Saturday, January 11, 2014

‘What’s That Between Your Legs?’ Bomb Making Distributist/Gun Nut Andrew Scott Boguslawski Charges Added Possessing Chemical Weapons!

Distributists Favorite Bumper Sticker  

New charges have been added to the bomb carrying distributist Andrew Scott Boguslawski  who was stopped by State Police on New Years Day with over 80 bombs found inside his van. Now it is said that he also had chemical bombs in his possession.

The Distributist/bombmaking/gun nut was in possession:

Rounds for a 223 rifle
One .22-caliber gun
Two knives
Fake orange pistol
Beretta 9mm
Smith & Weston Walter P-22
One .223 sniper rifle
One .22-caliber zip gun
Two banana clips
Camcorder bag stuffed with IEDs (improvised explosive devices)
Several bags and containers of explosives
58 improvised explosive initiators, made of tubing and straws and containing explosives, or “energetic matter,” that can be used to set off other explosives, along with 25 IEDs inside bottles.
Some green notebooks

LONDON, Madison County — A former Fairborn resident and Wright State University graduate reportedly had more than 80 explosives devices, plus the materials to make more, inside his van when he was stopped on Interstate 70 New Year’s Day, the Columbus bomb squad commander testified Friday. Andrew Scott Boguslawski, 43, of Moores Hill, Ind., faces a new charge of illegal assembly and possession of chemical weapons in addition to his initial felony charge of illegal manufacture or processing of explosives. The charges stem from a traffic stop New Year’s Day on westbound I-70 in Madison County when Trooper W. Scott Davis said he clocked Boguslawski driving 85 mph in a 70 mph zone. Dayton Daily News Read More >>>>>

Why was Boguslawski in possession of so many bombs and guns? Was he planning his own little Jihad? Was he a Muslim convert? Distributism as you may know is not Jew friendly and because of the rampant Anti-Semitism found within the Distributist movement many Muslim terrorists are friends of Distributism.

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