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U-SCAN IT: Bernie Sanders Supporter Colin Murphy, 23, Pooped On Self-Checkout Scanner At Kroger

Tbilisi Vegans Attacked By Nationalists With Sausages & Grilled Meat

Ever Wonder Why Muhammad Made All His Followers Pray Face Down With Their Butts In The Air?

#GorillaLivesMatter....Gorilla Shot & Killed To Save Black Boy Who Entered Into Cage

Weapon Of Choice AR-15: Shoot Out At Houston Gas Station Leaves Two Gunmen Dead And Six Wounded

Dutch Giving $10,000 Shopping Spree To Muslims!

Reality In Supermarkets Of Venezuela

Venezuela Horror: Prisoner Burned With Boiling Plastic And Forced To Eat The Flesh Of A Dead Body

Martin Luther & ISIS: Hamburg Lutherans Hold Funeral For ISIS Terrorist

Mark Dice Video: Glenn Beck Endorses Assassinating Donald Trump

Mark Dice Video: White Woman Says She Wants To Kill Donald Trump

Brazilian Inmates Burn Alive Another Inmate


Paris Burns! Muslims Riot!

Nazis At Daily Stormer Love G.K. Chesterton & Distributism!

Nazis: Who Rocketh More With Heavenly Vigor Than Meat Loaf?

Nazis Love Taylor Swift!

Music To Clean Your Guns By! As NERO Sets Fire To Baltimore! Baltimore Cop Edward NERO Set Free!

Evil Portent For Baltimore! Baltimore Cop Edward NERO Found NOT GUILTY Over Freddie Gray's Death: NERO Fiddles While Blacks Burn Down Baltimore!

Mark Dice Video: Man Threatens To Kill Donald Trump - Afraid Food Stamps Will Be Taken Away

VIDEO: No Mosques In Germany!' Mass Rally Against Muslim Houses Of Worship In Thuringia

VIDEO: Why Can't Germans Do This To Merkel? Lefties Torch Paris Police Car

56 Muslims Perish On #EgyptAir Flight MS804 From Paris To Cairo: Airbus A320 Blows Up Over The Mediterranean

Mark Dice Video: Mitt Romney Endorses Hillary Clinton

MOLE FOR THE FEDS: Corrupt NY Cop Michael Ameri Kills Self On Bergen Point Golf Course

Inside The Michigan Militia

Illinois Distributist Dracy 'Clint' Pendleton Shot & Killed By FBI Near Shawnee National Forest After Week Long Man Hunt

Distributist Nazi Bruce Post III Arrested In New Jersey Woods With A Hitler Mustache And A Cache Of Weapons

How To Get Ripped Off In Afghanistan!

Baton Rouge Rappers T.E.C. & Maine Musik & Their Guns

VIDEO: MUSLIMS Surround White Europeans And Attack Europeans In London(2016-05-09)

Venezuela Food Riots!

Distributists Throws Solid Sodium Into River...See What Happens....

Angela Merkel Giving $106 Billon Of Taxpayer Money To MUSLIM INVADERS! WTF? MERKEL MUST HANG!



Mark Dice Video: Man Threatening To Kill Trump, His Wife, And Daughter - ARRESTED

Mark Dice VIDEO: Black Man Threatens to Kill Donald Trump - And Is Ready to Die And Go To Hell For Assassination!

VIDEO: Muslims At San Diego State Surrounding University President's Car

Video: The Devil Takes The Life Of A Woman Reciting From The Koran!

Taunton Stabbing Suspect & Two Victims Are Dead: Arthur DaRosa Stabs Two At Residence & Drives To Mall & Stabs Two Patrons At Bertuccis Restaurant In Silver City Galleria, #Taunton, MA

VIDEO Muslim Migrants Attack 60 Minutes Crew In Sweden.

Muslim Murders One German & Stabs Three Germans At Grafing Train Station Near Munich Shouting Allahu Akbar Allahu Akbar Allahu Akbar

Scotland Police Refuse To Arrest Muslim Refugee But Will Arrest Owner Of Pug Dog Who Was Caught Making Nazi Salute!

VIDEO COLOGNE SEX ATTACKS: 'You Mustn't Touch Me, You Mustn't Touch Me' Cologne Police Repressed This New Footage Of Cologne New Year Sex Attacks

Glory To Allah On London Buses

LOL! Swedish Mother Invites Black Muslim Refugee To Live With Her Family! The Black Muslim Then Rapes The 10 Year Old Daughter!

Corrupt Fed: ICE Federal Agent, 42, Shoots Self At Chelsea's Hudson River Park Just Blocks Away From His Downtown Office

Corrupt Fed Eulalio Tordil Of The Federal Protective Service/Department Of Homeland Security Kills His Wife & Two Bystanders Malcom Winffel, 45, And Claudina Molina, 65

VIDEO: 300: Making America Great Again [Donald Trump Parody]

VIDEO: Black Lives Matter Man Threatens to Kill Donald Trump, His Daughter, and Wife in YouTube Video While Waving Guns

Trump Responds To Paul Ryan Who Says He Is 'Not Ready' To Support Donald Trump

MUSLIM MEDIA SPIN BEGINS! Evidence Trickling In That Muslims Started The Fort McMurray Fire: Fire Started On One Year Anniversary Of New Fort McMurray Mosque! Syrian Muslim Refugees 'We Understand What They're Feeling'! Muslims Praying For Rain!


VIDEO: What's It Like To Shoot Yourself In The Head With A Flare Gun......

'Y'all Ruined My Life! Fired Trucker For Knight Transportation Kills Supervisor & Self

Hunter, 61, Shot With A Crossbow After Being Mistaken For A Turkey In Michigan

Sodomite Nabbed By FBI For Spraying Poison On Food At Whole Foods, Meijer In ANN ARBOR, Mich

UPDATED SUNDAY 8 MAY: #Fort McMurray WILDFIRE! ISIS MUSLIMS START WILD FIRE TO BURN DOWN Fort McMurray! Causing Largest Fire Evacuation In CANADA's History!