Monday, January 16, 2023

Sixteenth Winter Explosion: Explosion At Lithium Battery Factory Bolloré Logistics In Grand-Couronne, France.

BREAKING: MASSIVE explosion at lithium batteries facility in Grand-Couronne, France 

A massive explosion occurred at the Bollore Logistics facility in Grand-Couronne, France, that houses thousands of lithium batteries. Hundreds of firefighters are battling a huge blaze that broke out this evening, Monday, January 16, as the result of an explosion at a facility belonging to Bollore Logistics. Located near the city of Rouen, in the Normandy region of Grand-Couronne in northern France, the building reportedly houses thousands of lithium batteries. There is currently no update regarding the level of danger to the surrounding areas as a result of the possible toxic fumes being given off by the fire, as reported by Upward News @UpwardNewsHQ. The blaze rapidly spread into a nearby warehouse that stored tyres. Video footage posted on social media shows a raging inferno burning and sending clouds of thick smoke into the night sky. It has been reported that reinforcements have been requested by the emergency services on the scene.

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