Monday, June 8, 2015

Retarded Squinty Eyed Cowboy Wannabes Rose May, 15, & Triston Kindle, 16 Finally Behind Bars After Two State Crime Spree

Irritating Retards

The hunt for two teenagers dubbed a 'modern-day Bonnie and Clyde' finally ended when they tried to flee cops by swimming across the Ohio River. Rose May, 15, and Triston Kindle, 16, jumped into the river in Tyler County on Saturday but were forced to turn back when they realized the would not make it. They were picked up by West Virginia State Police, ending the six-day manhunt for the pair who are accused of going on a two-state crime spree. West Virginia and Pennsylvania state police are jointly investigating a series of crimes that could be connected to the teens, including armed robbery, car theft and fleeing from police. Authorities have not confirmed if any charges were filed against the juveniles. Police said earlier this week that the two fled Ohio in a stolen pickup truck after allegedly stealing shotgun shells from a Wal-Mart in Bucyrus, about 20 miles east of Upper Sandusky. Last Monday morning, the duo allegedly stole the first truck from near Kindle's home in Upper Sandusky before they were seen on surveillance footage at a Walmart in Bucyrus, which is 15 miles away, the next day. Daily Mail Read More>>>>

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