Monday, May 18, 2015

Mug Shot Of Tattooed Bad Asses Cossacks & Bandidos - Arrested For Gunfight - Killing Nine Tattooed Scumbags

Total IQ 20

Face it these guys should be behind bars. Every last one of them is a criminal. Some say one shouldn't judge those with tats. Yea..right..whatever...

The nearly 200 members of rival biker gangs who engaged in a deadly shootout in Waco, Texas on Sunday are being pictured for the first time in mugshots taken by a local jail struggling to keep up with the workload. Nine were killed and dozens injured in the fight that broke out between at least five biker gangs at a restaurant in Waco at noon on Sunday. After a SWAT team broke up the fight, 170 of these gang members were arrested. On Monday, each suspect was charged with engaging in organized crime in connection to a capital murder case, and a judge ordered most held on $1million bond. Sheriff Parnell McNamara said each of the suspects is being booked at McLennan County Jail, but that some might be moved to other facilities due to the sheer amount of arrests. Daily Mail Read More>>>>>

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