 192 people had been arrested and will face organized crime charges. Daily Mail Read More>>>

Friday, May 15, 2015

Distributist Craziness!! Sarah P Schrock Arrested For 'Putting Foot Shavings In Milk And Serving It To Her Family'

A woman was arrested last week after allegedly adding dead skin from her feet to milk that she served to family members at her home. Sarah P Schrock, 56, from Mechanicsville, Virginia, reportedly served the contaminated drink to Jessica Whitney Hurry and Allison Depriest, who both choked on it and coughed up what appeared to be dead human skin. Dead skin shavings were said to have been separated out from the milk by a witness who poured it through a strainer. A statement of probable cause filed by St Mary’s police said Hurry claimed that diabetes has caused Shrock’s feet to go dry and that she has ‘trays in her room with the same kind of dead skin shavings that come off of her feet’ Daily Mail Read More>>>>>>

Saturday, May 9, 2015

Distributist Hell! Joe Naugler Family Of Ten Living Like Pigs....Happy Pigs....

Look Happy To Me....Leave Them Alone...

A family of 10 children have been seized by Kentucky child services after they were allegedly found to be living in squalor in a tiny cabin filled with garbage. Police discovered the makeshift property last week when a neighbor said the father, Joe Naugler, threatened him with a knife and a gun. But Joe and his pregnant wife Nicole insist authorities were waiting for an excuse to punish them for letting their children live a 'free range' and 'back to basics' lifestyle. Daily Mail Read More>>>>

Wednesday, May 6, 2015

Ultimate Survival Alaska Star Jimmy Gojdics Shot Dead Point Blank

An outdoorsman and past character on National Geographic's reality show Ultimate Survival Alaska has been found shot dead, and Alaska State Troopers were investigating the case as a homicide. Officers responded to 69-year-old Jimmy Gojdics' residence in Fox on Sunday to find the victim with gunshot wounds, the Fairbanks Daily News-Miner reported. TMZ reports that so far there are no suspects. Daily Mail Read More>>>>>

Three Blacks At California Department Of Justice Brandon Kiel, David Henry And Tonette Hayes Accused Of Operating A SECRET MASONIC Police Force That Claimed To Exist For More Than 3,000 Years

 California Department Of Justice Brandon Kiel, Tonette Hayes & David Henry 

An aide to state Atty. Gen. Kamala D. Harris and two others are accused of operating a rogue police force that claimed to exist for more than 3,000 years and have jurisdiction in 33 states and Mexico, authorities said Tuesday. Brandon Kiel, David Henry and Tonette Hayes were arrested last week on suspicion of impersonating a police officer through their roles in the Masonic Fraternal Police Department, according to the Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department. Kiel, 31, has worked as the deputy director of community affairs at the California Department of Justice. An office spokesman declined to comment on the criminal investigation but said Kiel is on administrative leave. Suspicions about the Masonic Fraternal Police Department -- whose members trace their origins to the Knights Templar -- were aroused when various police chiefs in Southern California received a letter in late January that announced new leadership for the group, sheriff’s officials said LA Times Read More>>>>

Monday, May 4, 2015

TATTOOED FREAK Sergio Valencia del Toro Goes Berzerk & Shoots Dead Jonathan Stoffel, 33, His Daughter Olivia And Adam Bentdahl, 31


An Air Force veteran shot dead three people at random - including a father and his 11-year-old daughter - before turning the gun on himself after a fight with his former fiancée, police have said. Jonathan Stoffel, 33, his daughter Olivia and another man, 31-year-old Adam Bentdahl, were all fatally shot on a popular recreational bridge in Menasha, Wisconsin at 7.30pm on Sunday. Stoffel's wife and Olivia's mother, 32-year-old Erin Stoffel, was shot three times but managed to run off the bridge with their two other children, aged five and seven, and told the oldest to get help. She underwent surgery at Theda Clark Medical Center and remains in critical condition but doctors say they are hopeful that she will recover from the wounds to her abdomen, thigh and hand. On Monday, police named the killer as 27-year-old Sergio Valencia del Toro, a U.S. Air Force veteran and college student who was upset after an argument with his former fiancée, Haylie. He rode his bicycle to the trail and passed other people before opening fire on his victims, Menasha Police Chief Tim Styka said at a press conference on Monday. Valencia del Toro did not speak to them before he pulled the trigger, shooting them at close range. Two handguns, a revolver and a 9 mm, were fired in the attack, Styka said. Daily Mail Read More>>>>