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Gun Nut Tim Smith Murders William Porterfield, Chelsie Cline, Cortney Snyder & Seth Cline At Ed's Car Wash In Pennsylvania

Joshua Richards Beats His Son To Death With A Belt

Duterte Offers 42 Virgins To Visitors....

China: Elephant Makes ILLEGAL Border Crossing

Leading Member Of NATIONALIST AfD Arthur Wagner CONVERTS To Islam

Black MUSLIM IMMIGRANT PE Teacher Strips NAKED & Chases Schoolchildren Around Playground At Carthay Center Elementary School

Russia: Dog Shoots Owner Dead On Hunting Trip

One Of Merkel's MUSLIM Boys Rapes Four Year Old White German Girl & Goes Back To Afghanistan

VIDEO: Muslim Convert Astronomy Professor Daniel Mashburn Goes Nuts Scares Students - Cops Called

Black Girl Builds WALL To Keep TRUMP OUT!

US ARMY DOOM!! GAY Apache Helicopter Pilots WED As U.S. Army Apache Attack Helicopter Crashes At Ft Carson Killing Two!

Fort Carson: Two Dead U.S. Army Apache Attack Helicopter Crash

Cottbus, Germany: Germans Protest Merkel After MUSLIM Migrants Stab Two Whites

Albuquerque Cops MURDER Again: Shoot 50+ Rounds Into Squatter

Philippines: Beer Truck Accident FREE BEER!

Edison NJ: Robbers Pistol Whip Store Clerk

Shotgun Wielding Blacks Rob Midfield, Alabama Subway

Distributism Gone Insane! Bible Thumping Gun Nuts David Allen Turpin & Louise Anna Turpin IMPRISON & SHACKLE Their Thirteen Children!

South African EFF Blacks Go Ape In H&M Store How Long Before Blacks Murder Whites In The Streets Of South Africa?

MIAMI: Shitholer's Black Magic Rituals Slaughtered Horses For Ritual Sacrifice

Nationalist White Pen Dragons Disrupt MUSLIM Sadiq Khan Speech At Fabian Society

Nationalist White PenDragons

Venezuela: How Most Will Behave During FAMINE

DRONE: Liquidation Of Muslim Terrorists In Idlib

VIDEOS: Massive Explosion Destroyed Headquarters Of Chechen-led Terrorist Group Ajnad al Kavkaz in Idlib

Video: Romanians Interrupt Islamic Prayer

Lake Forest Distributism In Action! Gun Nut Survivalist Ryan Zike Murders Ex-Girlfriend Claire VanLandingham Then Kills Self.....

Kansas Distributism In Action! Crackhead In Sewer Singing Amazing Grace.....

HOUSTON VIDEO: Fireworks Explode Inside Car On New Years Eve!

LONDON: Drunken Muslims Fight Over White Girls At Nightclub

VIDEO: BLACK Robber Tries To Shoot And Pray His Way Out Of Store After Staff Locks Him Inside

Study: Young Male MUSLIM Migrants Fuel Rise In Violence In Germany

Champigny-sur-Marne: Black MUSLIM Refugees Mercilessly BEAT White Policewoman

Dogs To Tear: Pit Bull Mauls Cape Cod PETSMART Employee While Being Groomed...

Vandals Killed At Least 500,000 Bees