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Second Summer 2020 Explosion! Sina Athar Medical Center Near Tajrish In North Of Tehran....Boom..Boom...Boom..

Aristotle On College Educated White Women Dominating ANTIFA & BLM: Slaves And Women Do Not Conspire Against Tyrants Because Under Them They Have A Good Time

CHAZ Vehicle Ramming Attack: Driver Shot And Killed By CHOP Security..

Second Workplace Shooting Summer 2020: Employee Shoots Dead Co-Worker & Wounds Four At Red Bluff CA Walmart Distribution Center

Richmond Virginia Cops Take Revenge On Rioters

UPDATED: Disgruntled Employee Michael L. Collins Shoots Two Co-Workers To Death And Wounds One At Bunn-O-Matic Warehouse In Springfield, Illinois

SUMMER 2020 MUSLIM TERROR ATTACK: MUSLIM IMMIGRANT Goes On Stabbing Rampage IN GLASGOW Killing Two And Wounding Six

First Summer 2020 Explosion: Large Blast Near Military Base Outside Tehran!

CHICAGO: 104 Shot, 14 Fatally, Over Father's Day Weekend...Where Are The Black Lives Matter Protesters?

Seattle Police Body Cam Footage Of Being Attacked At CHOP CHAZ Trying To Help Shooting Victim


Protesters Pull Down, Burn Statue Of Confederate Officer Albert Pike In D.C.

#BlueFlu2020: 3 Out Of 4 DC Cops Ready To Leave + NYPD Strike On July 4th + Atlanta Cops Call Out....

Police Walkouts In Atlanta

LADAKH DOOM! Over 150 Indian Soldiers Killed In Clashes With Chinese At Line Of Actual Control

Ladakh DOOM! 35 Chinese Troops Dead in Contentious Clash With India...

Ladakh DOOM! Chinese Soldiers Kill Three Indian Troops Along Line Of Actual Control (LAC)

Our Lady Of La Salette On The Supreme Court Ruling That Gay, Transgender Workers Protected By Law...

Man In Critical Condition After Shooting During New Mexico Protest

Trump Says He’s Planning Seattle Protesters Crackdown

Welcome To CHAZ The Modern Day Idiocracy

CHAZ This Is How We Police

CHAZ Rage Against The America Flag

CHAZ Security Force

CHAZ Dude Where's My Car Keys.....

CHAZ Farming......

Drone Footage Shows Thousands Of Black Lives Matter Protesters On Brighton Promenade

Having A Cup Of Tea In China When I Realized I Left The Gas On At Home

CHAZ Extortion: Whites Pressured To Give Blacks $10 Each

LIVE STREAMING: Football Hooligans And White Nationalists Gather In London's Whitehall To "Defend" Winston Churchill's Statue From BLM & ANTIFA Protesters.

Rapper Raz Simone Declares Himself The War Lord And Supreme Ruler Of The 'Capitol Hill Autonomous Zone' CHAZ

Capitol Hill Autonomous Zone....Antifa Took A Page From ISIS And Created Their Own Caliphate By Force