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Former Distributist Tenants Rig House With Explosives Set To Detonate With Flick Of A Light Switch After Moving Out!!

Pot Head Luke Goodman Buys Gun For Protection Eats Five Peach Tart Edibles Hears Voices Then Blows His Head Off With Gun!

Drunken Bride Christina George-Harvan Kills Niece Katelyn Francis On Wedding Night

British Tourist Liam Colven, 21, Takes Taxi To Thai Gun Range & Then Blows His Head Off!

Gang Of 20 Drunken Anti-Semitic Distributists Attack Synagogue in Stamford Hill UK - Saturday Night 3-22-2015

Mark Shea Excuses Antisemitism Of GK Chesterton Claims His Jew Hatin' Views Were A Product Of His Age

Are Distributists Secretly Racists? Secretly Anti-Semites? Name One Black Distributist! Name One Jew Distributist!

Tattooed Freak From Indiana Justin Noelker Was Invited Into The Frass Home & Then Stabs John Frass, 61, And His Daughter, Katherine Frass, 24

WOOD STOVE USED TO BURN BODIES! Distributist Robert Jason Owens Kills Pregnant Food Network Star Cristie Schoen Codd & Her Husband

Man Drowns While Kayaking In Brisbane Storm Drain During Flash Flood

Boston's Joloperros Gang Kidnap Danny Veloz: Tagged Victim's Car With A GPS Tracker And Monitored His Movements For Months On A Big-Screen TV Inside Veloz's House

Chaos At Louis Armstrong International Airport! Richard White Uses WASP Spray & Machete On TSA!

Distributist At SEA?? I Thought Distributists Were Landlubbers!

Hammerskin Nationalist/Distributist Ryan Eliot Giroux Arrested Killing One Wounding Six

Distributist Paul Willard Kidnapped Kimberly L Peabody To Start New Distributist Colony!

Karate Kid Wanna Be Nicholas Vega Kidnaps Underage Girl Is Found With Guns, Knives, Handcuffs, Chains & Ammo In His Bug Out Bag...

Craazzy High School Journalism Teacher Bitch Cara Ryan Shoots Ex-Husband J J (John Joseph Rush) Dead!

Man Shoot His Black Neighbor Eight Times! Then Kills Self! Claiming She Was Wiretapping His Apartment!

Hippie Distributist Rainbow Family of Living Light Have Gun Fight By Camp Fire Light Killing Smiley (Jacob Cardwell)

Drunken Late Night Off Roading Kills Infant & Mother - Hallie Lewis Behind The Wheel

Dark Skinned Muslim Gang Of Teenagers Terrorizing Residents Of Wolverhampton UK With Hammers, Knives & Guns Are Finally Arrested AFTER ONE YEAR!!

Virginia Muslim Man And Women Both Suffer Gunshot Wounds When Her Glock Goes Off In Her Purse

Mr. 666 William Long Enters A United Methodist Church For Charity Event And Kills A Man