Thursday, November 6, 2014

Distributist/Hunter Cop Killer Eric Frein - What's In Frein's Bug Out Bag?

  1. Chinese-made sniper rifle
  2. Rifle of the type used by the former Yugoslavian army
  3. Handgun used by the former Czechoslovakian military
  4. Scope, mount, bayonet and more than 200 rounds of ammunition
  5. Psalms and scriptures
  6. DVDs, shortwave and weather-band radios and a laptop computer
  7. Kit for dressing hunted animals
  8. Rolls of toilet paper and paper towels
  9. Flashlights and dozens of candles
  10. Propane stove
  11. Bottles of vegetable oil, soy sauce and seasoning
  12. Bags of rice and beans
  13. Salt, pepper and a spork
  14. Diapers Serbian cigarettes 
  15. AK-47-style assault rifle and ammunition

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