Saturday, June 13, 2015

COULDN'T WAIT FOR THE APOCALYPSE SO HE CREATED HIS OWN!! Texas Distributist Apocalyptic Gun Nut James Boulware Plants Explosives At Dallas Police HQ - Shoots At Cops & Dies In The End!

Sniper shoots dead gunman who opened fire on Dallas Police HQ and planted EXPLOSIVES in a nine-hour stand off after accusing cops of 'taking his son'  

Police in Dallas have shot dead a ranting gunman who attacked their headquarters after cornering him in a nine-hour stand-off. A SWAT sniper hit the attacker, who identified himself as James Boulware, 35, around 5am after chasing him into a Jack In The Box parking lot. He had earlier rammed an armored van into a police cruisers and pumped dozens of bullets into the main police building in the Texas city, prompting a midnight chase down the freeway. Boulware, who also planted explosives around police headquarters, accused police of taking his son from him and claiming he was a terrorist in a furious rant to 911 dispatchers after the attack. Daily Mail Read More>>>>>

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