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U-SCAN IT: Bernie Sanders Supporter Colin Murphy, 23, Pooped On Self-Checkout Scanner At Kroger

Man Pooped On Self-Checkout Scanner At Mart  MAY 31--A judge yesterday ordered an Ohio man to stay away from the Kroger store where he allegedly stripped naked and defecated on a self-checkout scanner. Colin Murphy, 23, was arrested early Sunday following a repulsive incident inside the Kroger market in the Hyde Park neighborhood of Cincinnati (where Murphy lives). According to criminal complaints, Murphy entered the Kroger and “stripped naked in front of” a male employee. The suspect, police noted, smelled of alcohol, had slurred speech, and staggered as he walked. After disrobing, Murphy “defecated on U-Scan it,” investigators allege. Smoking Gun Read More>>>>>>>

Tbilisi Vegans Attacked By Nationalists With Sausages & Grilled Meat

Tbilisi vegan cafe appeal over meat-wielding 'extremists' A vegan cafe in Tbilisi has appealed for public solidarity after being invaded by alleged ultra-nationalists wielding grilled meat and sausages. More than a dozen men stormed into the Kiwi cafe in the Georgian capital on Sunday evening, the cafe said, shouting and throwing meat at patrons. A brawl erupted but the attackers fled before police arrived. The cafe has appealed for public support, saying it was no prank but a case of intimidation by neo-Nazis. It said it was already the target of some local hostility due to its patrons' alternative lifestyles - "the way we look, music that we listen to, ideas we support, and the fact that we don't eat meat" and backing of causes such as rights for lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender (LGBT) people. "During these hard times you can support us just by visiting our cafe, we will be very grateful if you come to show everyone that here are a lot o…

Ever Wonder Why Muhammad Made All His Followers Pray Face Down With Their Butts In The Air?


.....leads to this.................

#GorillaLivesMatter....Gorilla Shot & Killed To Save Black Boy Who Entered Into Cage

RIP Harambe: Fury at 'neglectful' parents of boy who ASKED to play in gorilla's pen before crawling in - forcing zoo to shoot silverback dead while it 'protected' the child
A 400-pound gorilla named Harambe who was shot dead by Cincinnati Zoo officials just one day after his 17th birthday has sparked an outcry of emotion as mourners called it a 'senseless death'. Many are placing the blame squarely on the parents of a four-year-old boy, who investigators believe crawled through a railing barrier and fell into the gorilla exhibit's moat before he was dragged by Harambe in the water for about 10 minutes. The small child said he wanted to get in the water before the incident, to which the mother, who was also watching several other children, replied: 'No, you're not, no, you're not,' according to one witness Kim O'Connor. The zoo's animal response team assessed the 'life-threatening situation' and defended their decision to…

Weapon Of Choice AR-15: Shoot Out At Houston Gas Station Leaves Two Gunmen Dead And Six Wounded

Shoot-out in suburbia: Assault rifle-wielding men cause chaos across Houston - riddling cars with bullets, killing a bystander and setting a gas station on fire as they engage in wild gun battle
Two men have died and six are woundedafter gunmen unleashed an hours-long random attack on a residential street in Houston, police said. Gunshots were first heard at 10.15am in west Houston, Texas. When officers arrived, the suspects turned their fire to the police and began showering bullets, seemingly at random, across the streets. One bullet hit a gas pump, sparking a fire. Dozens of cars were hit by stray bullets, narrowly missing drivers who were passing through the quiet residential area. At 12.30pm, a civilian was shot dead in his car as a bullet burst through the window. Minutes later, one of the armed men shot the other suspect dead. The surviving gunman was then shot and wounded by a SWAT team officer. He was taken to hospital. During the shooting, two officers were shot - one …

Dutch Giving $10,000 Shopping Spree To Muslims!

Some Dutch residents are outraged after finding out that a few cities have been offering as much as €10,000 to refugees to buy furniture and other necessities, local media reported. Asylum seekers who get allocated to certain towns in the Netherlands may get as much as €10,000 to buy furniture for their homes, according to research carried out by the daily Brabants Dagblad (BD). Talking to the local authorities, Brabants Dagblad found the sum of money varies in different municipalities. While Oisterwijk, South Netherlands offers as much as €10,602 for a family with two children, in other cities, such as Bernheze, Schijndel Veghel and Sint-Michielsgestel the same family may receive around €3,500. Boekel offers the smallest amount of €2,200. BD also said that some cities require refugees to pay the sum back, while others, such as the most generous Oisterwijk consider the money “a gift." Live Leak Read More>>>>

Martin Luther & ISIS: Hamburg Lutherans Hold Funeral For ISIS Terrorist

Muslim Terrorist Honored By Hamburg Lutherans
Martin Luther on Islam:
Let the Turk believe and live as he will, just as one lets the papacy and other false Christians live. (On War Against the Turk) A smart Turk makes a better ruler than a dumb Christian Muslims & Protestants cut from the same cloth: Their teachers [Luther and Calvin] warned them [Protestants] against the Pope and the worshippers of Idols; they also told them not to hate the Muslims because they are the sword of God in the world against the idol-worshippers. That is why they side with the Muslims. (—Al-Hajari, The Book of the Protector of Religion against the Unbelievers) As you, for your part, do not worship idols, you have banished the idols and portraits and “bells” from churches, and declared your faith by stating that God Almighty is one and Holy Jesus is His Prophet and Servant, and now, with heart and soul, are seeking and desirous of the true faith; but the faithless one they call Papa does not recognize h…

Mark Dice Video: Glenn Beck Endorses Assassinating Donald Trump

Mark Dice Video: White Woman Says She Wants To Kill Donald Trump


This is why Saudi Arabia is DOOMED!


Saudi authorities have arrested a man for shooting a male doctor who had helped his wife’s delivery, after arguing that a female doctor should have overseen the birth. The doctor, Muhannad Al Zabn, delivered the baby in April at the King Fahad Medical City in Riyadh, Gulf News reported. The father offered his thanks to the doctor and asked to meet him at the hospital to show him his appreciation in person for the delivery. The pair proceeded to meet in the hospital garden to talk about the delivery when the father unveiled a firearm and shot at the doctor, seriously wounded him. The father ran from the scene but Saudi police later arrested him. Health workers transferred Al Zabn to the hospital’s intensive care unit but he is now in a stable condition. Newsweek Read More>>>>>

Paris Burns! Muslims Riot!

“At the first blow of His thundering sword, the mountains and all Nature will tremble in terror, for the disorders and crimes of men have pierced the vault of the heavens. Paris will burn and Marseilles will be engulfed. Several cities will be shaken down and swallowed up by earthquakes. People will believe that all is lost. Nothing will be seen but murder, nothing will be heard but the clash of arms and blasphemy. Our Lady of La Salette 19 Sept. 1846 (Published by Mélanie 1879) The fire of Heaven will fall and consume three cities. All the universe will be struck with terror and many will let themselves be lead astray because they have not worshipped the true Christ who lives among them. It is time; the sun is darkening; only faith will survive.Our Lady of La Salette 19 Sept. 1846 (Published by Mélanie 1879)

Nazis At Daily Stormer Love G.K. Chesterton & Distributism!


Distributism is the third way....its not communism, fascism, or Capitalism...or so we are told.

Its all bullshit.

Distributists are an evil lot, who have a lot in common with Muslims.

Muslims create mini Caliphates in the cities and towns they invade.

White Distributists desire to create their own version of the Muslim Caliphate.

Did you ever wonder why Hitler took in Muslims as allies?

What? because the Muslims hated Jews? No, its more than that. Birds of a feather and all that!
Same goes with the evil white Distributists who are Nazis at heart but deny it.
Over at the Nazi website Daily Stormer there is a posting of Distributism written by The Distributist Review. Here is what the Nazi has to say: What is Distributism? [Editor’s Note: Distributism is an economic model that seeks to avoid the evils of both capitalism and socialism. While focused on traditionalist Catholicism rather than ethno-nationalism, it provides many useful arguments and ideas for anyone interested in fo…

Nazis: Who Rocketh More With Heavenly Vigor Than Meat Loaf?

Yeah that's the question of the day on the mind of the drunken self abusing Nazis over at Daily Stormer:

Whom Thou Amongst Thou? Andrew Anglin Daily Stormer May 24, 2016

The few words posted come with three Meat Loaf Videos!

The answer?

Who cares.

What Would Hitler Do?

Nazis Love Taylor Swift!

Taylor Swift is Aryan Supergoddess?
Aryan Goddess Taylor Swift: Nazi Avatar of the White European People Daily Stormer August 22, 2014
Memification: Top Feminist Calls Taylor Swift a Nazi Andrew Anglin Daily Stormer December 15, 2015
Andre Anglin is the Nazi behind Daily Stormer.
Reading his blog - it seems as if Nazi Anglin is no intellectual heavyweight, & he spends most of his waking hours playing video games, watching TV, Movies & porn and listening to Pop Music - I'm sure the other part of his day is playing with his guns & with himself ( I don't think Nazis have rules on purity of life being homos and whatnot) And of course his drinking binges for days at a time & watching Soccer. Does Anglin google the owners of the Soccer clubs to see if their Jewish before getting shit face at the beautiful game?
I'm sure that Anglin is aware that the Jews he hates controls the media he wallows in.
Can Anglin quit all forms of Media and read nothing but 750 pages of…

Music To Clean Your Guns By! As NERO Sets Fire To Baltimore! Baltimore Cop Edward NERO Set Free!

Evil Portent For Baltimore! Baltimore Cop Edward NERO Found NOT GUILTY Over Freddie Gray's Death: NERO Fiddles While Blacks Burn Down Baltimore!

History has blamed Nero for the disaster, implying that he started the fire so that he could bypass the senate and rebuild Rome to his liking. Much of what is known about the great fire of Rome comes from the aristocrat and historian Tacitus, who claimed that Nero watched Rome burn while merrily playing his fiddle. PBS Nero? Strange? Hope its not an Evil Omen!

Baltimore cop is found NOT GUILTY over Freddie Gray's death: Officer accused of assaulting 25-year-old black man who died in police van walks free
A Baltimore police officer has been found not guilty of charges he faced in relation to the death of Freddie Gray. Officer Edward Nero was cleared of assault, misconduct in office and reckless endangerment after the 25-year-old black man died from injuries he suffered in the back of a police van following his arrest in April 2015. According to witnesses in court, plain-clothed police officers came and hugged Nero one-by-one after the verdict was read out by Judge Barry Williams. …

Mark Dice Video: Man Threatens To Kill Donald Trump - Afraid Food Stamps Will Be Taken Away

VIDEO: No Mosques In Germany!' Mass Rally Against Muslim Houses Of Worship In Thuringia

56 Muslims Perish On #EgyptAir Flight MS804 From Paris To Cairo: Airbus A320 Blows Up Over The Mediterranean

Voices will be heard in the air. Men will beat their heads against walls, call for their death, and on another side death will be their torment. Blood will flow on all sides. Our Lady of La Salette 19 Sept. 1846 (Published by Mélanie 1879) The darksome atmosphere is as a prison to the demons until the judgment day. They carry fire of hell with them wherever they go. The devils besought the Lord not to cast them into the abyss; for they asked for this, deeming it to be a punishment for them to be cast out of a place where they could injure men. Hence it is stated,They besought Him that He would not expel them out of the country. St Thomas Aquinas “In the year 1864, Lucifer together with a large number of demons will be unloosed from hell Our Lady of La Salette 19 Sept. 1846 (Published by Mélanie 1879) The demons of the air together with the Antichrist will perform great wonders on earth and in the atmosphere, and men will become more and more perverted. Our Lady of La Salette 19 Sept.…

Mark Dice Video: Mitt Romney Endorses Hillary Clinton

MOLE FOR THE FEDS: Corrupt NY Cop Michael Ameri Kills Self On Bergen Point Golf Course

Cop was 'cooperating' with federal probe into NYPD corruption before golf course suicide

A high level NYPD officer who committed suicide at a Long Island golf course Friday was 'cooperating' with a federal probe into police corruption and was not the target of the investigation, it has emerged. Inspector Michael Ameri, 44, the commanding officer of the Highway Patrol Unit, shot himself at the Bergen Point Golf Course in West Babylon. Ameri, a divorcee and the father of a teenage girl, had been questioned as part of a federal investigation into corruption within the police department. But NYPD Commissioner Bill Bratton said Insp Ameri 'was not the target of our investigations' and added: 'He had been cooperating with the investigation. So as to whatever his motivation might have been for taking his own life, that we don't know.' Daily Mail Read More>>>>>

Inside The Michigan Militia

Illinois Distributist Dracy 'Clint' Pendleton Shot & Killed By FBI Near Shawnee National Forest After Week Long Man Hunt

Gunman who 'shot a cop and caused a fatal crash' is killed in a shootout with police in Illinois after a week-long manhunt 
A man suspected in the shooting of a police officer during a traffic stop has been shot and killed in an incident that also left an FBI agent wounded, Illinois State Police said. Dracy 'Clint' Pendleton, of Bellflower, Illinois, was killed in a shootout early Sunday at an abandoned house near the Shawnee National Forest, southern Illinois, police said in an emailed statement. 'Pendleton is no longer a threat to the communities of southern Illinois,' the statement said. The name and condition of the wounded federal agent was not immediately disclosed. The News-Gazette cited FBI special agent Sean Cox saying the injured agent 'is going to be OK'. Pendleton was charged with attempted murder in the May 7 shooting of a police officer in Mahomet, Illinois. The incident also sparked a fatal collision when a trooper pursuing Pendleton st…

Distributist Nazi Bruce Post III Arrested In New Jersey Woods With A Hitler Mustache And A Cache Of Weapons

'White supremacist, 42, is found in New Jersey woods with a Hitler mustache, combat clothing, and a cache of weapons'
A convicted felon in combat gear and a Hitler mustache was discovered Sunday in a wooded area in New Jersey near a stash of guns, police said. Bruce Post III, 42, was arrested on multiple weapons charges, including unlawful possession of weapons in the first degree, and booked at the Ocean County Correctional Facility on $400,000 bail. The weaponry found in the woods included an AK-47 assault rifle, a Walther P38 9mm handgun, as well as magazines and ammunition, police said. Shovels and tarps were also discovered.  Daily Mail Read More>>>>

VIDEO: MUSLIMS Surround White Europeans And Attack Europeans In London(2016-05-09)

Angela Merkel Giving $106 Billon Of Taxpayer Money To MUSLIM INVADERS! WTF? MERKEL MUST HANG!

Germans won't care........

Report: Germany to spend $106 billion on refugees
BERLIN (AP) — Germany's federal government expects to spend 93.6 billion euros ($106.2 billion) to support refugees over the next five years, weekly Der Spiegel reported Saturday.

The Hamburg-based magazine cited a finance ministry document that predicted the annual costs would rise from about 16.1 billion euros ($18.2 billion) this year to 20.4 billion in 2020.

Much of the money would go toward basic benefits, housing support and language lessons for asylum-seekers, but the overall amount also includes spending on efforts to fight the reasons why people flee their home countries and seek refuge in Germany.

Finance ministry spokesman Juerg Weissgerber declined to comment on the figures but confirmed that federal officials were in discussion with representatives from Germany's 16 states about the cost of supporting refugees. They are aiming to reach an agreement on sharing the cost by the time Chan…

Mark Dice Video: Man Threatening To Kill Trump, His Wife, And Daughter - ARRESTED

Mark Dice VIDEO: Black Man Threatens to Kill Donald Trump - And Is Ready to Die And Go To Hell For Assassination!

VIDEO: Muslims At San Diego State Surrounding University President's Car

Taunton Stabbing Suspect & Two Victims Are Dead: Arthur DaRosa Stabs Two At Residence & Drives To Mall & Stabs Two Patrons At Bertuccis Restaurant In Silver City Galleria, #Taunton, MA

Two are killed after man, 28, crashes his car into a Macy's and goes on a stabbing rampage in Massachusetts mall restaurant before being shot dead by an off-duty police officer 
Two people are dead after a suspect went on a stabbing rampage in Taunton, Massachusetts. Arthur DaRosa, 28, of Taunton, stabbed two people at a home on Tuesday evening before driving to a mall and stabbing two more people inside, authorities said. DaRosa went inside a home in Myricks Street and stabbed two women just after 7pm, District Attorney Thomas Quinn said. One of them, who was 80 years old, died of her injuries. The other was taken to the hospital. Sources told WHDH the 80-year-old was named Patricia Slavin and that the other woman was her daughter. A neighbor interviewed by the network described Slavin and her family as 'very nice people', adding: 'I couldn't ask for better neighbors all around.' A red pickup truck was later towed from the scene in Myricks Street.  Daily Mail …

VIDEO Muslim Migrants Attack 60 Minutes Crew In Sweden.

Muslim Murders One German & Stabs Three Germans At Grafing Train Station Near Munich Shouting Allahu Akbar Allahu Akbar Allahu Akbar

1 killed, 3 injured: Man reportedly shouts ‘Allah is great,’ stabs people at train station near Munich 
At least one man has been killed and three injured after a knife-wielding German man reportedly shouting “Allahu Akbar” attacked people at Grafing train station near the city of Munich. The attack might have an Islamist motive, officials said. Apart from "Allahu Akbar" the man was heard shouting “unbelievers,” Das Bild newspaper reported, citing local witnesses. RT Read More>>>>

Knifeman screaming 'Allahu Akbar' kills one person and leaves three more fighting for life after random attack on passengers at train station in Germany 
A man screaming 'Allahu Akbar' killed one passenger and seriously injured three more after knifing them at a commuter train station in Germany on this morning. The attacker, aged 27, is said to be a young German man and not an asylum seeker as earlier media reports suggested. The male victim, aged 56, died after the ran…

Scotland Police Refuse To Arrest Muslim Refugee But Will Arrest Owner Of Pug Dog Who Was Caught Making Nazi Salute!

Man faces hate crime charge in Scotland over dog's 'Nazi salute'

Clip posted online allegedly shows pug appearing to make Nazi gesture in front of screen showing footage of Adolf HitlerA man has been arrested over an online video that reportedly shows a dog making a Nazi salute. The 28-year-old, from Coatbridge in North Lanarkshire, faces hate crime charges over the video, Police Scotland said. The clip allegedly shows a pug sitting in front of a screen showing footage of Adolf Hitler and appearing to make Nazi salutes. Officers said the video had been shared online and “caused offence and hurt to many people in our community”. A Police Scotland spokeswoman said: “A 28-year-old man was arrested on Thursday 28 April in relation to the alleged publication of offensive material online (improper use of electronic communications under the Communications Act 2003). “A report has been submitted to the procurator fiscal.” DI David Cockburn said: “Posting offensive material o…

Glory To Allah On London Buses

London’s Iconic Red Buses To Declare ‘Glory To Allah’
Britain’s largest Islamic charity says it wants to “break down barriers” and portray Islam positively by launching a new advertising campaign which will slap the phrase “glory to Allah” on the side of London buses. The new campaign by Islamic Relief is, ostensibly, targeted at raising donations for their Ramadan aid to Syria, but is attracting attention for the “hundreds” of buses which will be decorated with the phrase “Subhan’Allah”, or ‘Glory to Allah’. Muslims reading the advert are told that to “gather the rewards of Ramadan”, they must to donate to Islamic Relief, an organisation which had its accounts with banking giant HSBC closed after “concerns that cash for aid could end up with terrorist groups abroad”. Public transport has been chosen for the Islamic re-branding in London, Manchester, Leicester, Birmingham, and Bradford – all UK locations with high and growing Muslim populations, reports the Sunday Times. Breitbart…

LOL! Swedish Mother Invites Black Muslim Refugee To Live With Her Family! The Black Muslim Then Rapes The 10 Year Old Daughter!

I guess you didn't see that one coming.....
Swedish Mother Opens Up Home To Refugee Who Promptly Assaults Her Daughter   
A Swedish mother decided it would be a good idea to open up her home to a male refugee from Eritrea, and so she kicked her daughter out of her room to make space.  That refugee then decided to sexually assault her 10-year-old daughter. In the summer of 2015, a mother of three children in Sweden brought two third world asylum seekers into her home. To make space, she decided to move her daughter Emma into her own room. On the eve of Aug. 18, 2015, Emma awoke to find Isaac squeezing her chest. She suffered breast pain after the incident and didn’t want to tell anyone, as she was afraid her mother would get in trouble. Emma couldn’t even look at Isaac because “he looked scary to her.” Daily Caller Read More>>>>>>

Corrupt Fed: ICE Federal Agent, 42, Shoots Self At Chelsea's Hudson River Park Just Blocks Away From His Downtown Office

ICE federal agent, 42, fatally shoots himself at Chelsea's Hudson River Park just blocks away from his downtown offices 
A ICE federal agent fatally shot himself in the head at waterfront Chelsea park in New York Friday. The 42-year-old U.S. Immigrations and Customs Enforcement deportation officer shot himself with a 40 caliber service pistol inside Pier 40 in Hudson River Park at around 11 am. A source at the scene described how the officer calmly walked into the park, took out his pistol and shot himself in the head. Daily Mail Read More>>>>>>

Corrupt Fed Eulalio Tordil Of The Federal Protective Service/Department Of Homeland Security Kills His Wife & Two Bystanders Malcom Winffel, 45, And Claudina Molina, 65

The Federal Protective ServiceThe Federal Protective Service protects Federal Facilities, their occupants, and visitors by providing superior law enforcement and protective security services and leveraging our access to the intelligence and information resources of our network of federal, state, local, tribal, territorial, and private sector partners. From our frontline law enforcement and security personnel to those who support the operations of the Service, we approach our mission as one team. Every day we protect the homeland by managing risk and ensuring continuity for one of the most crucial elements of our national critical infrastructure – the people and our nation’s Federal Facilities. Maryland Mall Shooting Suspect Eulalio Tordil Charged With 3 Counts of Murder
A federal law enforcement officer has been charged with murder after Maryland police say he fatally shot two people Friday afternoon — a day after gunning down his estranged wife in a separate burst of violence. Eulali…

VIDEO: 300: Making America Great Again [Donald Trump Parody]

VIDEO: Black Lives Matter Man Threatens to Kill Donald Trump, His Daughter, and Wife in YouTube Video While Waving Guns

Trump Responds To Paul Ryan Who Says He Is 'Not Ready' To Support Donald Trump

- MAY 05, 2016 -
"I am not ready to support Speaker Ryan's agenda. Perhaps in the future we can work together and come to an agreement about what is best for the American people. They have been treated so badly for so long that it is about time for politicians to put them first!"
Donald J. Trump

MUSLIM MEDIA SPIN BEGINS! Evidence Trickling In That Muslims Started The Fort McMurray Fire: Fire Started On One Year Anniversary Of New Fort McMurray Mosque! Syrian Muslim Refugees 'We Understand What They're Feeling'! Muslims Praying For Rain!

Fort McMurray Mayor Melissa Blake, joined by Sheikh-Ahmad Al-Ali Al-Sabah of Kuwait and representatives from Fort McMurray's Islamic community participate in a brick laying ceremony for an Islamic community centre in Fort McMurray's Abraham's Land on Saturday. 2 MAY 2015 Fort McMurray is home to thousands of Muslims.

New Mosque was built exactly one year ago. The project started on 2 May 2015.

MAY 2015

Construction starts on mosque, multicentre
Construction is underway for North America’s largest Islamic community centre project, after Fort McMurray’s Muslim community held their groundbreaking ceremony for the new Markaz Ul-Islam centre in Abraham’s Land. The ceremony for the $50-million, 10-acre multicentre in Fort McMurray’s north end will also feature an Islamic school, a daycare, a recreation centre and a multipurpose hall, built in four phases. Flanked by the mosque, however, will be two new Christian churches - one Catholic and one protestant - and near the future No…


The moment a diner employee off on bereavement leave plows his SUV into the restaurant, injuring three people and starting a fire
Police in Virginia are investigating a fiery car crash after a disgruntled diner employee slammed his SUV into the restaurant on Wednesday. The scary incident - which injured three people, as well as the driver - occurred at the Silver Diner in McLean, west of Washington D.C. The man behind the wheel of the Hummer was a restaurant employee who had been off work on bereavement leave since April 5, NBC 4 reported. The man rammed the restaurant three times, according to reports, with the car catching fire on the final hit. Daily Mail Read More>>>>>>>

'Y'all Ruined My Life! Fired Trucker For Knight Transportation Kills Supervisor & Self

'Y'all ruined my life!': Disgruntled employee opens fire at Texas trucking company, killing his supervisor and then committing suicide two weeks after he was fired
A disgruntled former employee stormed a Texas trucking company Wednesday morning, killing a supervisor before committing suicide inside the shell-shocked office. The gunman was reportedly fired from Knight Transportation two weeks ago. This morning, he returned to the company's office in Katy, a Houston suburb, armed with a pistol and a shotgun. Shortly before 8:45am, the gunman re-entered the building and yelled 'y'all ruined my life!' and fire a warning shot into an employee break area. He then started combing the offices, appearing to look for someone in particular. When he came across the employee he was looking for, he shot and killed the man dead before turning the gun on himself to commit suicide. Authorities have speculated that the man he killed was his old supervisor. Neither the g…

Hunter, 61, Shot With A Crossbow After Being Mistaken For A Turkey In Michigan

Hunter, 61, shot with a crossbow after being mistaken for a turkey in Michigan
A 61-year-old man was shot with a crossbow after he was mistaken for a turkey while hunting in Jackson, Michigan. The victim, from Brooklyn, New York, was chasing game birds on private land at 6am on Sunday when he was struck in the left arm. It transpired a fellow hunter, a 51-year-old local, mistook the victim for a turkey.The victim was transported to Henry Ford Allegiance Hospital for non-life threatening but serious injuries, Jackson County Sheriff's Office said. The investigation is ongoing. Charges are expected to be filed against the shooter. Daily Mail Read More>>>>>>>

Sodomite Nabbed By FBI For Spraying Poison On Food At Whole Foods, Meijer In ANN ARBOR, Mich

FBI nab man who sprayed poison on food at Whole Foods, Meijer
ANN ARBOR, Mich. --- The FBI arrested a man suspected of contaminating food at three grocery stores with a liquid spray containing mice poison, hand cleaner and water. According to Detroit's FBI Chief David P. Gelios, the suspect was identified and taken into custody Tuesday following tips from the public. The FBI has not named the suspect, saying only that he has admitted to using a potentially hazardous material to contaminate food in several Ann Arbor area grocery stores, and that he sprayed the produce within the last two weeks. The suspect is linked to possible contamination at open food bars over the last two weeks at a Whole Foods, Meijer an Plum Market in Ann Arbor. The FBI said the suspect visited several other grocery stores in the Ann Arbor area in the last few months and the investigation is ongoing in order to determine if any other stores were targeted. Silver City Sun News Read More>>>>&g…

UPDATED SUNDAY 8 MAY: #Fort McMurray WILDFIRE! ISIS MUSLIMS START WILD FIRE TO BURN DOWN Fort McMurray! Causing Largest Fire Evacuation In CANADA's History!

Fort McMurray is now home to thousands of Muslims:


Fort McMurray’s Muslim community plans an ambitious, multicultural mosque 
It’s a $50-million, 10-acre complex – a brand new home for Fort McMurray’s Muslim community, breaking ground this spring. As Colin Freeze reports, it’s also an experiment in multicultural Islam on an unprecedented scale It’s Friday at noon, and a balmy minus 5 – pretty good for Fort McMurray in late November. Crowds are streaming in on foot, and cars are lined up for blocks. Everyone’s heading to the downtown mosque, the Markaz ul Islam, trying to make it in time for afternoon prayers. A man from West Africa comes in with one from Pakistan, walking past an SUV whose licence plate sits in a frame marked “Dubai.” Somali cab drivers are parking, taking a break from their shifts. Most of the faithful are wearing parkas, some with a shalwar kameez underneath. Others arrive in bright yellow construction vests, on their way back from the oil sands. Fort McMurray i…