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Distributist Mark Shea Never Tells You Why He Is A Distributist But Will Tell You Why He Does Not Vote Democrat Or For That Matter - Republican, Libertarian, Green Party, Constitution Party, America First Party, American Conservative Party, American Freedom Party, American Populist Party, Americans Elect, America's Party Christian Liberty Party, Citizens Party of the United States, Communist Party USA, Freedom Socialist Party, Independent American Party, Justice Party, Modern Whig Party, National Socialist Movement, Objectivist Party, Party for Socialism and Liberation, Peace and Freedom Party, Pirate Party, Prohibition Party, Reform Party of the United States of America, Socialist Action, Socialist Alternative, Socialist Equality Party, Socialist Party USA, Socialist Workers Party, United States Marijuana Party, United States Pacifist Party, Unity Party of America, Workers World Party.....

Phony Christian & Godless Gun Rights Advocate Tea Party-er Mark Mayfield Blows His Head Off Using One Of His Many Guns!

Property Rights Freak Julie Rodenhuis Arrested For Spraying WEED KILLER Into The Face Of A Seven-Year-Old Girl!

Gun Ranges The New Place For Assisted Suicide!

Jew Andrew Stern Can't Compete With Leonardo DiCaprio So He Gave Into Despair & Kills Himself At Gun Range Over His Ex-Wife Model Katie Cleary

Las Vegas Cop Killin' Nazi Couple Jerad And Amanda Miller Were Wearing Adult DIAPERS!

Think Twice Before Hooking Up With A Divorced Lady: Lori Moore And Lance Griffel Both Shot In The Head By Enraged Ex-Husband At East Peoria Community High School Reunion

Distrubitist Doomsday Prepper Martin Winters Arrested For Stockpiling Weapons & Reading Too Much Into The Book Of Revelation - FBI Only Found Buried Barrels Of Food

Anti-Vaccination Nut & Gun Nut Distributist Megan Everett Kidnaps Daughter To Stop Her Being Vaccinated!

Bullied Boy Turns Out To Be The Bigger Bully Stabs Classmate To Death

Ex-Con Charles Shisler Shooting Off His Guns Inside His Home Hits & Kills Next Door Neighbor

Extreme Hoarder Beverly Mitchell, 66, Crushed To Death By All The Mountain Of Junk She Accumulated!

Honor Student Aza Ray Vidinhar, 16, Pleads Guilty To Stabbing To Death His Adopted Brothers Age 4 & 10

Law-Enforcement-Graduate/Cop Wannabe Claudia Esquivel Shoots Dead The Man She Been Shackin' Up With

Concerned Friend Turns Out To Be The Killer: Christopher Waide Who Pleaded In TV Interview For Return Of Missing Girl, Lea Chali Porter, Was The One Who Killed Her

Father Kenneth Walker Of The Priestly Fraternity of Saint Peter Killed With A Colt Python 357 Owned By Father Joseph Terra FSSP

Explosive Distributism In Action At Orem Summerfest Parade : Four Children Seriously Hurt At Civil War Re-enactment Gone Wrong!

Another School Shooting - Reynolds High School in Troutdale, Oregon: Shooter & Victim Dead

Video Of The Vegas Cop Killer Jerad Miller Crying His Eyes Out: I Love You Forever And Ever.

Video Of The Vegas Cop Killer Jerad Miller On Drones: Video Made When On House Arrest For Selling Marijana

Married Distributists Jared & Amanda Yell 'This Is A Revolution' At Cops Then Shoot Two Las Vegas Cops Dead

Kennesaw State University Associate Director Of Research Compliance Paula Strange, 54 Chases Her Husband Bruce Strange Out Of Fast Food Restaurant Shoots Him Dead Then Blows Her Brains Out!

Self-Proclaimed 'Sovereign Citizen' & Stockpile-er Of Weapons Dennis Marx Tries & Fails & Dies Trying To Take Georgia Courthouse

Former Janitor Aaron Ybarra Is Now Sorry For His Shooting Rampage At Seattle Pacific University

Catholic Blogger Mark Shea Got His Wish! Five Innocent Swarthy Muslims Released From Gitmo!

Justin Bourque - Another Gun Toting Rambo Goes On Shooting Spree Killing Three Cops

Isolated Couch Potato Ryan Chamberlain Gets Off The Couch & Sparks A Nationwide Manhunt Later Arrested By FBI