Sunday, March 20, 2016

Distributism In Action! West Virginia Lawmakers Pass Law On Drinking Raw Milk Then Celebrate By Drinking Raw Milk & Then Get Sick!

Who drinks raw milk and wants laws passed to make you drink raw milk too? DISTRIBUTISTS!

Here is story on lawmakers passing a law on drinking raw milk & then celebrating by drinking raw milk!

West Virginia lawmakers were stricken with a stomach bug after they celebrated a new law allowing people to drink raw milk with a glass of the while stuff, an anonymous complaint to the state Bureau of Public Health claimed. After Governor Ray Tomblin signed a new bill into law allowing Virginians to drink unpasteurized milk on March 3, Representative Scott Cadle (R-Mason) invited his colleagues to 'live dangerously' and drink some samples. But in the days that followed some of those people - including Cadle himself - came down with a stomach bug, the Charleston Gazette-Mail reported. And now the Bureau of Public Health is investigating. Daily Mail Read More>>>>>>

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