Thursday, February 26, 2015

Hero Volunteer Firefighter Prick Tim Conatser Kills Neighbor's Dogs & Posts It On Facebook!

Typical Hero Firefighter Kills Neighbor's Dogs

A volunteer firefighter in a little Texas town has managed to enrage animal lovers worldwide and gotten himself suspended after reportedly posting photos of two dogs he shot on his property. Tim Conatser killed the animals after warning their owners, his neighbors, to keep them away from his livestock, reports NBCDFW. Criticism and even death threats have since poured into tiny Union Valley Volunteer Fire Department from all over the US and as far as western Europe. Daily Mail Read More>>>>>

Typical Prick Attracted To The Life Of Hero Firefighter/Cop/Jail Guard

It takes a special breed of prick to become a cop/firefighter/jail guard - most are moral degenerates breaking every one of the ten commandments on a hourly basis.  Most are godless except on Sundays when they attend some Evangelical church to check out the married honeys.

Most degenerate hero cop/firefighter/jail guards put on the uniform and become instant  'moral authorities' these assholes are no different than the degenerate sluts that convert to Islam and put on a burka and automatically become 'pure'. Same reasoning. Be a slut and put on a Burka and transform yourself into purity itself. Be a immoral degenerate  put on a uniform of a cop/firefighter/jail guard and you become a  'moral' hero.

Sick of these foul assholes.

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