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Chaplain For Boy Scouts Didn't Give Up His Guns For Lent! Father Sean P. Thomson Busted With .357 Magnum & 9mm Pistol Along With Pot & Booze!

Video Of Albuquerque Police Killing Unarmed Distributist/Camper Just Another Reason To Hate Cops!

He Hath Shewed Might In His Arm: He Hath Scattered The Proud In The Conceit Of Their Heart

18 Year Old Brandon Goode Was Raised To Love Guns And Axes Shoots Dead Cop Then Kills Himself & His Girlfriend

Cop/Family Man/Pervert Ricky Urbina Blows His Head Off Just Moments Before His Arrest For Kidnapping And Rape

Distributist Kenny Woodburn Shoots Little Girl's Dog Dead To Teach The Little Girl About Property Rights - The Distributist Way!

Gun Toting Gay Distributist Fired A Gun As He Tried To Make Off With Costumes And Props Used By The Thunder From Down Under Male Revue

Video: Gang Of Shotgun-Wielding Hillbilly Distributists Staged Breakout Of Two Inmates From Prison Van

No Gun Toting Distributist Here! Because He's A Black Boy: Boy, 14, Charged With Murder In NYC Bus Shooting!

Technology Hatin' Distributist Attacks Self-Checkout Register At Wichita Walmart Yelling Racial Slurs Attacking A Black & A Mexican!

Blessed Be The Lord My God, Who Teacheth My Hands To Fight, And My Fingers To War ~ Ash Wednesday 2014

Four Oregon Teenagers Jenna Montgomery, 15, Jess Taylor, 17, Blue Kalmbach, 15; All Raised As Jew Lovin' Distributists Carve Swastika In Forehead Of Fellow Classmate!