Saturday, January 13, 2024

Possible Terror Attack? Atmos Energy's Gas System Not Involved In Sandman Fort Worth Hotel Explosion

About time the Gas companies start kicking back against the cops. Atmos Energy now says that their equipment did not cause the explosion. Now the cops have to do their job.

Anytime there is an explosion - the authorities always claim its a gas explosion - end of story.

This explosion was probably a terrorist attack. Directed against Mexican Nationals in the Sandman Hotel.

Or the terrorists started their 2024 terror campaign with Metallica's Enter Sandman at the Sandman Hotel.

Sandman as in the Hotel

Enter as in this is the first of many terror attacks starting in 2024.

I'm no explosives expert - but I bet one can make a bomb using a gas leak. No?

Atmos Energy's gas system not involved in Fort Worth hotel explosion, company says 

The natural gas distribution company says its system was not involved in Monday's Fort Worth hotel explosion.FORT WORTH, Texas — Atmos Energy has said that after completing safety checks and an investigation, the natural gas distribution company has reportedly found no indication that its system was involved in this week's Fort Worth hotel explosion. As of Friday, officials are saying that 21 people were injured from the explosion at the Sandman Signature Fort Worth Downtown Hotel that happened on Monday afternoon. There have been no confirmed fatalities, according to officials. It is still unknown exactly what caused the explosion or how it was started. Fort Worth Fire Chief Jim Davis said that there was no purposeful intent to cause harm behind the explosion. There was a gas element, but Davis said it's unclear whether the gas or explosion came first. "We appreciate the partnership with the Fort Worth Fire and Police Departments and all officials participating in the response and will continue to assist their investigation," Atmos Energy said in a released statement Friday. Fire department spokesman Craig Trojacek said officials were investigating to confirm if there was a gas leak, as a strong smell of gas was reported downtown. 

But it was unclear if the smell was caused by the explosion itself or if it caused the explosion. Trojacek also said there were reports the explosion started in the restaurant of the hotel, Musume, and that there was some construction being done at the restaurant, but officials were not 100% sure where the explosion started. On Tuesday, a FEMA engineer was sent to inspect the building. During the inspection, the agency sent their cadaver dogs inside and around the building to search for any victims that could have been trapped in the rubble. "Search and rescue operations occurred through the night and continued this morning with specifically trained canines. At this time, no additional victims have been located," the City of Fort Worth said in a statement to WFAA. No one has been reported missing. Some attorneys told WFAA Thursday that they expect that the explosion will prompt lawsuits as at least one firm is advertising to potential Fort Worth plaintiffs using targeted social media posts. "Everybody has a right to be safe," Zehl and Associates named partner Ryan Zehl told WFAA Thursday. "Everybody has a right to avoid negligence, and everybody has a right to stay clear of someone else breaking rules, procedures, or laws that could cause injury." Several investigating agencies are still trying to determine what caused the explosion. Source

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