Friday, July 31, 2015

Hunter Ted Nugent On Cecil the Lion: You're All STUPID!!

“[T]he whole story is a lie. It was a wild lion from a ‘park’ where hunting is legal & ESSENTIAL beyond the park borders. all animals reproduce every year & would run out of room/food to live w/o hunting. I will write a full piece on this joke asap. God are people stupid” Ted Nugent

Illegal Mexican Immigrant Jesus Deniz Mendoza, Kills Good Samaritans Trying To Help Him: Jason Shane & Tana Shane Shot Dead & Jorah Shane Wounded

Illegal Mexican Immigrant Jesus Deniz Mendoza

An 18-year-old Wyoming man accused of robbing and shooting three members of a family after asking for roadside help told investigators he opened fire after one of the victims laughed at him, an FBI agent said in a court filing Thursday. Jason Shane, 51, and Tana Shane, 47, died in the Wednesday shooting in the small town of Pryor, Montana, FBI spokesman Todd Palmer said. Their daughter, 26-year-old Jorah Shane, was shot in the back when she tried to run away, and she is recovering in a Billings hospital, the woman's aunt, Ada Shane, said. The family are reportedly part of the Whistling Water tribe, the Crow Nation's largest clan. The statement by Special Agent Larry McGrail II was filed in U.S. District Court seeking a murder warrant for Jesus Deniz, also known as Jesus Deniz Mendoza, of Worland, Wyoming. Daily Mail Read More>>>>>

Media not allowed to say he is illegal.

Wednesday, July 29, 2015

VIDEO: U.C. Officer Ray Tensing Shoots Dead Sam DuBose - TRANSCRIPT

OFFICER RAY TENSING: Hey, how’s it going man?
SAM DUBOSE: Hey, how’s it going?
RT: Good. Officer Tensing. UC Police. You have a license on you?
SD: Yeah, what happened? What’s the problem?
RT: Is this your car?
SD: Yeah.
RT: It’s coming back to a female actually.
SD: It’s my wife. Her name is -----------.
RT: OK, you don’t have a front license plate on your car.
SD: That's in my glove box. I have it.
RT: What’s that?
SD: It’s right here.
RT: Oh, OK. That’s actually ... that’s got to go where the front plate is supposed to go. You don’t have to reach for it. It’s OK. You have your license on you?
SD: Yeah. (reaches around his pants)
RT: What’s that bottle on the floor there?
SD: Oh, that’s a bottle of (unintelligible)
RT: A bottle of what?
SD: A bottle of (unintelligible) (DuBose hands it to Tensing and the officer holds up a bottle of gin)
RT: OK, do you have your license on you? (Dubose searches around his car.) Okay, do you know where your license is at, or what?
SD: I’ve got my (unintelligible)
RT: Okay, I’m going to ask you again. Do you have your license on you?
SD: I have a license. You can run my name.
RT: So do you not have your license on you? I’m asking you a direct question. Do you have your license on you?
SD: Thought I did—why did you pull me over?
RT: Again, your front tag.
SD: But it’s not illegal to not have a front tag.
RT: OK, actually it is. I’m going to ask you again: Do you have a license on you?
SD: I have a license, you can run my name.
RT: OK is that not on you then?
SD: I don’t think I have it on me.
RT: Be straight up with me. Are you suspended?
SD: No, I’m not suspended.
RT: Then why don’t you have your license on you?
SD: I just don’t. I’m sorry (unintelligible). I’m just going to go in my house.
RT: OK, where do you stay at? Down here?
SD: Right around the (unintelligible).
RT: OK, well, as far as I can figure out if you have a license or not, go ahead and take your seatbelt off. (Tensing reaches for the car door)
SD: I ain’t even do nothing. (DuBose pulls the door back closed.)
RT: Go ahead and take your seatbelt off. STOP. STOP. (Tensing draws his gun and fires once and falls to the ground. DuBose’s car can be seen rolling away out of frame.)

Robert Mugabe Demands Head Of Dentist Dr. Walter Palmer Who Paid $ 50,000 To Kill Cecil The Lion!

Police in Zimbabwe have said they urgently want to speak to the American dentist who killed one of Africa's most famous lions with a bow and arrow earlier this month. Emmanuel Fundira, the president of the Safari Operators Association of Zimbabwe, confirmed at a news conference on Tuesday that Dr. Walter Palmer is wanted for the death of Cecil the lion but that his whereabouts were unknown. Police spokeswoman Charity Charamba said 'we are looking for Palmer' who allegedly paid $55,000 (£35,000) for a big game permit and traveled from his home town of Minneapolis to Africa to kill a lion. Dr. Palmer's hunting colleagues, Zimbabwean Theo Bronkhorst and local landowner Honest Ndlovu are due to appear in court this week on poaching charges for the death of Cecil. 'We arrested two people and now we are looking for Palmer in connection with the same case,' said Charamba. The much loved big cat was wounded by an arrow after he was allegedly lured out of the national park by the hunter's bait. After spending two days tracking the injured beast, Cecil was eventually found and shot dead. The corpse was then skinned and the head hacked off as a trophy. Daily Mail Read More>>>>>>

Friday, July 24, 2015

UPDATE: Klu Klux Klan Member/Nationalist/Doomsday Prepper John Russell Houser Kills 3 Wounds 9 In Grand Theatre in Lafayette, Louisiana During 'Trainwreck'

John Russell Houser

A screening of the light-hearted romantic comedy Trainwreck erupted in horror Thursday night, when a man opened fire in a Louisiana movie theater, killing two and injuring nine before committing suicide. The gunman, a 59-year-old white man identified as John Russel Houser, is said to have been in the audience at the Grand Theatre in Lafayette prior to opening fire at the 7pm showing of the film. Survivors have spoken of the terrifying moment the gunman indiscriminately opened fire saying 'there was blood everywhere,' as he silently attacked the about 100 in the theater who ranged in age from 18 to 60. Lafayette Police Chief Jim Craft said they believe the killer stood up about 20 minutes into the show and shot two people sitting in the row in front of him, before taking aim at the rest of the auditorium, sending the audience into a panic. Craft said as soon as people started fleeing the auditorium, the killer tried to lose himself in the crowd to evade police officers, but eventually gave up and turned the gun on himself to commit suicide. He said: 'It looks like he spotted the officers coming in and he turned around and he went against the crowd, and he fired a single gunshot. He was seated in the theater just like everybody else. 'The information we have at this time indicates that he was by himself, sat by himself and the first two people he shot were sitting right in front of him.' Daily Mail Read More>>>>>

Here is the mind of a Racist/Nationalist/End of Days Prepper

Posted On Political Forum

Quote Originally Posted by fairangel View Post Hi friends, I am new to political forum. I love to share my ideas with you guys. Thanks.

Me too. Jump in the deep end, I don't think we have that long. by Rusty Houser , Mar 25 2013 at 04:14 PM (142 Views)

Also a fan of Greek Nationalism?

Here is a post of his on Debate Politics 

The WSJ had an article about a group named Golden Dawn.They believe that Greeks should rule greece, including deciding if any other type of person should also live there.I found their website. The videos told me that this is a legitimate effort to solve problems.The leaders of the group are in fact leaders.Intelligent,well spoken,and exercising good faith.The straight forward approach of the group is a result [I learned reading on their webpage] of Greece being in exactly the same political and economic situation as the US.Put another way,the US needs a Golden Dawn organization.That was the basis of the WSJ article.GD has opened an office in New York. The financial failings of the US, and the bleak outlook, are known to the world.The average person in the US has not however figured out that the US is employing censorship of the internet. If you type in NEWSPAPERS PUBLISHED IN IRAN, you will see about thirty such publications,none of which are published in their entirety, and none which your computer will translate.It might be permissible to put some political remark at the top of each page claiming bias, but to blackout all is nothing short of base censorship. Type in any key words indicating the US practices censorship, and you will get magazine articles about the claims of censorship in Iran,North Korea, etc. You will not be able to find one scintilla of evidence the US would dream of it. Type in WHITE POWER GROUPS and you get mag articles about their never ending claims of racism, and no information of how to find White power groups you might want to join. I could go on for months.My point? Censorship coupled with brainwashing, is always present before the fall of a significant political entity.Put this together with our newly found financial reality, and you've got notice of things to come. Rusty Houser 

And this on the same forum 

The US heavily censors. Why wouldn't they twist.You say there is no censorship? Tell me how I can read any of the 30 newspapers printed in Iran.How to find White rights groups on the internet.What your computer gives you when you type AMERICA CENSORS INTERNET, or censors anything.

Just like most Nationalists he is a lover of ISLAM & Muslims:

'Learning about the people of the Middle East is most important to me.They have been painted as scum by the 'establishment media, 'it appears they are exactly the opposite, that they are family people.That is the highest status that a people can achieve, and it is what America has lost.'  

Here he is on hoping for the end of days:

I am sincerely sorry for the loss of this fellow in the deer processing business.Most people over 50 in certain businesses are just as their parents were,rock solid morally.  I am also sorry for what is to come for the other very few moral souls left in the entire US.  I am not sorry for the 90% immoral population which will be meeting the same fate.  Filth is rampant.That none have stood against it causes me to take rest in the worse than MAD MAX near future which approaches.

The Nationalist/KKK Member/End of Day Prepper could not wait out the Apocalypse so he created his own - he killed himself.


Twerking On The Grave Of Nathan Bedford Forrest Or Digging Up The Grave? What Should Blacks Do? Twerk Or Dig?

Twerking Is Fun And Easy.....Girls Do It......

Digging Is Too Hard....Slave Work....

Thursday, July 23, 2015

Illegal Mexican Immigrant Mark Anthony Estrada, 21 Shot Dead A San Francisco Bay Area Police Sergeant, Scott Lunger

Scott Lunger

(CNN) Hours after an officer in Hayward, California, was fatally shot Wednesday during a traffic stop, police said they had arrested a suspect. Mark Anthony Estrada, 21, is accused of gunning down Sgt. Scott Lunger, a 15-year veteran of the Bay Area department. Estrada is hospitalized undergoing treated for gunshot wounds, but remains in custody, Hayward Police Chief Diane Urban told reporters. Asked to describe the suspect's possible motive, Urban didn't mince words. "There's no why," she said. "It's an absolutely senseless murder." Read More>>>>

21-year-old Mark Anthony Estrada is from Oakland. It is said that Estrada's father owns a business in Hayward. No evidence that Mark Anthony Estrada was born in the US. The Father most likely entered the US illegally.

Most illegals head to Sanctuary cities. There are over 30 Sanctuary cities in California alone. See list here>>>>>> Oakland California is one such city that makes it easier for illegals to stay in America.

Sanctuary city is a name given to a city in the United States that follows certain procedures that shelters illegal immigrants. These procedures can be by law (de jure) or they can be by action (de facto).

The Media will hide the fact that the shooter was an illegal.

He was arrested San Leandro Hospital where he admitted himself for gunshot wounds.

No one knows the motive for killing the Cop.

Wednesday, July 22, 2015

Tomi Lahren & Bunny Hunter~ Girls & Guns: The "Green Tip" Ammo Ban

Video: Moment Baltimore Mayor Stephanie Rawlings-Blake Gave Her Permission To Blacks To Riot

'WE ALSO GAVE THOSE WHO WISH TO DESTROY SPACE TO DO THAT AS WELL' ~ Mayor of Baltimore Stephanie Rawlings-Blake

Base Jumper Ian Flanders Plummets To His Death

Two Fat & Ugly Corn Fed Country Heffers Goin' At It With Ketchup

WARNING GRAPHIC VIDEO: The Moment ISIS Suicide Bomber Set Off Explosion In Suruç Killing 30

A bomb attack in the Turkish town of Suruc has killed at least 30 people during a meeting of young activists to discuss the reconstruction of the neighbouring Syrian town of Kobane. Around 100 others were wounded in the explosion, which may have been caused by a female suicide attacker from the Islamic State group, officials say. Kobane has seen heavy fighting between IS militants and Kurdish fighters. It was retaken by the Kurds from IS forces earlier this year. BBC Read More>>>>>


Sunday, July 19, 2015

Gay Sex Gone Wrong? Black Man Reginald D McGraw Runs Over Gay White Guy Holding Onto Mercedes Tire In Best Buy Parking Lot!


WICHITA, Kansas – Wichita police have made an arrest in a hit-and-run that left a man critically injured. It happened at 10:30 a.m. Tuesday behind the Best Buy store located at 21st and Rock Road. According to police, a disturbance between two men broke out in a car. A 33-year-old man in the car got out and started walking away. A 59-year-old man followed him in the car, robbed, and ran over him. He was taken to Wesley Medical Center with critical injuries. The 59-year-old was arrested later in the day. KSN READ MORE>>>>>>

Saturday, July 18, 2015

Italian Hunter/Nationalist Places Deer Blood On Statue Of Virgin Mary Fooling Thousands Of Pilgrims Into Thinking That Eyes Of Statue Were Bleeding

Virgin Mary statue's tears were deer blood, exams show

Auditore, July 17 - Blood streaming from the eyes of a statue of the Virgin Mary Which Attracted crowds of pilgrims to the small Italian town of Auditore in recent days was only deer blood, medical examinations have Showed. Tears of blood were first spotted last week falling from the eyes of the Our Lady of Lourdes statue, kept in a chapel in the town in the Marche, central Italy. However medical experts have discovered in Ancona That the blood is from a deer or similar animal. As it now Appears the blood was the result of a prank, Auditore's mayor said he would file a complaint for causing alarm, two to the number of people That arrived in the town to see the weeping statues. Gazzetta del Sud Read More>>>>>>

Navy Recruiter Accidentally Shoots Himself At Recruiting Office Gainsville, Georgia

GAINESVILLE, GA (CBS46) - A Navy recruiter is recovering in the hospital after accidentally shooting himself with his personal weapon that he brought to work Friday morning. Gainsville Police said he accidentally shot himself in the upper thigh. No one else was injured. The incident happened at a military recruiting office on Dawsonville Highway. Police said they are looking into whether the recruiter brought the gun for protection in light of the events that occurred in Chattanooga. As of Friday afternoon, the recruiter who shot himself did not make any statements to investigators. The policy at the recruiting center is indicated on signs posted on the window of the facility. It clearly states that no guns are allowed. Not even for recruiters. The man couldn't have his gun on his hip because of the policy, but other store owners tell CBS46 that they heard the recruiter may have been hiding the gun in his front pocket. They say it went off as he was sitting down. CBS46 has been told that this incident prompted a visit from people in Washington D.C. The Navy spokesperson is expected to make a statement on the incident.  Read More>>>>>>

Prototype Quadrotor With Machine Gun!

Homemade RC Drone Firing 9mm Gun....

Friday, July 17, 2015

Bunny Hunter Shooting The .50 AE Desert Eagle

Muslim Muhammad Youssef Abdulazeez Ends Ramadan By Murdering Four Marines At Gun Free Zone Naval Reserve Center In Chattanooga! Marines Not Allowed To Possess Weapons!

Muslim Muhammad Youssef Abdulazeez
"Muhammad's men were like priests living in monasteries is not true, rather they were towards the end of the lives were either a mayor of a town, governor of a state, or leader of an army at the frontlines. We ask Allah to make us follow their path, to give us a complete understanding of the message of Islam, and the strength the live by this knowledge, and to know what role we need to play to establish Islam in the world." Abdulazeez  Daily Beast Read More>>>>>
Four Marines were killed this morning, when a heavily-armed gunman opened fire on two military centers in Chattanooga, Tennessee in what is being described as an 'act of domestic terrorism'. Muhammad Youssef Abdulazeez, originally from Kuwait, first opened fire at a recruitment center before driving eight miles north in a Ford Mustang to a U.S. Naval Reserve Center. There he fatally shot the four Marines before a local police officer shot and killed him. At least three others - including Chattanooga Police Officer Dennis Pedigo - were also injured. Pedigo is said to be in a stable condition. Law enforcement have swarmed the house in a neighborhood around a 15-minute drive away from the scene, believed to belong to Abdulazeez's family. Daily Mail Read More>>>>>






Tuesday, July 14, 2015

Unmarried Tattooed Lip Pericied Pedophile Distributists Amber Cartwright, 24, And Zachary Burns, 23, Charged With Incest & Sodomy

Typical Unmarried Dad

An Alabama couple have been arrested and charged with sexually abusing two young relatives by forcing them to perform sex acts. Amber Cartwright, 24, of Crane Hill, and Zachary Burns, 23, of Cullman, were taken into custody Wednesday after the young victims told a relative about the molestation, prompting that person to alert the authorities. ‘It’s safe to say this is one of the worst child sexual abuse cases I have seen in my career,' Cullman County Sheriff Matt Gentry said of the allegations. 'There is no punishment severe enough for these two that fits this crime.' Daily Mail Read More>>>>>

This Is How Russian Distributists Fight...... Real Life Is Never Like The Movies....

Saturday, July 11, 2015

Muslim Plants IED On Salty Brine Beach RI -BLOWS UP WOMAN!


Gas explosion? No, someone planted the IED.

IED: an improvised explosive device (a simple bomb made and used by unofficial or unauthorized forces).

Muslim planted the device and fled to film the incident.

The authorities have not caught the suspect yet.

A Rhode Island beach has been evacuated and a bomb squad is on-site following an explosion. The blast, which occurred at Salty Brine Beach at around 11.15am, threw a 50-year-old woman several feet into the air off the sand and onto the rocks of the beach's jetty, authorities said. The victim was rushed to South County Hospital. Her current condition remains unknown. Bomb technicians from the state's fire marshal's office are currently at the scene - while police are hunting for a possible suspect whom they believe may have planted something under the sand. Investigators think the culprit might have hidden the explosive device in the sand, then fled toward Rogers Williams beach, Sgt Thomas Silvia, of the Department of Environmental Management, said. Daily Mail Read More >>>>>

Just Like The Perverted Jews Of Spain - Black Folk Want To Dig Up Bodies Of Those They Don't Like - Confederate General Nathan Bedford Forrest & Wife Should Be Dug Up?

Remains Of Nun Who Dedicated Herself To God Put On Display

Now I'm all for digging up the remains of those who don't belong in hallowed ground - like heretics etc.

But for the black folk to demand that the remains of a confederate General who they don't like in 2015 is foolishness - this goes to show how dumb black are.

Memphis Mayor A.C. Wharton wants to dig up the bodies of Confederate General Nathan Bedford Forrest and his wife and remove them from a city park in the latest and perhaps most despicable example of the anti-Southern cleansing spreading across the nation. “Which African-American wants to have a picnic in the shadow of Nathan Bedford Forrest?” Wharton said in a Thursday press briefing. Fox News Read More>>>>

The black moron had to have a press conference.

Aristotle was right when he said that the slaves and women are the only ones who have a good time under Democracy.

This is why democracy sucks - slaves and women running the show.

Damn morons!

Bunny Hunter & The M79 Grenade Launcher

Unemployed Dumb Black Boys Steal Confederate Flag From A Cracker Grave & Try To Burn The Flag With Motor Oil!! LOL!!!

Wednesday, July 8, 2015

Illegal Immigrant Juan Francisco Lopez Sanchez Stole Rifle From Department Of Home Land Security Agent Then Shot Dead Kathryn Steinle!! Claims It Was An Accident!

The illegal immigrant accused of shooting and killing a San Francisco woman in front of her father appeared in court on Tuesday as Hillary Clinton joined figures from across the political spectrum in condemning the city's decision to release him before the crime. Juan Francisco Lopez Sanchez pleaded not guilty to murdering Kathryn Steinle as she walked on Pier 14 with her father. His public defender Matt Gonzalez said the shooting last week appeared to be an 'accident' and Sanchez claims the rifle 'went off in his hands'. The San Francisco chronicle claims that the rifle used to kill Miss Steinle had been stolen from an federal agent's car in June. It adds to other reports that Sanchez had been using it to shoot at seals. Sanchez's alleged crime follows controversial comments by Donald Trump against illegal immigrants which have brought the debate on how they should be handled to the fore. And on Tuesday Hillary Clinton commented on Sanchez's case, telling CNN: 'The city made a mistake, not to deport someone that the federal government strongly felt should be deported.' Donald Trump has called the crime a 'disgrace' numerous other political figures have added their condemnation. Daily Mail Read More>>>>

Monday, July 6, 2015

Drunken Devon Staples, 22, Dies After Launching Fireworks From The Top Of His Head!

Fourth of July reveler is killed launching a firework off his HEAD: Tragic scenes in Maine as ex-Disney dies in front of brother

A man celebrating the Fourth of July died when he tried to launch a firework off the top of his head, Maine State Police say. Twenty-two-year-old Devon Staples of Calais had been setting off fireworks with friends on Saturday night in the backyard of a friend's home, according to Stephen McCausland, a spokesman for the Maine Department of Public Safety. He says Staples placed a fireworks mortar tube on his head and set it off, injuring his head. He died instantly. Daily Mail Read More>>>>>>

Death In The Lobby Of Austin Omni Hotel Rifle Toting Gun Nut Shoots Dead Random Victim. Gunman Commits Suicide By Cop

A rifle-wielding attacker shot a man dead in an upscale Austin hotel at 5am before being killed by police. The man, said to be in his 30s, was seen wandering around with the weapon in the lobby of the Omni Austin Hotel in the center of the Texas city early Sunday moments before he opened fire. Police say he chose he target at random then killed him. When officers arrived minutes later, he fired several rounds at them as well, before one shot him dead. The names of the victim and the shooter have yet to be released. At a news conference Sunday, a police spokesman told how an anxious caller phone 911 about the man to report that he was wandering around with a gun. Daily Mail Read More>>>>>

Murder Suicide SC Government Worker Anna Hubbard Moore, 50, Her Husband Randy Eugene Moore, 50, Jason Lockamy, 31 His Girlfriend Lora Kathryn Young All Shot Dead

Four people shot dead in a South Carolina home including a husband and wife and their 31-year-old son

Four people were shot dead in a secluded home in South Carolina on Sunday. York County Coroner's Office said the bodies of Anna Hubbard Moore, 50, her husband Randy Eugene Moore, 50, were discovered in their home at 985 Dunlap Roddey Road, Rock Hill on Sunday afternoon. Mrs Moore's son Jason Lockamy, 31, of Hamlet, North Carolina, and his 31-year-old girlfriend Lora Kathryn Young of Fairmont, North Carolina, were also found dead. One of the victims was found in the backyard the rural property, Trent Faris, sheriff’s office spokesman.told The Herald. Officials said they are not looking for anyone else in connection with the murders. All of them died from gunshot wounds. Mr and Mrs Moore are understood to have only moved into the property two weeks ago. Daily Mail Read More>>>>>

Catholic Convert/Gun Nut Ann Barnhardt Advocating Assassinating Hillary Clinton!

Ann works for Homeland Security and she is honeypotting some schmuck who attends FSSP Latin Mass?

Ann Barnhardt Interview -- Part 2This is Part 2 of my weeklong interview with Ann Barnhardt in which we discuss whether Hillary Clinton should be hung or put against a wall and shot.:
I'll tell you right now what the real question is, and when this question starts being asked publicly, then I will sit up and pay attention, and dare to hope again: The question is whether or not, after arrest, a speedy trial and conviction of crimes against humanity, Hillary Clinton should be offered the sacraments and then hung, or put against a wall and shot. The answer, of course, is that she should be put against a wall and shot, and then her body should be hung on public display so that any other aspiring psychopath oligarchs can see how a just, Christian society deals with their ilk. Sadly, this would first require the organization and declaration of of a replacement government, which simply is not going to happen due to the aforementioned effeminacy and pathological indifference of the populace. Removal - and by removal I mean execution - of the existing psychopathic political class outside of an organized, legitimate replacement government would be anarchy and would result in the advent of an even worse tyranny than what we have now. And since justice demands these people be executed, and their unquenchable malignancy can only be stopped by execution, post-modern, post-Christian culture finds itself utterly incapable of even the slightest self-correction.
Really? why even say such a thing? Unless you want to put ideas into the mind of weak mind.

Another thing. We know what Ann Barnhardt looks like - her image is plastered all over the Internet - so how is it that there is no picture of Ann attending a Latin Mass? Why no photo of Ann receiving communion at a FSSP chapel.

Has anyone one ever witnessed Ann attending a Latin Mass?

Friday, July 3, 2015

Distributist Heaven! Kennesaw, Georgia, Where The Ownership Of A Gun Is Required By Law

They are of different ages, backgrounds and professions. But they all have one thing in common - they carry guns. Meet the residents of Kennesaw in Georgia - where firearms are not only accepted, they are legally required. While police shootings and other gun crimes continue to spark debate across America, this small town doesn't bat an eye at its high presence of guns. Most locals are trained to use their prized firearms, with a sign hanging in one shop reading: ''Notice!! Forget about the DOG. Beware of OWNER!' Daily Mail Read More>>>>

NYC Police Brutality - Harassing A Black Man For No Reason!

An NYPD cop ended up boxing with a man he was trying to arrest in a violent confrontation on the streets of Harlem. The unnamed plain clothes officer and suspect Saykou George threw punches at one another after the man refused to submit to an arrest. The encounter, which was filmed by an outraged bystander, ended when five more officers arrived and tackled the man to the ground. Daily Mail Read More>>>>

DASH CAM: Distributist Pelletier Brothers Using AK-47 Shoot Out With Cops

VIDEO: James Bushey, 47 Dies At Applebees - Pulls Out BB Gun & Cops Riddle Him With Bullets