Friday, February 24, 2023

Dust Over WV


“white dust” falling out of the sky event in Maryland and West Virginia.

More pictures of the “white dust” falling out of the sky event in Maryland and West Virginia.

'What in the world has happened to my car?': Mystery dust covers cars in Des Moines

DES MOINES, Iowa — South side residents woke up to find their cars covered in a mysterious golden dust Wednesday morning. "So when I came out of my house, my car being black, it stuck out like a sore thumb. So I naturally thought, that is weird," said Justin Torres of Des Moines. Torres is not the only one. "I walk up to my car and I was like, what in the world has happened to my car?" said Des Moines resident Tonya Snider. Snider and Torres live miles apart, but they share an unusual experience. "I have no clue what it is, but it's covered my whole car," Snider said. They both woke up to find their cars covered in an odd, spotty dust."It looks like gold dust. Exactly what a lot of people are saying," Torres said. "It looks like somebody has shaken a flower all over my car. It basically looks like little spots of pollen, and I mean, it's all over," Snider said. They are not alone. There are plenty of social media posts from Pleasant Hill, Easter Lake and Des Moines’ south side from people who found the same dust. "It didn't rain last night, and I just washed the car yesterday, I wonder what it could be?" Torres said. It turns out it did rain at about 4:30 a.m. Wednesday morning. A KCCI radar signal confirms it. We reached out to the National Weather Service and their guess is that a tiny shower could have dropped the mysterious raindrops — possibly filled with dust from Oklahoma or Kansas. It’s nothing dangerous. Maybe it’s just a reminder that it might be time for a car wash. "Other people were talking about it. So I said thank god I’m not crazy," Snider said. Source

Multiple reports of unknown White dust / Particles falling out of the sky in West Virginia and Maryland

Monday, February 20, 2023

Another Ohio Explosion: Explosion Rocks Bedford, Ohio Factory, Scattering Molten Metal; 14 Injured......

This is the third explosion for Ohio.

I wonder how many Anti-Vaxxers got hurt in the explosion?

Explosion rocks Ohio factory, scattering molten metal; 14 injured 
Feb 20 (Reuters) - An explosion tore through an Ohio metals plant on Monday, scattering molten metal and debris that rained down on neighboring buildings and injuring at least 14 people, mostly with burns, officials and witnesses said. The blast sent smoke billowing into the sky that could be seen for miles around the damaged factory about 15 miles (24 km) southeast of Cleveland. The explosion at the I. Schumann & Co. metals plant in Bedford drew fire departments from throughout northeast Ohio. Oakwood Fire Department Captain Brian DiRocco addressed the media on scene, saying 13 people were taken to hospital, many of them with burn wounds, and one more was being treated on site. At least one was in critical condition, and one was pulled from the debris. All of those injured were on site, the falling debris having spared those at neighboring businesses, DiRocco said. "The people were mostly walking wounded. They were coming up to us," DiRocco said. "I'm sure there's a lot of people that work here that were in shock." DiRocco said he had inspected the site before and found it a safe place "except for the fact that it's a foundry. You are dealing with molten metal, so there's always an inherent danger." Representatives of the company, which produces copper, brass and bronze allows, could not immediately be reached for comment. The business has operated since 1917, according to its website. Matthew Wiggins, owner of the neighboring business Rose Colored Gaming, told WOIO he heard a large explosion and that "within a second or two, it sounded like large amounts of debris were hitting the roof." Source

Saturday, February 18, 2023

Panic At Paris Mall

Black Mass Murderer Anthony McRae KIlls Three Michigan State University Students And Wounded Five Others.

MSU shooter Anthony McRae claimed to be ‘leader of 20 killers,’ targeted church and schools 
The Michigan State University gunman was found by police with a chilling note in which he targeted local businesses, a church and the Ewing, NJ, school district, as well as the campus where he shot eight, killing three, on Monday. Anthony McRae, 43, claimed he was “leader of a group of 20 killers” and listed the Meijer warehouse where he had recently worked among his targets because he felt “slighted,” according to police. “It appears that he had some issues with the employees there and he was asked to leave. So it looks like possibly a motive for that was he just felt slighted, that’s kinda what the note indicated,” said Lt. Rene Gonzalez of the Michigan State Police. McRae took his own life after opening fire in two MSU campus buildings. When The Post asked MSU Police Chief Chris Rozman about McRae’s motive, he described it as “a difficult question.” It appears based on the content of the note that he felt that he was slighted in some way by people or businesses. Did a mental health issue amplify that or was it a component of that? We are not sure at this point … It’s a question on all our minds,” he said. On Wednesday, McRae’s uncle described him as a “paranoid schizophrenic” — charges his father later denied, saying he had not been diagnosed with any mental health issues, although he admitted his son turned “evil” after losing his mother in 2020. Police also confirmed that despite McRae’s note claiming he led a “group of 20 killers,” investigators are confident he acted alone. “[McRae’s] father said he had no friends,” Gonzalez explained. “He pretty much sat in his room — he ate and went to the bathroom in there. He had no friends, let alone 20 of them.” McRae had two 9mm handguns on his person at the time of his death, alongside eight loaded magazines of ammunition in his backpack and a ninth loaded magazine in his breast pocket. He was also carrying two empty magazines, police confirmed. Source

Richard Dale Crum Kills 6, Including Ex-Wife, In Mississippi

Sheriff: Gunman kills 6, including ex-wife, in Mississippi

ARKABUTLA, Miss. (AP) — A lone gunman killed six people including his ex-wife and stepfather Friday at multiple locations in a tiny rural community in northern Mississippi, the sheriff said, leaving investigators searching for clues to what motivated the rampage. Armed with a shotgun and two handguns, 52-year-old Richard Dale Crum opened fire at about 11 a.m. and killed a man in the driver's seat of a pickup truck parked outside a convenience store in Arkabutla, near the Tennessee state line, Tate County Sheriff Brad Lance said. Deputies were working the crime scene when a second 911 call alerted authorities to another shooting a few miles away. After arriving at a home, they found a woman, whom the sheriff identified as Crum's ex-wife, shot dead and her current husband wounded. Lance said deputies caught up with Crum outside his own home and arrested him. Behind the residence they found two handymen slain by gunfire — one in the road, another in an SUV. Inside a neighboring home, they discovered the bodies of Crum's stepfather and his stepfather's sister. “Everybody has crime, and from time to time we have violent crime, but certainly nothing of this magnitude,” Lance said in an interview. He added: “Without being able to say what triggered this, that’s the scary part.” Crum, 52, was jailed without bond on a single charge of capital murder, and Lance said investigators were working to bring additional charges. It was not immediately known if Crum had an attorney who could speak on his behalf. That initial murder charge was for the killing of Chris Eugene Boyce, 59, the man who was shot outside the store. Boyce's brother was in the truck with him at the time and fled, according to the sheriff. Lance added that Crum chased the brother through a wooded area before he escaped unharmed. Deputy Tate County Coroner Ernie Lentz identified the others killed as Debra Crum, 60; Charles Manuel, 76; John Rorie, 59; George McCain, 73; and Lynda McCain, 78. Lentz also said Boyce was from Lakeland, Florida. Ethan Cash, who lives near the store, told WREG-TV he heard a gunshot from inside his house. “I had just woken up and I look back here, and I see dude walking back here with a shotgun,” he said. Cash added that he went to the scene and found one person who had been shot. He checked for a pulse, but found none. In the lobby of the Sheriff’s Office, Norma Washington told The Associated Press that Boyce was her nephew. She said he and the brother, Doug, who lives in Alaska, had been in town cleaning up a property they inherited from their deceased uncle. “I lost my brother, and now this one,” Washington said. “This has been something else.” 

It was unclear whether Crum knew either of the brothers. The killings stunned residents of Arkabutla, home to 285 people and located about 30 miles (50 kilometers) south of Memphis, Tennessee. It's the hometown of famed actor James Earl Jones, and nearby Arkabutla Lake is a popular fishing and recreational destination. An elementary school and a high school in nearby Coldwater both went on lockdown while the suspect was being sought, according to the Coldwater Elementary School Facebook page. A short time later, a second post on the page said the lockdown had been lifted and “all students and staff are safe.” April Wade, who lives in Arkabutla and grew up in Coldwater, said both are small communities where most people know each other, “but if you don’t, you know somebody who knows somebody.” Speaking from a local tire store in the afternoon, Wade said she and her husband were aware of the shootings but had not yet heard the names of the suspect or victims. “I think it’s crazy,” Wade said. “You do not expect something like that to happen so close to home.” The Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives said its agents were providing assistance to the sheriff’s department and state investigators. Lance said one of their top priorities was to determine a motive. The sheriff, who has lived in the area his entire life and served in law enforcement for 25 years, said he could recall no prior problems with Crum. The U.S. has seen a deadly start to 2023, including six mass killings in a three-week period in January, according to an Associated Press/USA Today database. It defines a mass killing as four or more people dead, not including the perpetrator. There have also been a number of mass shootings in which fewer people were slain, such as Monday’s shooting at Michigan State University in which three people were killed and five were wounded. In a statement, President Joe Biden said he and first lady Jill Biden were mourning the six victims and praying for the survivors. He urged Congress to act now on gun law reforms to address what he called “an epidemic” of gun violence. Source

Thursday, February 9, 2023

Twenty First Winter Explosion: SAN FRANCISCO House Blows Up.

Gas of course

There are no Domestic Terrorists in San Francisco.....

Explosion, fire destroys home in San Francisco Sunset District; 2 injured, homes evacuated 
SAN FRANCISCO -- A huge fire preceded by a large explosion destroyed a home in San Francisco's Sunset District Thursday morning, leaving two people including a firefighter injured and prompting the evacuation of surrounding homes. The fire burned a house on the 1700 block of Noriega Street near 22nd Avenue and was initially reported at around 9:30 a.m. San Francisco Fire Captain Jonathan Baxter later told KPIX that fire dispatch received multiple calls at about 9:22 a.m. reporting an explosion at a home on the block. The San Francisco Fire Department said the fire was upgraded to three alarms and that two adjacent houses were also affected. A photo tweeted out by the SFFF Local 798 Union showed the residence fully engulfed in flames. In a later photo tweeted out by the firefighters' union, the single-family home appeared completely destroyed with the roof and upper floor collapsed onto the lower garage area.Baxter told KPIX that one person was found outside the home in serious condition after suffering burns and injuries. They were transported to a local hospital. He said windows in houses across the street had been shattered, "indicative of an explosion." A later update also confirmed that a firefighter suffered minor injuries during the incident but would be OK. Source

Saturday, February 4, 2023

Chinese Spy Balloon Continues Flying over U.S. - LIVE Breaking News Coverage

Twentieth Winter Explosion: Man Arrested Over Cache Of Explosives In Belper, Derbyshire, UK

This bomb maker was caught before he blew himself up.

If he blew himself up the police would have blamed it on a Gas Explosion...

I wonder why the UK Police are proactive now....

A number of houses have been evacuated – and roads closed – in Belper after an incident in the town.

Officers attended an address in Acorn Drive in Belper just after 6pm last night (3 Feb) after the force was called to reports of a concern for the safety of a man. A search of the house was made and a number of suspicious items were found and a man has been arrested on suspicion of explosives offences. Following advice from Explosive Ordnance Disposal (EOD) team a 100-metre cordon has been put in place which includes properties in Acorn Way, Acorn Drive, Swinney Lane and Swinney Bank. As a result of the cordon Acorn Drive is closed at its junction with Mill Street and Swinney Lane is closed between its junction with Mill Street and just after the junction with Swinney Bank. A rest centre at the Strutt Centre in Derby Road will open for evacuated people to attend from 6.15pm. At this time there is no indication as to how long the evacuation and road closures will be in place – and we will update our channels as soon as further information is available. Source

Nineteenth Winter Explosion: Billings, Montana Explosion In The Sky

'Explosion in the sky' above Billings Montana where Chinese spy balloon was spotted infiltrating U.S airspace - as residents report seeing jet zoom by after officials came under fire for refusing to shoot it down 
An explosion in the sky over Billings Montana, where a Chinese spy balloon has been flying over the region, was caught on camera Friday. Mysterious video of the aftermath shows a trail of smoke in the sky where the balloon was last spotted. Dolly Moore, who took video of the scene, said she 'saw a jet go by so fast and then explosion in the sky.' As the video spread on social media, Defense officials have said the balloon over Montana has not exploded. It comes after the US State Department called the balloon, which was traveling over U.S. airspace at 60,000 feet, a 'clear violation' of U.S. sovereignty, but said it wouldn't be shot down because it was flying over a 'number of sensitive sites.' US officials had said that the balloon is large enough that destroying it would rain down debris, risking the safety of people on the ground. Analysts said the balloon is about the size of 'three buses' and could be fitted with high-tech equipment including cameras, sensors and radar. F-22 fight jets were mobilized to track the device as it hovered over Montana, which borders Canada, on Wednesday. A US defense official said it entered US airspace 'a couple days ago' but its exact location was not shared. Montana Senator Steve Daines, however, warned that the balloon might have been targeting his state's nuclear missile fields. 'Montana plays a vital national security role by housing nuclear missile silos at Malmstrom AFB,' Daines wrote to the Department of Defense. 'Given the increased hostility and destabilization around the globe aimed at the United States and our allies, I am alarmed by the fact that this spy balloon was able to infiltrate the airspace of our country and Montana.' Source