Sunday, December 3, 2023

First Muslim Terror Attack Advent 2023: Muslim Terrorist Stabs Multiple People In Paris

Suspected ISIS Terrorist Stabs Multiple People In Paris 

A terrorist pleading allegiance to ISIS stabbed multiple people in Paris on Saturday night near the Eiffel Tower. The suspect shouted “Allahu Akbar” during the terrorist attack and was “known for radical Islamism,” the AFP reported. At least one person is dead and two more were injured. “The police have just courageously arrested an assailant attacking passers-by in Paris, around the Quai de Grenelle,” said Interior Minister Gérald Darmanin. “One deceased person and one injured person treated by the Paris Fire Brigade. Please avoid the area.

”Les policiers viennent d’avoir courageusement interpellé un assaillant s’en prenant à des passants à Paris, autour du quai de Grenelle. Une personne décédée et un blessé pris en charge par les Pompiers de Paris. Merci d’éviter le secteur. — Gérald DARMANIN (@GDarmanin) December 2, 2023

France 24 journalist Wassim Nasr wrote in a post on X that the suspect uploaded a two minute video to social media “declaring himself as a supporter of the caliphate of the Islamic State and pledges allegiance to the caliph Abu Hafs.” “He claims to act ‘to avenge the Muslims’ and greets the IS jihadists in all his areas of activity one by one,” Nasr added. The threat of Islamic terrorist attacks against the West has skyrocketed in recent months after Iranian-backed Hamas terrorists murdered 1,200 Israelis on October 7. German authorities arrested two teenagers this week for allegedly planning and preparing to carry out an Islamic terrorist attack against a synagogue and a Christmas market. The two had discussed carrying out an attack on “infidels. One of the suspects was a Russian national while the other was described as a “German-Afghan.” They allegedly “planned to leave Germany together after the attack and join the Islamic State-Khorasan Province extremist group, an IS offshoot active in and around Afghanistan,” the Associated Press reported. Source

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