Monday, May 18, 2015

Please Don't Judge! 192 Tattooed Scumbag Bikers - Cossacks & Bandidos - Arrested For Gunfight - Killing Nine Tattooed Scumbags

Nine bikers have been killed and 18 hospitalized in a shoot-out between rival gangs at a recruitment event in a suburban Texas restaurant. What started as a physical fight in the bathroom spilled out into the bar and rapidly escalated to involve chains, clubs, knives and gunfire across Twin Peaks Bar and Grill in a quiet strip of Waco on Sunday afternoon. Employees and diners, including young children, scrambled and many took shelter in the freezer as hundreds of gang members ran rampage around the booths, according to KXXV. The fight spilled into the parking lot where a SWAT team shot dead at least one biker and surrounded the rest. When the shooting ended bodies were scattered across the tarmac and cars were riddled with bullet holes. Though the groups were being held by deputies at gunpoint, police were still warning hours later that armed individuals connected to five gangs were flocking from all over the state to continue confrontation, leading local restaurants to close early. Parts of downtown were on lockdown Sunday night, and officials could be seen stopping and questioning motorcycle riders. Waco police Sgt W Patrick Swanton told a press conference the recruitment event was hosted by the so-called restaurant - but despite police fears of a conflict, management refused to let officers in to monitor the situation. And on Monday morning Waco Police Department said that 192 people had been arrested and will face organized crime charges. Daily Mail Read More>>>

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