Saturday, July 5, 2014

Dr. Russell C. Reynolds Dies In Fireworks Explosion At Comanche High School.

People will think of nothing but amusement.;Our Lady of La Salette 19 Sept. 1846 (Published by Mélanie 1879) 
One person was killed and three others severely injured on Thursday afternoon when a truck carrying Fourth of July fireworks detonated outside a central Texas high school as workers prepared for the show. Local town chiropractor, Dr. Russell C. Reynolds died in the blast and Harry Dudley, Eddir Parker and Rex Plumlee were all critically hurt readying the show at Comanche High School. It is unclear what triggered the explosion which happened by the baseball field when crews were unloading tubes containing fireworks in the town of 4,300 people, 100 miles southwest of Fort Worth. All the injured were members of the Kiwanis Club setting up their annual fireworks display and Lt. Marcus Nettleton of the local police confirmed the death of one man, a club member, and that three others were hospitalized with serious injuries. The club has organized the fireworks show for the past 24 years with no previous accidents, Nettleton said. Daily Mail Read More>>>>>>>

Victim of Jesus nee MELANIE CALVAT, 
Shepherdess of La Salette
"I protest highly against a different text, which people may dare publish after my death. I protest once more against the very false statements of all those who dare say and write First that I embroidered the Secret; second, against those who state that the Queen Mother did not say to transmit the Secret to all her people." Mélanie

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