Thursday, December 21, 2023

Muslim Convert David Kozak, 24, Killed 14 And Injured 25 During Advent Shooting Rampage At Charles University In Prague

Muslims like to murder during Advent

Prague killer who left 15 dead in university gun rampage is now also suspected of killing a father and newborn baby in chilling 'dry run' in nearby forest a week ago 

The gunman who unleashed terror on Prague is now suspected of shooting dead a man and his newborn baby in a 'random' attack at a forest near the Czech capital last week, police have revealed. David Kozak, 24, killed 14 people and injured 25 during a rampage in which he targeted students at his university in downtown Prague, police said, adding that he was shot dead after carrying out the horrific attack. Kozak murdered his father in the town of Hostoun before heading into the Czech capital where he began randomly shooting people from the balcony of Charles University Arts faculty. He had a huge arsenal of weapons and ammunition with him, with the country's Interior Minister saying that 'if the police hadn't entered the building in time, the perpetrator wouldn't have been dead on the roof and there would have been a lot more victims.' In the lead up to his killing spree, Kozak is thought to have kept a diary in Russian on messaging app Telegram, writing in one chilling post: 'I want to do a school shooting and possibly suicide.' Now it has emerged that police are investigating whether Kozak may have killed a father, 32, and his two-month-old daughter in Klanovice, near Prague. Hundreds of police combed the wooded area after the perpetrator disappeared, and authorities are currently probing whether the two killing sprees could be linked. Source

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