Monday, June 1, 2015

Drunken Evangelical Gun Nut Nehemiah Fischer Assistant Pastor At Faith Bible Church In Tulsa Shot By Cops Who Were Trying To Rescue Him From Flood

An Oklahoma man was fatally shot during a confrontation with two state troopers who were trying to rescue him and his brother from rising floodwaters on Friday, but the man's wife is questioning the troopers' account. The two Oklahoma Highway Patrol troopers responded to a stranded motorist call near Tulsa at about 9.30pm on Friday and found Nehemiah, 35, and Brandon Fischer, 40, with two vehicles trying to move one from a roadway amid fast-moving waters, police say. Police hold that a physical altercation ensued and a trooper fatally shot Nehemiah in defense of himself. But Nehemiah's wife, Laura, says she can't picture that happening, FOX reports.  Daily Mail Read More>>>>

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