Saturday, March 28, 2015

Former Distributist Tenants Rig House With Explosives Set To Detonate With Flick Of A Light Switch After Moving Out!!

A homeowner checking his house after tenants moved out found the property had been rigged with explosives set to detonate with the flip of a light switch. Lendel Williams was inspecting the house in Milton, Massachusetts on Tuesday as he prepared to sell the home when his electrician came across the suspicious device in a bedroom closet. They called police and it was successfully deactivated a few hours later. 'I am angry,' Lendel told reporters outside the home on Tuesday night. 'I just can't believe people can really do that to be quite frank with you.' Daily Mail Read More>>>

Pot Head Luke Goodman Buys Gun For Protection Eats Five Peach Tart Edibles Hears Voices Then Blows His Head Off With Gun!


A popular college graduate died this past weekend in Colorado, after his family say he took too many marijuana candies and killed himself. Luke Goodman, 23, of Tulsa, Oklahoma ate four times the prescribed amount of a peach tart marijuana edible candy in addition to a THC-laced red velvet cookie and proceeded to shoot himself in the head with a gun he brought on the trip for protection. Goodman's family say he was a charismatic and outgoing young man who never showed signs of depression or suicidal thoughts before. They blame his death solely on the edibles. 'It was 100 per cent the drugs. It was completely because of the drugs - he had consumed so much of it,' his mother Kim Goodman told CBS Denver. Daily Mail Read More>>>>>

Drunken Bride Christina George-Harvan Kills Niece Katelyn Francis On Wedding Night

A bride who shot her niece dead during an argument on her wedding night is claiming it was a drunken accident. Christina George-Harvan, 30 and Katelyn Francis, 21, were celebrating at Jimmy K's bar in New Brighton, Pennsylvania, after the ceremony on April 24, 2014 when they started arguing over who should drive home. The row spilled into the parking lot and then into new husband Jeremy Harvan's car when the gun went off. Prosecutors say George-Harvan took the weapon from the center console and deliberately shot Francis, but her defense claims it fired by accident. She is facing third-degree murder and involuntary manslaughter charges. Daily Mail Read More>>>>>

Monday, March 23, 2015

British Tourist Liam Colven, 21, Takes Taxi To Thai Gun Range & Then Blows His Head Off!

Shocking CCTV footage has emerged of a British tourist shooting himself in the head in an apparent suicide at a shooting range in Thailand. The horrified reaction of a worker at the range who was supervising the man - identified as Liam Colven, originally from the Isle of Skye - can be seen as he wheels away in shock after trying to stop Mr Colven turning a handgun on himself. The footage was taken from a camera at the Thalang range on Phuket, Thailand, where the British man had arrived by taxi, reportedly following an argument with a male friend. When he hailed the taxi, he asked the driver to 'take me somewhere I can shoot', it was reported. Daily Mail Read More>>>>>>

Sunday, March 22, 2015

Gang Of 20 Drunken Anti-Semitic Distributists Attack Synagogue in Stamford Hill UK - Saturday Night 3-22-2015

This is the moment a group of 20 drunken thugs stormed a synagogue before hurling anti-Semitic abuse including 'Kill the Jews' at young worshippers inside. The dramatic brawl broke out after the group forced their way into the Ahavas Torah synagogue in Stamford Hill, north London, where young people were marking the end of the sabbath. The attack, which led to four men and two women being arrested, comes amid concerns about an increase of anti-Semitic attacks across Europe. A Jewish patrol group, which works to reduce violence against Jews, said it had stepped up patrols in the area. In a shocking video filmed at the scene, chairs are seen being flung against the double doors, shattering panes of glass, as men shout profanities at those desperately barricading the doors. Those inside then start to fight back by throwing parts of broken chairs around the synagogue. This morning, a mound of broken furniture and trails of blood could be seen strewn across the building. The incident is said to have taken place after the group attacked a young Jewish man outside the building, who is not a member of the synagogue. As he ran inside for refuge, the thugs chased him inside. Police said some of the men did manage to briefly break into the synagogue, but were quickly thrown out again by security staff. Daily Mail Read More>>>>>>

Mark Shea Excuses Antisemitism Of GK Chesterton Claims His Jew Hatin' Views Were A Product Of His Age

I guess if you're anti Jew in this day and age the best course is to ask Mark Shea for his blessing so you can carry on your Jew hating without the stigma of being labeled Antisemitic:
The only thing that will get in the way (and not a few fellow Chestertonians tear their hair at me when I say this) will be his conventional Victorian and Edwardian views on Jews and some of his remarks on race. However, it should not be forgotten that GK’s life, like that of any saint has a story arc and that he changes over time under the influence of grace (which is what makes any person a saint). We don’t canonize people because they were flawless, but because they submitted their flaws and their virtues to the will of Jesus Christ and tried to do his will. Read More>>>>>>

Are Distributists Secretly Racists? Secretly Anti-Semites? Name One Black Distributist! Name One Jew Distributist!

Are You A Racist?

Government workers are required to take a test to see if the are racist. The test is stupid of course:
Workers at the U.S. government's Forest Service have been asked to use online tests to check whether they are secretly racist, or harboring other biases. The federal employees were asked to use work time to take tests, lasting some 15 minutes each, to see whether they have unconscious biases based on sexuality, nationalist, race and whether somebody is disabled. The practice was reported on by the Washington Times, which said the directive to take the Harvard quizzes came from Forest Management Director Bryan Rice. Daily Mail Read More>>>>>>>
Maybe the Distributist should test themselves to see if their are racists. Not unreasonable to accuse Distributist as racists or even Anti-Semitic considering there are no Blacks in Distributist circles nor are there any Jews in the movement.

Tattooed Freak From Indiana Justin Noelker Was Invited Into The Frass Home & Then Stabs John Frass, 61, And His Daughter, Katherine Frass, 24

Spot The Tats!

A 24-year-old Indiana man has been arrested and charged over the stabbing of a father and his daughter in Florida late on Monday night. Justin Noelker, 23, is accused of attacking John Frass, 61, and his daughter, Katherine Frass, 24, at the Windward West Condominiums in Cocoa Beach about 11pm. The victims were badly injured and rushed to hospital, with Mr Frass listed as critical, however Miss Frass was conscious and able to give police a detailed description of the assailant. Police say she let him into the apartment, however it's unclear how well they know each other, according to WESH2.Daily Mail Read More>>>>>>>

Saturday, March 21, 2015

WOOD STOVE USED TO BURN BODIES! Distributist Robert Jason Owens Kills Pregnant Food Network Star Cristie Schoen Codd & Her Husband

Officials have revealed a handyman who is charged with the murders of a pregnant celebrity chef and her husband had human remains in a wood stove at his home. Robert Jason Owens, 37, is suspected of killing Cristie Schoen Codd, 38, a season eight finalist on the Food Network Star, and her husband, 45-year-old Joseph Codd. The couple were reported missing from their Leicester, North Carolina home on Sunday. Owens has also been named as the main person-of-interest in a cold case killing.Police said on Friday that Owens admitted he had stored and destroyed the bodies of the couple at his home, The Citizen-Times reported. Investigators also said they found human remains inside a wood stove in Owens' home. Daily Mail Read More>>>>>

Man Drowns While Kayaking In Brisbane Storm Drain During Flash Flood

A body has been found in a Brisbane drain after a man went missing amid a severe storm that caused flash flooding and left 4000 homes without power. The police located the man's body at 6.30pm, after two hours of searching, 400 metres down a storm water drain in the Brisbane river near Eagle Street Pier. The Courier Mail reported that the man was illegally kayaking in drains underneath the city with a female who called for help when the water began to drastically rise due to the storm around 4pm Daily Mail Read More>>>>>>

Boston's Joloperros Gang Kidnap Danny Veloz: Tagged Victim's Car With A GPS Tracker And Monitored His Movements For Months On A Big-Screen TV Inside Veloz's House

A gang that allegedly specialized in organized, armed and violent crime that were often referred to as 'Joloperros' - Spanish for 'stick-up guys' - will finally go to trial this summer for their role in the elaborate kidnapping and assault of two men in Boston. The FBI says the 'Veloz Crew' - headed by Danny Veloz, who is known as 'The Maestro' - went to elaborate lengths to kidnap a man they believed to be a major dealer of homemade Percocet pills, which deliver a heroin-like high. The plot was one of many underground kidnappings that police say targeted dealers in order to obtain large ransoms of cash or drugs, believing that going after criminals reduced the risk of involving authorities. The Joloperros tagged the victim's car with a GPS tracker and monitored his movements for months on a big-screen TV inside Veloz's house,The Boston Herald reported. Daily Mail Read More>>>>>

Chaos At Louis Armstrong International Airport! Richard White Uses WASP Spray & Machete On TSA!

A machete-wielding man was shot at New Orleans airport Friday night after attacking three TSA officials. Richard White, 63, attacked two security officials with wasp spray then cut a guard with his machete at a security checkpoint in Louis Armstrong International Airport. He slashed a female TSA officials, wounding her right arm. During the attack he was shot in the chest, the thigh and the face, before being taken to hospital. The female TSA worker was also taken to hospital, but her injuries are not thought to be serious. Daily Mail Read More>>>>>>

Distributist At SEA?? I Thought Distributists Were Landlubbers!

Distributist At Sea????

With its stunning views of Rio de Janeiro and easy beach access, it boasts the hallmarks of an estate agents dream. But the floating home is the frugal creation of Hamilton Cunha Filho, who built the raft with things he found on the city's streets. The 30-year-old, who was homeless, decided to solve the problem by using people's unwanted rubbish to create his unique living quarters.His worldly belongings can be seen inside the one-room tent boat, which is usually found floating near to Guanabara Bay. Daily Mail Read More>>>>>>>

Thursday, March 19, 2015

Hammerskin Nationalist/Distributist Ryan Eliot Giroux Arrested Killing One Wounding Six

The Hammerskin Nation is a leaderless group of men and women who have adopted the White Power Skinhead lifestyle. We are blue collar workers, white collar professionals, college students, entrepreneurs, fathers and mothers. The Hammerskin brotherhood is way of achieving goals which we have all set for ourselves. These goals are many but can be summed up with one phrase consisting of 14 words. "We must secure the existence of our people and a future for White Children."

Police in Arizona have apprehended a suspect accused of gunning down at least six people, one of them fatally, in a shooting spree across a Phoenix suburb. Mesa Detective Esteban Flores said victims were shot Wednesday morning at four locations, including a restaurant and a hotel. The suspect has not yet been named, but Detective Flores described him as a bald, white man in his 40s with tattoos on his neck and face. He was last seen wearing a black shirt and black shorts. Police believe the shooter was acting alone.One local station has identified the man suspected of being behind the mass shooting as 41-year-old Ryan Giroux, but authorities have not confirmed that information. According to online records, Giroux spent more than six years behind bars for aggravated assault. Daily Mail Read More>>>>>

Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Distributist Paul Willard Kidnapped Kimberly L Peabody To Start New Distributist Colony!

Distributist Willard

Authorities say an Upstate New York man was arrested last weekend after he was found sleeping in the home of a woman he's accused of kidnapping last fall. The Watertown Daily Times reports that state police charged 36-year-old Paul Willard of Edwards with criminal contempt for disobeying an order of protection last Friday. Troopers say Willard was found sleeping in 43-year-old Kimberly L Peabody's home in the St. Lawrence County town of Russell just before 11:30am on Friday. St. Lawrence County sheriff's deputies arrested Willard last October after they say he violated a protection order and kidnapped Ms Peabody. Daily Mail Read More>>>>>

Monday, March 16, 2015

Karate Kid Wanna Be Nicholas Vega Kidnaps Underage Girl Is Found With Guns, Knives, Handcuffs, Chains & Ammo In His Bug Out Bag...

A 23-year-old man who disappeared with a teenage girl was later discovered to have been carrying a gun, knives, handcuffs and chains. Nicholas Vega, 23, allegedly lured 15-year-old Emily Lindsey away from her home in Pearland, Texas on Thursday night. The pair had met at a self-defense class and became sparring partners. An Amber Alert was raised as soon as Miss Lindsey's parents realized that she was missing. Daily Mail Read More>>>>>

Craazzy High School Journalism Teacher Bitch Cara Ryan Shoots Ex-Husband J J (John Joseph Rush) Dead!

A high school journalism teacher has shot dead her former police officer ex-husband after an argument during a messy split, police have said. Cara Ryan, 45, killed John Joseph Rush, also 45, at her home in Indian Rocks Beach, Florida around 11pm on Saturday. The Pinellas County Sheriff's Office initially said the shooting occurred during a domestic dispute and they did not bring any charges, but on Friday, they said that Ryan had been arrested. The sheriff said he would share more details about the incident at a press conference on Friday afternoon. Authorities previously said they had been arguing before the shooting, Fox 13 reported. The couple, who have a grown daughter together, had divorced in 2003 but then they later moved back in with each other, Fox reported. But Rush's family told the channel that the relationship had soured again in recent months and he had moved out of the home in February. Read More>>>>>

Man Shoot His Black Neighbor Eight Times! Then Kills Self! Claiming She Was Wiretapping His Apartment!

A man has shot his neighbor eight times - leaving her in critical condition - and taken his own life after accusing her of wiretapping his apartment in a years-long rift. Steven Outlaw, 51, confronted his downstairs neighbor, 46-year-old Mary Pitts-Devine, in the first-floor hallway of their West Philadelphia building just before 11am on Sunday, WPVI reported. He shot at her 10 times, hitting her with eight bullets and leaving her in critical condition. Outlaw then went to his second-floor apartment and shot himself dead, police said. A resident reported hearing shots in the building and Pitts-Devine was found in the hallway. She was rushed to Penn Presbyterian Medical Center, where she was in critical condition on Sunday night. Outlaw, who shot himself in the head, was pronounced dead at Presbyterian shortly after noon. A gun was recovered at the scene. The shooting came after a simmering argument over whether Pitts-Devine was wiretapping the telephone lines of Outlaw's apartment, reported. Daily Mail Read More>>>>>>>>>>

Hippie Distributist Rainbow Family of Living Light Have Gun Fight By Camp Fire Light Killing Smiley (Jacob Cardwell)

A member of pacifist hippie group The Rainbow Family of Living Light was killed in a deadly shooting around a campfire. Jacob Cardwell, also known as Smiley, was shot dead by a man from Georgia, who was in turn stabbed multiple times and had to be rushed to hospital. A second Rainbow Family member, Wesley Jones, also known as Dice, was also shot, and was in critical condition after the attack at the group's annual woodland meeting. Daily Mail Read More>>>>>

Monday, March 9, 2015

Drunken Late Night Off Roading Kills Infant & Mother - Hallie Lewis Behind The Wheel

A mother and her infant son were killed this weekend in a late-night off-roading excursion gone wrong. Hallie Lewis, 22, and boyfriend Taylor Brown, 21, of Orlando strapped their 1-year-old son Brason into a child seat to go along for the off-roading drive near Walt Disney World Saturday night. Around 10:30pm, the couple's Jeep got stuck in a muddy area and Brown exited the vehicle to try and pull it out of the muck with the help of a friend in a different truck.  Daily Mail Read More>>>>>

Dark Skinned Muslim Gang Of Teenagers Terrorizing Residents Of Wolverhampton UK With Hammers, Knives & Guns Are Finally Arrested AFTER ONE YEAR!!

Muslim Thugs

Three teenage thugs whose terrifying gang battle with knives and a hammer was caught on camera have been jailed. An imitation gun was fired and a teenage girl was battered to the ground as children watched on in horror while the group of 20 thugs 'bristling with weapons' brawled in the streets of Wolverhampton in April last year. Footage taken on a mobile phone captured the horrifying scenes as they unfolded outside the Britannia Hotel before the violence spilled into the hotel foyer. Wolverhampton Crown Court heard the battle took place between the Firetown and the 623 gangs who joined forces to confront another unnamed rival group. An imitation firearm was fired in the air by a 16-year-old who then pointed the weapon at another of the girls while Connor Chambers, 17, was seen waving a knife at a rival.  Daily Mail Read More>>>>>

Virginia Muslim Man And Women Both Suffer Gunshot Wounds When Her Glock Goes Off In Her Purse

Police say a woman and her boyfriend were wounded when a gun in her purse discharged. The incident occurred Saturday afternoon as the couple sat in a vehicle outside a residence in Bassett, Virginia. Franklin County sheriff's Lt. Phillip Young says the bullet went through one of the man's hands and both of the woman's legs. The Roanoke Times reports that the unidentified woman's Glock went off as she was sitting the passenger's seat. He had reached over and put a drink can in her purse, then settled a hand on her leg. Daily Mail Read More>>>>>

Sunday, March 1, 2015

Mr. 666 William Long Enters A United Methodist Church For Charity Event And Kills A Man

A North Carolina man sporting a '666' tattoo on his forehead has been charged with first-degree murder for fatally stabbing another man in a church, police say. William Everett Long, 53, stabbed George provost, 61, Thursday after the two got into an argument while making sandwiches at Duck United Methodist Church as part of a charity program in the small town of Duck, WTKR reports. The murder is the first in the tiny, seven-mile, seaside community in Dare County with a population of 379. The town was founded in 1668 as part of Currituck County. Daily Mail Read More>>>>