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St Michael Has Abandoned Law Enforcement! Reason Why Secret Service Failed President Trump; Breakdown Of How It Happened

I first posted the idea that St. Michael is no longer the Patron Saint of Policemen/Law Enforcement on 26 May 2024:

Just Another Reason To Hate Cops: Fontana CA Cops Threaten To Kill Mentally Unstable Man's Dog If He Does Not Falsely Confess To Killing Father - Who Was Still Alive

Here is what I posted:

May St Michael no longer protect the police. May St Michael flee from ALL Policemen leaving everyone of them unprotected by God.

I've been praying for the destruction of the Space and Airline industries during the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass for several years now - I've had my prayers answered.

I will now pray during the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass that St Michael no longer protects ANY police officer.

Before God destroys a city or nation its guardian angel is the first to flee that city or state - God's punishment soon follows.  

This is what I will pray for during the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass. May St. Michael flee from police officers. May St Michael no longer be the Patron Saint of Police Officers.

The people of Ninive did penance for their sins in sack cloth and ashes.

American Police Officers doing penance for their sins?


Gym bros don't do penance! 

I will post news of punishments....


Before Babylon was destroyed - the Guardian Angels of Babylon said to themselves - Lets each one of us go back to our own Nations. Some think that this was said by the Jews before they went back to Jerusalem but the Church Fathers say that this was spoken by the Guardian Angels of Babylon and not the Jews because the Jews have only one Nation, but each of the Angels were Guardians for a particular Nation but were commanded by God to protect Babylon - so at one time Babylon had many Guardian Angels  not just one,

So this Scripture is proof that Guardian Angels of a Nation can and do Forsake a Nation just before that Nation is punished by God.

This is what I pray for that that Police and Law Enforcement is abandoned by St Michael.

And this is what is happening


US News | Second Shooter Involved In Former President Donald Trump's Kill Bid | News18 | GCNN | N18G

Mapping the Trump Shooting

U.S. intelligence indicates foreign plot to kill Trump

Trump rally shooting: More details emerge

Tuesday, July 16, 2024

Lutheran Pastor James Roemke Cracks Trump Up Doing Impression Of Him Delivering Prayer At The RNC

Harmeet Dhillon Delivers Sikh Prayer At Close Of RNC's First Night

FBI, Bethel Park neighbors try to understand what motivated Thomas Crooks

Watch the real time assassination attempt on Trump from different angles. With countdown from footage of people warning authorities about the shooter to Trump being whisked away.

FBI has 'successfully gained access' to phone of suspected Trump rally shooter

DEI Bitch Won't Resign....

Monday, July 15, 2024


JD Vance is Trump’s VP pick after Rubio and Burgum were passed over for running mate 
Donald Trump has selected Sen. JD Vance of Ohio as his presidential running mate, ending months of speculation about the Republican nominee’s choice to help him challenge President Joe Biden and Vice President Kamala Harris. “After lengthy deliberation and thought, and considering the tremendous talents of many others, I have decided that the person best suited to assume the position of Vice President of the United States is Senator J.D. Vance of the Great State of Ohio,” Trump said Monday in a Truth Social post. Two other top Republican contenders, Sen. Marco Rubio of Florida and North Dakota Gov. Doug Burgum, were told earlier that they would not be picked, NBC News reported. The Biden campaign promptly panned the selection, accusing Trump of picking Vance because he will “bend over backwards to enable Trump and his extreme MAGA agenda, even if it means breaking the law and no matter the harm to the American people.” “Billionaires and corporations are literally rooting for J.D. Vance: they know he and Trump will cut their taxes and send prices skyrocketing for everyone else,” read the statement from Biden-Harris campaign chair Jen O’Malley Dillon. Biden’s official X account separately wrote that while Vance “talks a big game about working people,” he and Trump “want to raise taxes on middle-class families while pushing more tax cuts for the rich.” Harris has previously accepted an invitation from CBS News to participate in a vice presidential debate on either July 23 or Aug. 13. Source

JD VANCE is a convert...

Maybe JD VANCE will go SSPX? I know a SSPX Priest who was a Yale Graduate 

Two FSSP Converts got it wrong..

THE NOMINATION - 2024 Republican National Convention

Video shows gunman on roof as rallygoers alert police

House Dem's staffer fired for response to Trump shooting

Jack Black: "Don't miss miss Trump next time"

‘Morning Joe’ pulled from air Monday because of Trump shooting

‘Morning Joe’ pulled from air Monday because of Trump shooting 

New York CNN — MSNBC will not air “Morning Joe,” its celebrated politics roundtable program, on Monday, opting to instead air continued breaking news coverage of the attempted assassination of former President Donald Trump. The progressive news network confirmed the decision to preempt its influential and top-rated morning show after a CNN inquiry Sunday evening. The network said the show will resume airing Tuesday. The decision by MSNBC to leave one of its most recognizable programs on the sidelines amid a seismic politics-driven news cycle, with the Republican National Convention getting underway in the wake of the Saturday shooting at Trump’s campaign rally, is certain to raise eyebrows.A person familiar with the matter told CNN that the decision was made to avoid a scenario in which one of the show’s stable of two dozen-plus guests might make an inappropriate comment on live television that could be used to assail the program and network as a whole. Given the breaking news nature of the story, the person said, it made more sense to continue airing rolling breaking news coverage in the fraught political moment. “Given the gravity and complexity of this unfolding story, NBC News, NBC News NOW and MSNBC have remained in rolling breaking news coverage since Saturday evening,” a spokesperson for NBCUniversal News Group said in a statement to CNN. “As we continue to cover this story into the week, the networks will continue to cross simulcast, alternating between NBC News, NBC News NOW and ‘MSNBC Reports,’ so there is one news feed covering this developing situation.” In the wake of the attempt on Trump’s life, some of the former president’s supporters have vehemently criticized the press and liberal media commentators for their hard-knuckled reporting, which has sounded the alarm on what four more years under the former president would look like. Cesar Conde, the chairman of NBCUniversal News Group, made the decision in conjunction with Rashida Jones, the president of MSNBC, and hosts Joe Scarborough and Mika Brzezinski, the person familiar with the matter told CNN. Source 


The Trump rally shooter was laid out on his belly, took aim and fired shots into the crowd before he got met with incoming bullets that killed him ... and TMZ has it all on video. We've obtained an incredible clip that shows the moment the gunman opened fire at the Butler, PA rally Saturday -- and you can see the guy looking through either a scope or iron sights on a roof ... with people watching down below and freaking out, their panic palpable.The guy has longer brown hair, and he seems to be wearing a grey shirt/khaki pants -- and as you can see, he's carefully trying pinpoint a target from afar before pulling the trigger. Once bullets start to ring out, you can hear people screaming on the ground and a mass scramble take place .... and only moments later, you can hear incoming gunfire -- with multiple pops coming his way, and at that point ... the gunman was struck, all on camera. The cameraman, Michael Difrischia, panned back to the gunman after the retaliating rounds could be heard ... and sure enough, you see the gunman laying there limp and lifeless. You can hear someone off-camera say, "That's exactly why we need f***ing Trump here." In terms of what led up to this ... Difrischia tells us he and his wife, Amber, were watching the Trump rally from outside the main grounds ... standing near some trees with about 30 to 40 other people, when Amber noticed the dude climbing up onto a nearby building there. Source

People pointing and yelling “look at that guy on the roof” for several minutes and the secret service did nothing.

Retired Green Beret Level One Sniper Says Trump Rally Was Planned Coordinated Attack

Sunday, July 14, 2024

Dan Bongino Show: Trump Assassination Attempt (Emergency Episode)

Dan Bongino: This is an obviously catastrophic failure and NO excuses should be made, or even attempted.

"Something 'FISHY And Suspicious' About Trump Assassination Attempt" Says Security Expert

Thomas Matthew Crooks. CLASSMATE SPEAKS. Bethel Park Pennsylvania.

Schoolmate says suspected shooter was ‘bullied almost every day' | NBC4 Washington

Eyewitness believes there was a 'noticeable' difference in security at Trump's rally


Ukrainian Catholic Priest Prayed For Donald Trump’s Safety At PA Rally Moments Before Shooting

Catholic Priest Prayed for Donald Trump’s Safety at PA Rally Moments Before Shooting 

The priest said that the Trump campaign contacted him a few days ago and asked him to offer a benediction at the rally. A Catholic priest who gave a benediction during former President Donald Trump’s rally Saturday told people they needed to pray for Trump moments before Trump was shot and wounded. Father Jason Charron, a Ukrainian Catholic pastor, told CNA a group of about 15 to 20 people called him over to a barricade within the rally site as he was trying to leave shortly before Trump began speaking. “I said to them: I prayed for him and his safety, but that they have to pray, as well, because there are people who want to kill him,” Father Charron said in a telephone interview with CNA late Saturday night. “And little did I think — literally a few minutes later there was this kind of indistinct sound, and people began leaving, and at that point I heard someone saying that that was a gunshot.” A gunman trying to kill Trump firing several times at the former president, hitting the top of his right ear while killing a spectator and wounding two more, authorities said.Father Charron said he met briefly with Trump before the former president went out to address the crowd at the rally, which took place in an outdoor venue at Butler Farm Show in Butler County, Pennsylvania. 

“I spoke with him regarding the situation in Ukraine, and shook his hand. It wasn’t a very in-depth conversation,” Father Charron said. The priest told CNA that the Trump campaign contacted him a few days ago and asked him to offer a benediction at the rally. In an interview that aired on the 'Pints with Aquinas' podcast Saturday night, Father Charron recounted the prayer he offered at the event. “My prayer was one of protection. My prayer there was for the restoration of right relationships in our society — relationships at the individual level, at the familial level, at the societal level, such that our national would be made great again in God’s sight. And our nation be made great again, I said, that our world be made great again, in God’s sight,” Father Charron said.“All of this presupposes that people, first of all, begin to live their daily lives in accordance with God’s will,” the priest added. 

Father Charron said he is aware of Trump’s policy pronouncements that conflict with Catholic teaching, including Trump’s recent statements saying he favors the availability of abortion pills. But he alluded to Trump’s pro-life actions, which include while he was president appointing three U.S. Supreme Court justices who helped form a majority that overturned Roe v. Wade in June 2022, which enabled states to ban abortion. “If people are going to wonder why I was at a Trump rally, it wasn’t to canonize him or absolve him from his many imperfections,” Father Charron told CNA. “His recent shyness on championing pro-life legislation is undesirable, and it’s not for that that I’m there, but to encourage him to build on the pro-life victories of his first administration,” he said.Father Charron was ordained to the priesthood in the Ukrainian Catholic Church for the Diocese of St. Josaphat in 2008. He has served in parishes in North Carolina, West Virginia and Pennsylvania and is currently pastor of Holy Trinity Ukrainian Catholic Church in Carnegie, Pennsylvania, and Our Lady of Perpetual Help in Wheeling, West Virginia. Source

Footage shows snipers return fire at Trump rally

Rifle Used In Trump's Assassination: Caliber Conversion on an AXSR

'Lack of professionalism': Alex Stein blasts Secret Service after Trump assassination attempt

FBI identifies Trump rally shooter as 20-year-old Thomas Matthew Crooks

FBI identifies Trump rally shooter as 20-year-old Thomas Matthew Crooks 

Authorities have identified the gunman involved in the attack against former US President Donald Trump on Saturday as 20-year-old Thomas Matthew Crooks, who was killed by Secret Service agents at the scene after the shooting. The FBI named Crooks in a statement early Sunday morning, identifying him as a resident of Bethel Park, Pennsylvania – about 35 miles south of Butler, where Trump was holding his rally. Crooks fired on Trump while perched on a nearby building rooftop outside the rally’s security perimeter, before being killed by the Secret Service, according to law enforcement officials. Witnesses at the rally described a “bloody” and chaotic scene, with people trying to administer first aid to those hit by the gunfire and struggling with the dense crowd. The shooting left one rally attendee dead and two others in critical condition, authorities said. Trump was injured, writing on social media that he’d been hit by a bullet in the upper part of his ear – though his campaign said he was otherwise fine. Trump flew back to Newark, New Jersey, late Saturday night. Now attention turns to the active and ongoing investigation, which involves multiple federal and state bodies. The FBI has urged members of the public to submit any information they have through a tip line or the agency website, including photos or videos of the shooting. Crooks graduated from Bethel Park High School in 2022, according to a local media report and a video of the school’s commencement. He was registered to vote as a Republican, according to a listing in Pennsylvania’s voter database that matched his name, age, and a Bethel Park address that law enforcement was searching Saturday night and is linked to Crooks in public records. This year’s presidential election would have been the first he was old enough to vote in. Federal Election Commission records show that a donor listed as Thomas Crooks with the same address gave $15 to a Democratic-aligned political action committee called the Progressive Turnout Project in January 2021.When reached by CNN late Saturday night, Crooks’ father, Matthew Crooks, said he was trying to figure out “what the hell is going on” but would “wait until I talk to law enforcement” before speaking about his son. After being killed at the scene, Crooks didn’t have any identification on his body, so agents had to “run his DNA and get biometric confirmation,” Kevin Rojek, the special agent in charge of the FBI’s Pittsburgh field office, said at a press conference Saturday night before the gunman was named. Source

Sky News host reacts to ‘fumbling fumbelinas’ Secret Service following Trump shooting

Suspected Trump PA Shooter: White Male, ATF Running Emergency Gun Trace

FBI identifies gunman who shot at Trump

WATCH: Moment Trump appears to be shot at rally

Doom For Springfield IL Coffee Shops: Fire Destroys The Cats' Pyjamas Cat Café And A Month Later The Owner Of Aviatori Coffee House Dies In Plane Crash....

Three Springfield IL Coffee shops DOOM within a month of each incident. 

The first DOOM event took place in June at the Cat's Pyjamas Coffee shop and Cafe Moxo both were hit by Fire.

The second DOOM event took place a month later in Montana when the owner of Aviatori Coffee House dies in Plane crash....

19 JUN 2024

Fire heavily damages downtown Springfield buildings 
A fire in Springfield's downtown Wednesday kept crews busy for hours. The fire began before noon in the 400 block of East Adams, in a structure which housed the recently opened cat cafe called Cat's Pyjamas. Neighboring buildings were also impacted. The adjacent Cafe Moxo announced it will be closed indefinitely as owners assess damage. The cause remains under investigation but is believed to have started in an upper story. A tenant reportedly called authorities after smelling smoke. The Elf Shelf, a longtime book and record store, formerly occupied the cat cafe space and was being moved upstairs. A social media post said art and artifacts for an exhibit on the former Pillsbury Mills were in the building and were destroyed. A firefighter suffered smoke inhalation. Those inside the buildings got out safely. Cats from the cafe were removed and safely placed at a nearby business. Source

10 JULY 2024

Brazilian Pilot and Illinois Coffee Entrepreneur Juliana Turchetti Dies Fighting Fire 

Juliana Turchetti, a trailblazing Brazilian aerial firefighter and owner of Springfield, Illinois-based Aviatori Coffee, died Wednesday while fighting a fire in Montana. Working on behalf of Idaho-based company Dauntless Air, the 45-year-old native of Minas Gerais was flying a FireBoss plane contracted to the U.S. Forest Service in order to fight a man-made fire when the plane crashed. Turchetti was the only person on board. Local and federal authorities said the accident is under investigation. Turchetti was an admired figure in the aviation and coffee industries, both of which she came to through childhood passions in Brazil. Turchetti was recently in the process of selling the Aviatori Coffee house in Springfield in order to devote more time to her aviation career. After deciding at the age of 12 that her calling was in the sky, Turchetti took her first flight as a flight attendant in Brazil at age 21 in order to save money to become a pilot. She would eventually accrue more than 6,000 flight hours while earning numerous piloting and instructors’ licenses, according to her LinkedIn profile. She was also a regular contributor to the B2B news publication AgAir in English, Spanish and Portuguese. Turchetti moved to the United States in 2017, pursuing aviation jobs in Nevada, Minnesota, Oklahoma and Texas before eventually landing in the city of Havana, Illinois, to fly agricultural planes. While in Havana and missing the coffee of her home country, Turchetti started bringing in roasted coffees then green coffees from Minas Gerais. She began importing and roasting the greens for farmers market sales, then launched the family-run Aviatori Coffee shop in 2022 inside a historic Springfield house. In a 2022 radio interview with NPR Illinois, Turchetti shared some of her thoughts on coffee, urging guests to be brave. “I love telling people what I know about coffee, because it’s a constant learning for me; I’m still learning a lot,” she said. “So don’t ever feel intimidated. If anyone is listening to us and wants to go there and ask questions. I’m more than happy to answer. And, the good coffee is the one that you like.” Source

Sunday, July 7, 2024