Wednesday, December 29, 2021

Bearded FSSP Rad Trad Lyndon McLeod, 47, Ranting About Masculine Supremacy + Surrounded Himself With Meat, Cigars, Whiskey, Guns & Books + Living In A Shipping Container Up A Mountain Goes On Shooting Rampage Killing Five


How is this guy not a FSSP Rad Trad?

He has all the traits of a FSSP Rad Trad.

All FSSP Rad Trads Exhibit Similar Traits: 

1. Ann Barnhardt
2. Timothy Gordon
3. Gary Voris
4. Steve Skojec
5. Patrick Coffin
6. Taylor Marshall
7. Alexander Tschugguel
8. Christine Niles
9.Mike Parrott
10 Steve Cunningham
11. Ryan Grant
And every other self proclaimed FSSP tough guy.

1. Beard
2. Follower of FSSP Timothy Gordon's Case for Patriarchy
3. Weight Lifter
4. Whiskey
5. Meat
6. Tattoos
7. Living in a Red State
8. Guns
9. Follower of FSSP Timothy Gordon's Rules for Retrogrades
10. Living In A Shipping Container Up A Mountain
11. Cigars
12. Masculine Supremacy
13. Walks Around With No Shirt On.
14. Author
15. Grifter
16. No Real Job

The FBI should have a field day with these two lists......

Just another reason to shut down the FSSP

Denver gunman, 47, who killed five wrote novel using pseudonym about tattoo parlor rampage and ranted online about masculine supremacy: Police release footage of him on spree and say he 'targeted' victims 

The Denver gunman who shot and killed five people on Monday night, several of them connected to the tattoo industry, had self-published a novel in which a character with his name murders people at tattoo parlors as an act of revenge against the world. Lyndon McLeod, 47, a known extremist with psychiatric problems and violent material on his social media, was killed by police on Monday at the end of his rampage across Denver. rom 2018 to 2020 he self-published a series of novels online, under the pseudonym Roman McClay. One of the books features a character named Lyndon McLeod who opens fire on a tattoo parlor in downtown Denver. In the story, McLeod the character goes on a six-month killing rampage, killing 46 people who had wronged him throughout his life. One of his stories also featured a character who carried out a murder at an apartment complex - similar to the site of one of the shootings. His Instagram and Twitter accounts show he harbored misogynistic hatred, and reveled in alt-right conspiracy theories. McLeod quoted characters and lines from his books to comment on current events, such as a COVID misinformation meme on Twitter featuring Facebook creator Mark Zuckerberg and Microsoft founder Bill Gates discussing 'an injectable nanoworm'.

He first killed two women working in a tattoo parlor, then shot dead a man in a home. He went to the site of his former business in downtown Denver, Flat Black Ink Corp - which is listed as the publisher of his novels - and opened fire, but no one was injured.McLeod crossed town to a second tattoo parlor, in the Lakewood area, and killed his fourth victim - walking calmly in to the store and opening fire, then driving off 10 seconds later. Finally he went to the Hyatt House hotel and killed a clerk, before being shot dead by police. McLeod, who lived in a shipping container up a mountain, glorifying in a life free of women and full of 'books, guns and meat', had Flat Black Ink declared bankrupt in 2017.His books, he said, were his 'art' and a creative outlet. On Amаzon, the first book in the three-part series, Sаnction, hаs dozens of five-stаr reviews, while others wаrn potentiаl reаders аbout the extreme violence in the book. One online review described the trilogy as 'an epic, visceral journey into the dark heart of every man broken by society.' Another reviewer said the characters 'give full vent to their sexism, racism, and every other -ism kept out of mainstream discourse,' according to The Denver Post. McLeod, in a 2020 interview on YouTube - now taken down - said the book was about 'our masculinity and the way we interact,' looking at religion, genetics and culture. He described it on Twitter, in an account dormant since June 2020, as: 'The book that philosophizes with a Jack-Hammer.' 'I tend to look at the world in threes. I'll look at the world currently, then the world below it and the world above it,' he said in the YouTube interview in March 2020. 'You have the terrestrial plane, then the sub level, then the atmosphere.' McLeod added: 'I consider myself an artist first, and then a man interested in ideas and culture second.' McLeod, in 2020, ranted on Twitter about emasculated men, and praised boxer Mike Tyson as a role model. Source

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