Friday, May 15, 2015

Distributist Craziness!! Sarah P Schrock Arrested For 'Putting Foot Shavings In Milk And Serving It To Her Family'

A woman was arrested last week after allegedly adding dead skin from her feet to milk that she served to family members at her home. Sarah P Schrock, 56, from Mechanicsville, Virginia, reportedly served the contaminated drink to Jessica Whitney Hurry and Allison Depriest, who both choked on it and coughed up what appeared to be dead human skin. Dead skin shavings were said to have been separated out from the milk by a witness who poured it through a strainer. A statement of probable cause filed by St Mary’s police said Hurry claimed that diabetes has caused Shrock’s feet to go dry and that she has ‘trays in her room with the same kind of dead skin shavings that come off of her feet’ Daily Mail Read More>>>>>>

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