Monday, April 20, 2015

Barcelona Crossbow Killer: Shoots Teacher Dead With Crossbow, Shoots Another Teacher In The Face! Stabs Several With Hunting Knife

A teenage boy who shot and killed a teacher and wounded several others in an attack inside a school in Barcelona had a 'hit list', local media reports. The 13-year-old boy is said to have listed 25 names of teachers and pupils he intended to kill and had told classmates of his plans as recent as last week, but none had taken him seriously. The teenager reportedly walked into the school armed with a knife and crossbow just after 9am this morning, killing a male teacher and injuring two students and two teachers. The teenager is said to have launched the attack in his own classroom, targeting his female Catalan teacher and her daughter, also a student at the school, Spanish media reports. According to a witness, the boy had been late for class and shot and injured the female teacher in the face, before stabbing her 13-year-old daughter. Daily Mail Read More>>>>>

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