Saturday, June 27, 2015

New Meaning To The Fruited Plain!!!

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WASHINGTON — In a long-sought victory for the gay rights movement, the Supreme Court ruled by a 5-to-4 vote on Friday that the Constitution guarantees a right to same-sex marriage. “No longer may this liberty be denied,” Justice Anthony M. Kennedy wrote for the majority in the historic decision. “No union is more profound than marriage, for it embodies the highest ideals of love, fidelity, devotion, sacrifice and family. In forming a marital union, two people become something greater than once they were.” NYT Read More>>>>>

Actual White Rainbow House

O beautiful for spacious skies,
For amber waves of grain,
For purple mountain majesties
Above the fruited plain!
America! America!
God shed His grace on thee,
And crown thy good with brotherhood
From sea to shining sea!

Saturday, June 20, 2015


Messed Up On So Many Levels!!!

The white loner accused of shooting dead nine people at a black church was raised by a violent father who beat up his stepmother and hired a private detective to follow her when they split. These shocking charges were made in court papers by Paige Mann - the ex-wife of Dylann Roof's father Franklin - that were obtained exclusively by Franklin Bennett Roof, 52, who is known as Benn, bought his son the gun he allegedly used for the massacre. He is also said to have subjected his wife Paige to a ‘pattern of control and mental manipulation’ that ended with a vicious assault. Exclusive photographs obtained by show multiple bruises to her body allegedly caused by him. She claims he battered her on the back of the head in 2008 and made her ‘world fall apart’. Franklin is said to have shredded Paige’s self esteem during their ten-year marriage. He also kept her in a 'virtual prison' by calling her several times a day and demanding to know what she was doing. Daily Mail Read More>>>>

Dylann Roof's Black Friend 'He Never Said Anything Racist'

Thursday, June 18, 2015

UPDATE: ATHEIST HUNTER GUN NUT DYLANN STORM ROOF Arrested For Killing 9 Blacks During Bible Study


Apartheid South Africa Flag

Rhodesia Flag 1968
Roof Arrested:

Charleston church shooting suspect Dylann Roof in custody in NC
COLUMBIA, SC (WIS) - The Columbia area man accused of shooting and killing nine people in a downtown Charleston church on Wednesday night has been arrested in North Carolina. Law enforcement took 21-year-old Dylann Storm Roof of Eastover into custody in Shelby, NC on Thursday morning during a traffic stop. Shelby, which is west of Charlotte, is approximately 245 miles from the shooting scene. Read More>>>>>>


(Reuters) South Carolina church shooter suspect got gun for birthday, uncle says The man suspected of fatally shooting nine people at a church in Charleston, South Carolina on Wednesday, was given a gun by his father as a 21st birthday present in April, his uncle told Reuters on Thursday. Law enforcement officers were at the home of Dylann Roof's mother on Thursday morning, the uncle, Carson Cowles, said in an interview. The FBI has identified the gunman in the deadly shooting at a Charleston, South Carolina, church as 21-year-old Dylann Roof, the Charleston Post and Courier newspaper said on its website. Cowles said he recognized Roof in a photo released by police, and described him as quiet and soft-spoken. Roof's father gave him a .45-caliber pistol for his birthday this year, Cowles said. (Reporting by Emily Flitter; Editing by James Dalgleish)

Mug Shot

Killer Of Nine Blacks Identified As DYLANN STORM ROOF - Eastover, South Carolina

Arrest Information
Full Name: Dylann Storm Roof
Personal Information
Arrest Age:21
Gender: Male
Tag this Mug Shot
Tag Awaiting Moderation

White ATHEIST Gun Nut Kills Nine Blacks During Bible Study At Emanuel African Methodist Episcopal Church in Charleston, S.C.


Another Atheist gun nut went on a killing rampage:

The white gunman sought by police for shooting dead nine people during a bible study meeting at an African-American church in South Carolina last night told one survivor he 'had to do it', it has emerged. The unidentified gunman, who remains on the run since the horrific massacre at the 150-year-old Emanuel African Methodist Episcopal Church in Charleston, reloaded his gun five times as he picked off his victims - killing six men and three women - according to one survivor. On Thursday, a cousin of one of the victims, Reverend and South Carolina State Senator Clementa Pinckney, told NBC News that she had spoken to one of the survivors who recounted the gunman's chilling words as they urged him to stop. 'He just said: "I have to do it. You rape our women and you're taking over our country. And you have to go",' Sylvia Johnson said. The gunman spared one woman so she could 'tell the world what happened', eye witnesses recounted, while a five-year-old girl also survived the attack after her grandmother told her to play dead when the shooter started firing. Daily Mail Read More>>>>>>

Canadian Distributist Arrested For Bringing Shotgun To Train Station....

Wednesday, June 17, 2015

Cops Find Eleven Pistolas In Center Console Of A Car Driven By A Distributist

San Francisco Distributist Declares War On Modern Technology & Cuts AT&T Cables...

In one of the latest incidents, happening in the Oakland suburb of Walnut Creek, cable responsible for landline and wireless AT&T customers was severed on June 9. AT&T is offering a $1,000 reward for info leading to the conviction of those responsible. At least 10 incidents, beginning last July in Berkeley, have knocked out various California telecom services.

Here are the dates and locations, according to the FBI:

7/6/2014, 9:44pm near 7th St. and Grayson St. in Berkeley.

7/6/2014 11:39pm near Niles Canyon Blvd. and Mission Blvd. in Fremont.

7/7/2014 12:24am near Jones Road and Iron Horse Trail in Walnut Creek.

7/7/2014 12:51am near Niles Canyon Blvd. and Alameda Creek in Fremont.

7/7/2014 2:13am near Stockton Ave. and University Ave. in San Jose.

2/24/2015 11:30pm near Niles Canyon Blvd. and Mission Blvd. in Fremont.

2/24/2015 11:30pm near Niles Canyon Blvd. and Alameda Creek in Fremont.

6/8/2015 11:00pm. near Danville Blvd. and Rudgear Road in Alamo.

6/8/2015 11:40pm near Overacker Ave and Mowry Ave in Fremont.

6/9/2015 1:38pm near Jones Road and Parkside Dr. in Walnut Creek.

Monday, June 15, 2015

Amtrak Police Disregard Crosswalk, Try To Intimidate Civilian

I was waiting to pick up my brother from the train station, and was in the middle of a crosswalk when an Amtrak officer in an SUV disregarded the right-of-way and went right through as I was walking at a normal pace. The video starts when I confront him after he hides in the back of the parking lot, and continues when he calls for back-up when I circle around. Live Leak>>>>>>>

Saturday, June 13, 2015

VIDEO #3: James Boulware Shoot Out At Dallas Police HQ! Photo Of Armored Van Bought By Boulware On eBay!

1995 Ford E-Series Van 1995 Ford E350 Armored Van 7.3L Diesel S.W.A.T. Team Lenco Certified Armor
Item condition:Used “Used condition,runs”
Ended: Jun 07, 2015 , 2:28PM
Winning bid:US $8,250.00 [ 11 bids ] Located in United States

VIDEO #2: James Boulware In Armored Van Shoots At Dallas Police HQ

VIDEO #1: James Boulware In Armored Van Shoots At Dallas Police HQ

COULDN'T WAIT FOR THE APOCALYPSE SO HE CREATED HIS OWN!! Texas Distributist Apocalyptic Gun Nut James Boulware Plants Explosives At Dallas Police HQ - Shoots At Cops & Dies In The End!

Sniper shoots dead gunman who opened fire on Dallas Police HQ and planted EXPLOSIVES in a nine-hour stand off after accusing cops of 'taking his son'  

Police in Dallas have shot dead a ranting gunman who attacked their headquarters after cornering him in a nine-hour stand-off. A SWAT sniper hit the attacker, who identified himself as James Boulware, 35, around 5am after chasing him into a Jack In The Box parking lot. He had earlier rammed an armored van into a police cruisers and pumped dozens of bullets into the main police building in the Texas city, prompting a midnight chase down the freeway. Boulware, who also planted explosives around police headquarters, accused police of taking his son from him and claiming he was a terrorist in a furious rant to 911 dispatchers after the attack. Daily Mail Read More>>>>>

Tuesday, June 9, 2015

Drunken Distributists Who've Read Some Law Books Resist Arrest And Tell Cops What To Do! Cops Win!

Montana Distributist Shoots Wife & Three Kids Dead Sets Fire To The Cabin Then Kills Self!

 A Montana man shot and killed his wife and three children, set a fire in the family's remote cabin and then killed himself, officials in Anaconda-Deer Lodge County said. The shootings happened Sunday morning at a cabin in the forest about 15 miles southeast of the town of Deer Lodge, Police Chief Tim Barkell said. Barkell was withholding the names of the victims and the shooter until other relatives could be notified. Coroner Jerry Thomas said on Monday that the children's ages were 5, 4 and 1. The mother was 37, and the father was 59. The shooter called a friend in Deer Lodge at about 10 a.m. Sunday to say he was going to kill his family and himself, Barkell said. The friend called 911. 'It appears he (the shooter) set the house on fire before killing himself,' Barkell told The Montana Standard. 'We could not enter because of the smoke and the heat inside. We had to wait for the fire departments.' The fire was contained within the cabin, he said. Daily Mail Read More>>>>


Monday, June 8, 2015

Austin Hipsters Vs. Cops: This Is Retarded As Fuck!

Retarded Squinty Eyed Cowboy Wannabes Rose May, 15, & Triston Kindle, 16 Finally Behind Bars After Two State Crime Spree

Irritating Retards

The hunt for two teenagers dubbed a 'modern-day Bonnie and Clyde' finally ended when they tried to flee cops by swimming across the Ohio River. Rose May, 15, and Triston Kindle, 16, jumped into the river in Tyler County on Saturday but were forced to turn back when they realized the would not make it. They were picked up by West Virginia State Police, ending the six-day manhunt for the pair who are accused of going on a two-state crime spree. West Virginia and Pennsylvania state police are jointly investigating a series of crimes that could be connected to the teens, including armed robbery, car theft and fleeing from police. Authorities have not confirmed if any charges were filed against the juveniles. Police said earlier this week that the two fled Ohio in a stolen pickup truck after allegedly stealing shotgun shells from a Wal-Mart in Bucyrus, about 20 miles east of Upper Sandusky. Last Monday morning, the duo allegedly stole the first truck from near Kindle's home in Upper Sandusky before they were seen on surveillance footage at a Walmart in Bucyrus, which is 15 miles away, the next day. Daily Mail Read More>>>>

VIDEO: Distributist Sovereign Citizen vs. Cop Guess Who Wins....

Sunday, June 7, 2015

Crazed Paranoid Distributist Ex-Vermont Gubernatorial Candidate Ruth Dwyer Builds 24 Foot High Fence To Keep Away The Neighbors Prying Eyes

A former Vermont gubernatorial candidate says she had a 60-foot by 24-foot 'screen' built so she wouldn't have to see her neighbor's home. Ruth Dwyer tells WPTZ-TV she's lived on her farm in rural Thetford for over 40 years. But, two years ago, a new home was built across the street, and that's when the problems started, she says. Dwyer says one of her horses was startled by a child on the neighbor's driveway, prompting her to plant cedar trees to block her view of the home. Daily Mail Read More>>>>>

Eaglepointe Development and SKY Properties Blame Paul and Jeanette Evans Of Watered Lawn Too Much Causing Landslide??

The developer who built a home destroyed in a landslide last year has blamed the neighbors in a multi-million dollar lawsuit - claiming they watered the lawn so much it caused the soil to give way. Around 20 homes were evacuated during a heavy rainstorm on August 5, 2014, after falling rock and debris crumbled a residence in North Salt Lake, Utah. A year on, no one has claimed responsibility for the land slip, but now Eaglepointe Development and SKY Properties have denied any wrongdoing, instead accusing residents, businesses and infrastructure firms who worked in the area. Daily Mail Read More>>>

Saturday, June 6, 2015

Makes A Gun Nut Proud! White House Fence-Jumper Omar Gonzalez Had Huge Cache Of Weapons In His Prius!!

Court documents have revealed the startling cache of weapons - including a machete and several tomahawks - White House fence jumper Omar Gonzalez had inside his car when he was arrested. Investigators found hundreds of rounds of ammunition as well as multiple rifles and knives when they searched the U.S. Army veteran's vehicle on September 19, 2014, the documents show. Gonzalez, who managed to climb over the White House fence and get inside the executive mansion, also had a folding knife with a 3.5-inch blade in his pants pocket when he was eventually stopped. The 43-year-old pleaded guilty in March to entering or remaining in a restricted building or grounds while carrying a deadly or dangerous weapon and assaulting, resisting or impeding a Secret Service officer. Daily Mail Read More>>>>>

VIDEO: JADE HELM Training Exercise In Flint Michigan - Gun Fire & Explosions Rock The Town - Flint Citizens Outraged! No Warning! Where's Fat Boy Michael Moore?

FLINT, MI (WNEM) - It was a peaceful afternoon, and then residents said it seemingly turned hostile. "I was standing there, and all of a sudden, boom!" Jean Glenn said. "I mean it was loud, it blew up the whole sky or whatever, it was like four or five big bangs," Annette Humphrey said. Explosions you'd expect in a war zone echoed through Flint. People's homes shook and those inside were caught off-guard. It all went down Tuesday at the shuttered Lowell Junior High on the city's east side. The blasts were part of an Army exercise. "There's older people, it probably gave them a heart attack or something," Glenn said. Flint's spokesman Jason Lorenz said the city has been in talks with the Army for six months now about using parts of the city. This is part of a joint exercise being carried out across the United States. Read More>>>>

Farmer's Wife Charlene Mess Struck Farmer Husband With A Pitchfork & Shot Him Dead Buried Him in A Big Pile Of Manure!

A New York widow and mother of four has pleaded not guilty to killing her farmer husband, who was struck with a pitchfork, shot in the head and buried in a pile of manure. Wyoming County District Attorney Donald O'Geen said 48-year-old Charlene Mess appeared Thursday in county court for her arraignment and was ordered held on $1million bail. Searchers found the body of 52-year-old Douglas Mess on the couple's Attica dairy farm in late April after his son reported him missing. Daily Mail Read More >>>>>

Friday, June 5, 2015

Homeless Oregon Distributist Exposing Himself Is Trapped In Porta Potty By Other Homeless Distributists Until Cops Arrive

A homeless Oregon man allegedly caught pleasuring himself in a portable toilet was locked inside and covered in human waste after bystanders became fed up with his antics. The unnamed 48-year-old was found imprisoned inside the overturned toilet Thursday morning after a passerby flagged down a Portland cop. Police ascertained that some of the man's fellow homeless people decided to punish him for his alleged lewd act. Written on the dirty side of the toilet was the message, 'This is what happens.' Daily Mail Read More>>>>>

Minneapolis Welcomes SHARIAH LAW

Video Shows Drunken Evangelical Gun Nut Nehemiah Fischer Assistant Pastor At Faith Bible Church In Tulsa Attacking Cops Who Were Trying To Rescue Him From Flood

In the video, a pair of OHP troopers, identified Monday as Mark Southall and Michael Taylor, are seen repeatedly asking Nehemiah Fischer and his brother, Brandon, to leave a flooded area and seek higher ground. As the siblings tramp through water toward the officers, the assistant pastor attacks one of them, prompting his partner to draw his service weapon. The attorney representing both troopers further claimed that Mr Fischer had a gun on his hip and held Trooper Southall's head underwater. Live Leak Read More>>>>>>

Thursday, June 4, 2015

Loveland Colorado's Serial Sniper' Kills Third: A 65-Year-Old Grandfather William Connole

A 65-year-old grandfather was gunned down overnight while out for a walk in his Loveland, Colorado, neighborhood, sparking fear that a serial shooter might be on the loose in the area, after a bicyclist recently was killed and a driver wounded nearby Police and the FBI have refused to comment on whether a sniper is on the prowl in the Loveland area. Daily Mail Read More>>>>>

Two Feral Heffers Mother & Daughter Refuse To Pay Bus Fare & Beat Bus Driver!

Monday, June 1, 2015

Hasidic Jew Jeffrey Scott Pitts Kills Two At Magnet Package Liquor Store in Conyers, Ga. Then Drives Home To Shoot Ma & Pa

Hasidic Jew Jeffrey Scott Pitts 

A Georgia man shot and killed two people inside a liquor store and then shot his parents before he was killed in a shootout with a deputy. The dispute began on Sunday afternoon when Jeffrey Scott Pitts, 36, had a run-in over an unpaid bill with a clerk at the Magnet Package store in Conyers, about 25 miles southeast of Atlanta. The clerk kept Pitts' ID and a few hours later, Pitts returned with an assault rifle, shooting and killing the clerk and a customer. Video from inside the store, released by police late on Sunday, shows Pitts calmly walk into the store and immediately start shooting at both people behind the counter and customers. A customer who was reportedly standing next to another customer who was shot, told a group of bystanders, 'He didn't even say anything.' The two men, whose names have not yet been released, both died from their injuries, police said. From the store, Pitts drove about five miles to his home on Ebenezer Road, where he shot both of his parents, according to police. Daily Mail Read More>>>>>

Drunken Evangelical Gun Nut Nehemiah Fischer Assistant Pastor At Faith Bible Church In Tulsa Shot By Cops Who Were Trying To Rescue Him From Flood

An Oklahoma man was fatally shot during a confrontation with two state troopers who were trying to rescue him and his brother from rising floodwaters on Friday, but the man's wife is questioning the troopers' account. The two Oklahoma Highway Patrol troopers responded to a stranded motorist call near Tulsa at about 9.30pm on Friday and found Nehemiah, 35, and Brandon Fischer, 40, with two vehicles trying to move one from a roadway amid fast-moving waters, police say. Police hold that a physical altercation ensued and a trooper fatally shot Nehemiah in defense of himself. But Nehemiah's wife, Laura, says she can't picture that happening, FOX reports.  Daily Mail Read More>>>>

Iraq Veteran & Failed Politician Roy H. Murry Arrested For Killing The In-Laws & Burning Down The House

An Iraq veteran who ran for state senate has been arrested on suspicion of murder after three bodies were found inside a burning house. Spokane County detectives arrested Roy H. Murry, 30, following the triple homicide of his mother-in-law, father-in-law and brother-in-law in Colbert, Washington, on Saturday. He faces three counts of murder for the fatal shooting of Terry Canfield, a 59-year-old lieutenant with Spokane Fire Department, his wife Lisa Canfield, 52, and her son, John Constable, 23, who are all believed to have been fatally shot before a neighbor reported the 2am blaze on May 29. Fire crews called to the burning house on E. Chattaroy Road on Tuesday found two bodies inside. A third was found a few hours later. Investigators determined the three victims were shot before the house was set on fire and believe the fire was set to cover up evidence Daily Mail Read More>>>>

Hillbillies Beat Up Hillbilly Meth Head For Getin' Daughter High