Saturday, March 26, 2016

L’affaire of Ted Cruz: A Lover’s Sister-In-Law Speaks Out.

This week the National Enquirer (which first reported the affair of failed Democrat party member John Edwards) broke a story that alleges Ted Cruz had multiple affairs with various women, while his wife Heidi Cruz was battling depression. The Cruz campaign has yet to respond to the allegations, but a short phone call with the sister in-law of one of the women, after I found her online through use of the White Pages, appears to confirm the allegations.

The woman, whose brother is married to the alleged paramour — who appears on CNN as contributor, said, “It’s true. They were together only a few times.” She added her sister-in-law, “was transfixed by Ted. He has a way of selling ice to an Eskimo.” I asked when the affairs occurred. “Right before Ted’s campaign for Senate,” she said. “They’d get together when Cruz visited DC.” She added, “The whole family knows, everybody knows about this.”

Cruz’s lover is married and has children.

“Trump wants to bully and intimidate folks and that clearly is having a trickle down effect. It really really sucks,” the lover appeared to admit in a Tweet as the Enquirer’s story was disclosed.

“My brother knows about all this, but still loves her,” the sister-in-law said. “It was a mistake, but everybody makes mistake. Ted Cruz is like Clinton though — he preys on young admiring women.”

“Randy Ted”, as the Enquirer labeled him, is accused of having at least five affairs with multiple women in multiple places, such as closets and bathrooms on campaign buses.

The affairs stand in stark contrast with the Christian moralizing persona Cruz has constructed on the trail. And numerous media personalities and rumors have been circulating for weeks on Twitter about Cruz’s love making. But the hot Cuban blood runs deep apparently. Cruz’s father, Raphael, abandoned the family for reasons that are still unknown.

In the past few months Cruz has attacked his main competitor, Donald Trump, for holding New York values. It appears, however, that Cruz is the one with values problem.

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