Sunday, September 7, 2014

Sons Of Guns Star & Gun Nut Will Hayden Arrested For Molesting His 12-Year Old Daughter......

Let's see, a fifty year old guy living with a girl friend, molested the 12-year-old girl gotten out of wedlock...he then dumps the girlfriend and marries another woman.....he still gets to keeps his guns....why are gun nuts almost always immoral degenerates?
The star of reality TV show Sons of Guns has been arrested for child molestation - but he insists the claims are the work of a bitter ex-girlfriend. William Hayden, 49, whose show airs on the Discovery Channel, was arrested in East Baton Rouge, Louisiana on Saturday on charges of molestation of a child and a crime against nature. The gun store owner posted $150,000 bond the same day and was released, according to the sheriff's website. While the case has been sealed by a judge, Hayden told TMZ that his ex-girlfriend, who is mother to one of his daughters, went to authorities a week ago and accused him of molesting the girl. He said that she did it as revenge for him ending their relationship. Hayden has since married and is bringing up the girl with his new wife. The youngster returned to his home after he was interviewed by Child Protective Services. His older daughter Stephanie, who appears on Sons of Guns beside him, said that her father was innocent. Daily Mail Read More>>>>>>

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