Monday, September 8, 2014

Indiana Distributists Ricky Roy House Jr. & Kendra Tooley Kidnapped Joelle Lockwood And Kept Her In A CAGE Wearing A Dog Collar & Made Her Do Chores!

Face Of Indiana Distributism

An Indiana woman missing for two months and apparently held as a slave in a cage has been found alive, and authorities have arrested a couple in connection with her July disappearance, police said on Sunday. Joelle Lockwood, 30, went missing on July 9 and was allegedly kept inside the trailer of 37-year-old Ricky Roy House Jr. and 44-year-old Kendra Tooley where she was made to perform chores while wearing a belt like a dog collar around her neck, naked from the waist down. They have been arrested on preliminary charges of criminal confinement and rape. The mother-of-two was freed after Tooley's ex-husband visited the suspects and rescued her while the couple aimed guns at him. He brought her to Evansville Police Department, where detectives interviewed her and then went to the residence and arrested the suspects, police said. Lockwood was allegedly abducted by House after he offered her a ride after a party. Sheriff Oeth said that the two had gone to high school together. At House's suggestion Lockwood agreed to go back to his trailer. 'Once they arrived there, he forced her to stay and confined her,' Oeth said. 'As the investigation is progressing, this looks like there's more of a sexual motive.' Daily Mail Read More>>>>

Face Of Indiana Distributism

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