Friday, July 24, 2015

UPDATE: Klu Klux Klan Member/Nationalist/Doomsday Prepper John Russell Houser Kills 3 Wounds 9 In Grand Theatre in Lafayette, Louisiana During 'Trainwreck'

John Russell Houser

A screening of the light-hearted romantic comedy Trainwreck erupted in horror Thursday night, when a man opened fire in a Louisiana movie theater, killing two and injuring nine before committing suicide. The gunman, a 59-year-old white man identified as John Russel Houser, is said to have been in the audience at the Grand Theatre in Lafayette prior to opening fire at the 7pm showing of the film. Survivors have spoken of the terrifying moment the gunman indiscriminately opened fire saying 'there was blood everywhere,' as he silently attacked the about 100 in the theater who ranged in age from 18 to 60. Lafayette Police Chief Jim Craft said they believe the killer stood up about 20 minutes into the show and shot two people sitting in the row in front of him, before taking aim at the rest of the auditorium, sending the audience into a panic. Craft said as soon as people started fleeing the auditorium, the killer tried to lose himself in the crowd to evade police officers, but eventually gave up and turned the gun on himself to commit suicide. He said: 'It looks like he spotted the officers coming in and he turned around and he went against the crowd, and he fired a single gunshot. He was seated in the theater just like everybody else. 'The information we have at this time indicates that he was by himself, sat by himself and the first two people he shot were sitting right in front of him.' Daily Mail Read More>>>>>

Here is the mind of a Racist/Nationalist/End of Days Prepper

Posted On Political Forum

Quote Originally Posted by fairangel View Post Hi friends, I am new to political forum. I love to share my ideas with you guys. Thanks.

Me too. Jump in the deep end, I don't think we have that long. by Rusty Houser , Mar 25 2013 at 04:14 PM (142 Views)

Also a fan of Greek Nationalism?

Here is a post of his on Debate Politics 

The WSJ had an article about a group named Golden Dawn.They believe that Greeks should rule greece, including deciding if any other type of person should also live there.I found their website. The videos told me that this is a legitimate effort to solve problems.The leaders of the group are in fact leaders.Intelligent,well spoken,and exercising good faith.The straight forward approach of the group is a result [I learned reading on their webpage] of Greece being in exactly the same political and economic situation as the US.Put another way,the US needs a Golden Dawn organization.That was the basis of the WSJ article.GD has opened an office in New York. The financial failings of the US, and the bleak outlook, are known to the world.The average person in the US has not however figured out that the US is employing censorship of the internet. If you type in NEWSPAPERS PUBLISHED IN IRAN, you will see about thirty such publications,none of which are published in their entirety, and none which your computer will translate.It might be permissible to put some political remark at the top of each page claiming bias, but to blackout all is nothing short of base censorship. Type in any key words indicating the US practices censorship, and you will get magazine articles about the claims of censorship in Iran,North Korea, etc. You will not be able to find one scintilla of evidence the US would dream of it. Type in WHITE POWER GROUPS and you get mag articles about their never ending claims of racism, and no information of how to find White power groups you might want to join. I could go on for months.My point? Censorship coupled with brainwashing, is always present before the fall of a significant political entity.Put this together with our newly found financial reality, and you've got notice of things to come. Rusty Houser 

And this on the same forum 

The US heavily censors. Why wouldn't they twist.You say there is no censorship? Tell me how I can read any of the 30 newspapers printed in Iran.How to find White rights groups on the internet.What your computer gives you when you type AMERICA CENSORS INTERNET, or censors anything.

Just like most Nationalists he is a lover of ISLAM & Muslims:

'Learning about the people of the Middle East is most important to me.They have been painted as scum by the 'establishment media, 'it appears they are exactly the opposite, that they are family people.That is the highest status that a people can achieve, and it is what America has lost.'  

Here he is on hoping for the end of days:

I am sincerely sorry for the loss of this fellow in the deer processing business.Most people over 50 in certain businesses are just as their parents were,rock solid morally.  I am also sorry for what is to come for the other very few moral souls left in the entire US.  I am not sorry for the 90% immoral population which will be meeting the same fate.  Filth is rampant.That none have stood against it causes me to take rest in the worse than MAD MAX near future which approaches.

The Nationalist/KKK Member/End of Day Prepper could not wait out the Apocalypse so he created his own - he killed himself.


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