Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Face Of Distributism: Cop Killer Eric Frein Is Obsessed With Serbian Nationalism


Fugitive accused cop killer Eric Frein is using diapers as he hides in the woods from up to 1,000 officers determined to track him down, police revealed Wednesday. Now authorities are testing the soiled diapers to be absolutely sure the man they have cornered in woods in the Pocono Mountains is in fact Frein, who has now been on the run for 12 days. 'Diapers are in the sniper training that he received or self-taught,' Lt. Col. George Bivens of Pennsylvania State police told reporters at a briefing. 'That is one of the tactics that we know he has read about so he can stay in position for a longer period of time.' Other items found in the woods south of Canadensis, Pennsylvania include packets of a rare type of Serbian cigarettes that Frein — a heavy-smoking war games enthusiast with a fascination for the former Yugoslav republic — is known to smoke. King-sized, filtered Drina cigarette butts found in the area are also being tested for Frein's DNA, said Bivens. Daily Mail Read More>>>>

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