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Gang Of Seven Muslim Indians On HI Tech Work Visas Arrested for GROPING Underage Girls Released By DA: Gursharanpal Banga, 34, Manpreet Dhillon, 26, Lakhveer Gill, 30, Baljinder Khaira, 38, Balwinder Malhi, 32, Dharampal Singh, 21, and Harpreet Talwar, 18.

Salem In A Panic! Civil Emergency Prepare for Action

The Flower/Candle Memorial For 2011 Liege Attack Didn't Stop Today's 2018 Liege Attack

Ramadan 2018 Rage List: Count 525 (203 Deaths, 322 Injuries)


Ramadan RAGE! Liege Terror Attack: Muslim Convert Benjamin Herman Kills Three Shouting Allahu Akbar

Ramadan DOOM: MUSLIM Armed With Knife Tried To Hijack Flydubai #FZ301

Refugee crisis: The Syrians abandoning Europe

Follies of First Responders: NJ Cops PUNCH Bikini-Clad Emily Weinman In The Head

Giant Slabs Of Cement Decapitates A Semi-Truck's Cab

Purse Carrying Grown Man Sucker Punches Girl Store Clerk

Lights Out Bessarabskaya Square, Kiev

Syria: Coalition Air Strike Destroys Daesh Headquarters

Junkie Matthew Barker Storms Onto Elementary School Bus And Holds Knife To The Driver's Throat' In Front Of A Dozen Terrified Children

Ramadan Rape! Muslims On Way To Friday Mosque Prayers Stop To RAPE 12 Year-Old Girl

Selfie Boating Accident LOL!

Thug Cops Abuse Their Authority At Coeur d’Alene Hospital

Stolen Truck Suspect Kayla Sue Shelton Hit By Tulsa Police Vehicle

Muslims Celebrating Ramadan Set Europapark On Fire

Richmond Virginia: Naked High School Teacher Marcus-David Peters, High On Drugs Shot Dead By Police

Atheist Military Veteran, Jonathan Torres Planted Pipe Bombs At Starbucks, Post Office Mail Box, Police Station & Episcopal Church

Ramadan Death Count: Two Muslims Explode IED's At Bombay Bhel Indian Restaurant Mississauga, Ontario, Wounding 15

Ramadan DOOM! Muslim Stalks And Stabs Two Teenage Boys In Toronto

Ramadan DOOM! Muslim Escapes From Court After Being Sentenced Three Years For Kidnapping.....

Ramadan BEATINGS! Somali Muslims Attack Park Goers In Lewiston, Maine

Oklahoma City: Security Guard Alexander Tilghman Opened Fire Inside Louie's Grill & Bar Wounding Woman & Two Girls

Ramadan Death Count: Muslim Runs Over Four Pedestrians In His SUV Near Portland State University

Ramadan DEATH COUNT: 3 Dead 15 Injured MUSLIMS Blow Up IED Inside Indian Restaurant In Canada

School Shooting: Noblesville West Middle School, Suspect In Custody

Ramadan DOOM! Muslims Break Windows Of Hindu Temple In Schilderswijk In The Hague

Ramadan DOOM! 60 Year Old Muslim Dies On Turkish Airlines #TK1556

Ramadan DOOM! Muslim Gunmen Open Fire With Kalashnikovs In Marseille

Ramadan DOOM! Saudi Arabia Is About To Behead 6 School Girls For Acting Indecently With Their Male Friends

Follies Of First Responders: Ex-Cop Roger Glenn Self Intentionally Rammed His Car Into A Restaurant Where His Family Was Eating Brunch - Killing His Own Daughter And Daughter-In-Law.

Ramadan DOOM! Muslim Celebrates Ramadan By Stabbing Two Germans!

Ramadan DEATH Count! 1 Dead Muslim Beaten To Death By Hindus For Killing A Sacred Cow!

Bodycam Shows Utah Cops Use Taser On Aggressive German Shepherd

Ramadan DEATH Count: 1 Dead, 3 Injured In MUSLIM Sword Attack On Indonesian Police Headquarters

Ramadan DEATH COUNT: 6 DEAD Four MUSLIM Terrorists Shot Dead By Russian Police 2 Russian Police Dead At St. Michael The Archangel in Grozny, Chechnya.

Ramadan DOOM: Egypt Opened a Gaza Border Crossing for the Month of Ramadan

Böneutrop i Karlskrona - Närboende kommer inte att tillfrågas

Ramadan DEATH COUNT: 8 Muslims Die In Cricket Match Bombing In Nangarhar Province In Eastern Afghanistan