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70-Year-Old David Vowell Murders Two Duck Hunters Zachery Grooms, 25, And Chance Black, 26, Both Of Tennessee.

Christian Nationalists Dawn Bancroft And Diana Santos-Smith Arrested For Threatening To Shoot House Speaker Nancy Pelosi During The Capitol Riots

Muslim Migrants Accidental Bomb Explosion At An Apartment Building In Langenzersdorf, Austria

Black Lives Matter Nominated For Nobel Peace Prize.....I Hope BLM Riots And Burns Down Oslo, Norway......

Muslim Migrants Riot And Burn Down Napier Barracks, Kent, UK

Our Lady Of La Salette On Raymond Childs III, 17, Murders His Mother Kezzie, 42, Father Raymond Jr, 42, Brother Elijah, 18, Sister Rita, 13, Elijah's Girlfriend Kiara Hawkins, 19, And Her Baby......

Muslim Immigrant Khaled Miah, 27, Charged With Threatening Communications And Impeding FBI Investigation

Muslim Immigrant Hichman Asfir Stabs A 19-Year-Old Female Walmart Cashier In The Head Over The Price Of Milk........

Muslim Hassan Shire Hassan Arrested For Setting A Car On Fire At Fargo Islamic Center

Muslim Converts Jaylyn Christopher Molina, aka Abdur Rahim & Kristopher Sean Matthews, aka Ali Jibreel Pleads Guilty To Conspiracy To Provide Material Support To ISIS

Muslim Rapes And Murders 19-Year-Old White German Girl But German Newspapers Hide The Fact That Murderer Is A Muslim

MBS DOOM: Biden Puts An End To Arms Sales To Saudi Arabia

Update: Muslim Doctor Bharat Narumanchi Is Dead After Killing Female Pediatrician Hostage In Austin, Texas

DC DOOM! Washington Monument Goes Dark

UPDATE: AFP Reports Kremlin Accuses Biden Administration Of Interfering In Russia's "Domestic Affairs"

Videos Of Tacoma Police Car Plows Through Crowd Of ANTIFA BLM Gathered At Downtown Street Race

Chinese Boy + Firecracker + Manhole = LOL!

Laborer’s International Union Of North America (LIUNA) "We Helped Push Joe Biden And Kamala Harris Over The Top! Now They Have Regrets......

11,000 Workers Lose Their Jobs On Biden's First Day: Biden Stops Keystone XL Pipeline

Joe Biden Treats His Dogs Better Than He Does The National Guard

Here We Go....Delusional Trump Supporters Now Turn To An ELECTED MONARCHY....Or How The Forerunner To The Antichrist Gains Power....

Muslim Twin Suicide Bombing Killed 28 Muslims And Wounded 73 In Baghdad's Tayaran Square

Sending A Message To Madrid's Vicar General Avelino Revilla? Explosion At Building Owned By The Church Of The Virgen de la Paloma: Revilla Gave A Talk On "Religious Tolerance" In 2019......

Madrid Explosion Occurred At Building Owned By Catholic Church. Several Priests Dead. Religious Motivated Attack On Catholic Priests...Muslim Immigrant Set Off Bomb

Muslims Set Off Bomb In Madrid - Several Dead

Rotten Fruit Of Fr John Zuhlsdorf's Disobedient Exorcism Leads To Jacob Chansley (AKA Jake Angeli AKA "QAnon Shaman") Leading Prayer Service In Senate Chamber

Ex-FBI Deputy Director: New Riot Video Reminds Me Of Benghazi