Thursday, January 11, 2024

US Strikes Against Houthis Imminent? - LIVE Breaking News Coverage

US and UK unleash major bombardment on Yemen: Missiles rain down on Iran-backed Houthi rebel strongholds after Air Force jets were spotted flying over Saudi 
 Airstrikes by the US and UK militaries have begun against Houthi military targets in Yemen. Missiles began raining down on the capital Sana'a on Thursday night, after the US warned of 'consequences' if the Iranian-backed rebels did not stop targeting ships in the Red Sea. President Biden is expected to make a statement in the wake of the airstrikes, the Times reports. Air force recon jets were seen flying over Saudi Arabia in the run up to the strike. The Boeing RC-135 was spotted on Flight24 radar above Riyadh. Commercial airplanes were also seen evacuating the skies prior to the attack. Joint US and British forces shot down 18 drones and three missiles launched by the Houthis late Tuesday, in what was described as their biggest attack so far in solidarity with Palestinians in Hamas-ruled Gaza. Antony Blinken warned of 'consequences' if the Houthi do not stop attacking ships in the Red Sea, and called on Iran to end their support for the rebels. 'We've been clear with more than 20 other countries that if this continues as it did yesterday that there will be consequences,' he said on Wednesday. When asked if there would be consequences for Iran, he added: 'We've also repeatedly tried to make clear to Iran as other countries have as well that the support hat they are providing to the Houthis needs to stop. 'It's not in their interests to see these conflicts escalated and we're not the only one who sent that message to Iran. 'These attacks have been aided and abetted by Iran with technology equipment and intelligence and they are having a real life impact on people.' It comes at a fraught time for the US - as Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin is reeling from his prostate cancer operation. He has been in hospital for over a week. On Wednesday, the United Nations Security Council passed a resolution on demanding an immediate end to the Houthi attacks. On Thursday British stealth jets and combat drones were being readied for the airstrike with warships moved into the Red Sea in recent days. Source

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