Saturday, May 14, 2022

White Supremacist Groyper Payton Gendron Of Conklin NY Is The Tops Friendly Market Mass Shooter: Targeted Blacks

Why did you decide to carry out the attack? To show to the replacers that as long as the White man lives, our land will never be theirs and they will never be safe from us. To directly reduce immigration rates to European lands by intimidating and physically removing the replacers themselves. To intimidate the replacers already living on our lands to emigrate back to their home countries. To agitate the political enemies of my people into action, to cause them to overextend their own hand and experience the eventual and inevitable backlash as a result. To incite violence, retaliation and further divide between the European people and the replacers currently occupying European soil… To add momentum to the pendulum swings of history, further destabilizing and polarizing Western society in order to eventually destroy the current nihilistic, hedonistic, individualistic insanity that has taken control of Western thought. Payton Gendron

White Supremacist Groyper Manifesto:

“Mass immigration and the higher fertility rates of the immigrants themselves are causing this increase in population. We are experiencing an invasion on a level never seen before in history,” it says. “Millions of people pouring across our borders, legally. Invited by the state and corporate entities to replace the White people who have failed to reproduce, failed to create the cheap labor, failed to create new consumers and tax base that the corporations and states need to have to thrive.” It continues, “This crisis of mass immigration and sub-replacement fertility is an assault on the European people that, if not combated, will ultimately result in the complete racial and cultural replacement of the European people.” The manifesto, which refers to “white genocide,” contains a name and says that the author is “18 years old as of writing this. I am the sole perpetrator of the recent attempted mass shooting. I lived in Southern Tier, New York all my life with both my parents and 2 brothers. I believe I am ethnically white since my parent’s nationalities are from north-western Europe and Italy. I graduated highschool with a regents diploma with advanced designation and am currently enrolled in SUNY Broome with a major in Engineering Science.” It continues, “I would love to continue this but there are bigger problems I’m more concerned with. I am not a warfighter, nor have I been enrolled in any military or tactical training, so excuse any mistakes I make during my attack. I was never diagnosed with a mental disability or disorder, and I believe to be perfectly sane.” He claimed to be an “INTJ” personality type and included photos of a fake active shooter that often circulate online after mass shootings. The manifesto contains many pages of anti-Jewish memes and graphics. Source


  1. Well thank goodness there are plenty of firearms in circulation to keep us all safe. Oh wait... or was that meant to be thoughts and prayers?... or was it 'God'? - that's it! 'God' will keep us safe.... (Gawd...)

    1. It's New York. Only the Retried Policeman and the shooter had guns.

    2. My name is JASON LANG. I’m a convict from NY STATE, and spent 10 years as an adult in prison here and was also sentenced to 14 months as an adult in WA state afterward…during the DAVID SWEAT escape I tried helping get attention to guys still there whom might be being interrogated by corrections officers because, as a friend of SWEAT, I was followed in WA state during the escape…another inmate named THOMAS DONOVAN 10A4293 had written out 3 lists of serial killed women and claimed they were basically fake and asked me to use them after I had been released. So during the escape I used them by using his name on a lady in MONROE, WA with a dead son.
      They (IDK which agency) moved him from NY to WA after I did. They also put us in the same prison together by violating my (parole). They moved another NYSDOCCS inmate named GAMBINO whom I know from 2006 in AUBURN CORRECTIONAL FACILITY, I saw him in the county jail in SNOHOMISH COUNTY.
      When I saw DONOVAN in MONROE CORRECTIONAL CENTER the next day he passed me a message not to talk about his lists by claiming I was being responsible (inside a prison cell)…which pissed me off…when I used him I never gave my name. I specifically wanted nothing to do with his lists after I used him and didn’t want to be used. I hate the surveillance. I took it offensively when he said that and viewed him as a threat to me and figured he did indeed need to die. I didn’t kill him myself, although he was MURDERED…I have the proof…this did indeed start FOREIGN INTELLIGENCE SURVEILLANCE COURT surveillance AND IS THE SAME SURVEILLANCE THAT USED DONALD TRUMP. But TRUMP lied about it starting in 2016, so they could redate paperwork to make it seem they didn’t violate the HATCH ACT while violating 50 USC §1881(b) (I’m an American born citizen myself…and I am ASATRU, ODINIST, now, but I wasn’t always, nor when this started either…)
      When this started they were using my step fathers father who is a preacher. He was preaching about my little brother and myself being beasts and false prophets…this started using catholic dogma to stop TRUMP from getting into office by claiming that both my little brother and I are like 2 good luck charms and implied we can be owned…because my step father would call us his, and even tell people to take us, and other demeaning fraudulent stuff, which I try to stop, but have been unsuccessful at. It has gotten to the point that they claim I know their names and am their codefendant. Since I started exposing being electrocuted by this surveillance while hearing OBAMA and other people threatening me or ordering me around…like OBAMA told me to get on the ground while I was being electrocuted without any electrodes attached to me nor wires attached to me…the FISC technology, I believe, based on information and belief, is a TESLA COIL, a PLASMA SPEAKER. I’m currently suing in small claims court before I am going to file a RICO. My case number is SC-000080-22/NF
      Contact me if you’ve heard this surveillance 716-990-1299 or jasonwlang@icloud


  2. Except everything he is talking about in regards to white genocide/replacement is metrically true.

    For a culture to sustain itself, you need 2.11 children per family. That is just to sustain, not grow. Right now, the USA, UK, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, France, Germany, Denmark, Sweden, Italy, Spain, the Netherlands etc etc are ALL BELOW the sustainable rate, along with many other countries. But this is reversable. The countries know their fertility rate has plumeted and yet do nothing. The same happened to Germany 90 years ago but the NSDAP pushed programs to have children. On the 4th child, there was no tax on a house.

    The sperm count is WAY down resulting in not having children.

    Study media. Ask yourself. Since about 1993, in television, magazines, music etc. What is promoted more. The family life, or the single life? Media is propaganda, and they are pushing folks to not have children.

    Then study the laws themselves in most western countries. In the case of a divorce, men have no rights. This created the MGTOW men along with hard core feminists creating MGTOW. Men and women are not coming together to have children.

    Look at the push for the gay culture, and the trans culture.....neither of which produce children.

    And of course abortion just cuts right to the chase and kills a person.

    All of this leads to one thing...and unsustainable group of people. If you note that CIA chart, mostly westen and asian countries at the bottom (worse fertiltiy rates).

    So, I do not excuse the actions of this man. But what he said about population replacement is a fact, a cold hard fact that no one wants to look into.

    1. Fucking Nazi!

    2. what does any of that have to do with driving 3 hours to go kill a bunch of people who have nothing to do with any of that, it's the Black people in Buffalo, NY fault that the White people in Helana Montana aren't having children.... Make it make sense

    3. While reality may reflect the statistics you are quoting (I appreciate the sourcing, BTW), it makes a pretty sorry reason for killing 10 random people in a grocery store (I realize you said you’re not excusing his actions,” but commenting something like this gives off hardcore microaggression vibes).
      There are a multitude of reasons people are reproducing less— education levels, family planning (yes, including abortion, as a woman has a choice to not be used as a brood mare. The Roe v. Wade argument that just happens to come up every 2 years for the election cycle is simply about controlling women and keeping poor people poor. Don’t you worry, the wives, daughters, and mistresses of those Senators will always have access to safe abortions!), environmental toxins causing all sorts of issues, the white picket fence 1 job middle class household dream that is no longer achievable due to minimum wage/wages in general not keeping up with inflation to the point that 30 year olds have to live with their parents because they simply can’t afford to buy a house, 20 years of school loan debt for the degrees we were told we needed for the last 15 years or so, etc, etc, etc…
      All I could think of while reading a bit of his MaNiFeStO was, “what a way to tell the world you slept through History class.” Lots of Nationalist garbage and white supremacist parroting. If you compare it, he actually stole a bunch of it from his idol Brenton Tarrant (and did not properly cite him. For shame!)
      The bottom line here is that, no matter how much they whine about it, white men are not oppressed and no one is being “replaced.” Folks are BIG MAD because they are now being called out on their deeply-ingrained racist garbage and are pushing back like the O.D.D. kids they end up spitting out as the next “master race.”
      However, it does give a convenient reason to hate “others” for a person seeking to make themselves the victim, crying “wHiTe GeNoCiDe!!!” 😂😂😂 with tiki torches and complaining about people on “European soil” when we were the colonizers and originally brought POC here against their will and enslaved (maimed, tortured, raped) many that already lived on the lands we stole (see Columbus). I simply can’t.

  3. A Jewish antisemite and white supremist. This has FBI written all over it.

  4. "A Jewish antisemite and white supremist. This has FBI written all over it." you sound about as insane as the shooter.

  5. His ass belongs to the ages and the Bros in prison; Anal rape is his imminent fate for the rest of his life.

  6. Pamela J Gendron (Mother 53); Paul Gendron (Father 51); 14 Amber Hill Dr., Conklin, NY

  7. Oh yes, a group protesting inequalities such as black males getting shot while following police instructions, getting corralled by a truck full of men with guns and shot in cold blood because “he resisted,” and having their airway blocked by a terrified white cop for NINE MINUTES AND TWENTY-NINE SECONDS (and those are just the ones that were recorded) is the reason a jerkoff incel shitstain drove 3 hours to a random grocery store with the intention of shooting black people. Let’s totally ignore the fact that he released pages of rambling garbage explaining that he was radicalized in online forums of douche canoes who love the Constitution so much (but only certain Amendments…and only for certain people— blacks and women need not apply) that they hide behind freedom of speech (from the scary black man) to scream “wHiTe GeNoCiDe!” and tell everyone how oppressed they are to paint themselves as the victim while chanting Anti-Semitic drivel with their tiki torches.
    Yes, forget all that and riddle me this: How was the actual day-to-day life of this 18 year old man child from the rural town of 5,000 people, who had threatened to shoot up his school 1 year prior and was allowed to go home without a second glance by police, affected by BLM?